Lisanna is the 199th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Everyone is shocked too see Lisanna. They realize that she is not Edolas' Lisanna but Earth Land's Lisanna. She goes to explain that she never died to begin with. When she got knocked out by Elfman, she was sucked by Anima and ended up in Edolas. She decided to stay but then the Anima sucked all the Magic, she was forced to go too. Afterwards, she reunites with Mirajane and Elfman.


Lisanna's Body Slam Attack

A long-awaited hug

Everyone is shocked and still confused when they saw Lisanna. She sees Natsu and immediately runs over to hug him (taking Panther Lily with her). She then hugs Happy afterwards, and greets Erza and Gray. She also recognizes Lucy and Wendy. They then realize, that she isn't the Lisanna from Edolas, but the Lisanna from Earth Land. Natsu and Happy try to hug her but are stopped by Erza, who tells everyone she died two years ago.

Lisanna explains that she didn't really die. Two years ago, she got knocked unconscious by Elfman during a job. She was cradled by Mirajane, and then sucked into the Anima. She then awoke and found the Edolas Fairy Tail. The Edo-members thought it was Edo-Lisanna, whom they thought have died, and treated her the same. Elfman and Mirajane were overjoyed to see their "sister" alive again. Lisanna said she would feel so bad if she told them she wasn't actually the sister they knew so she just pretended all the time.

Mira and Elfman happy to see Lisanna

Mirajane and Elfman crying tears of joy

Then Natsu and the others came. She told them she knew they were the ones she had known, but she still had to keep her cover and she didn't want to make the Edolas counterparts of her siblings sad again, so she decided to stay in Edolas. But when the Anima was sucking up all the Magic from Edolas, she was also whisked away because she was originally from Earth Land. On the way, she apologized to Mirajane and Elfman, but they claimed they knew all along it wasn't the Lisanna they knew, and thanked her either way. Natsu and co. take Lisanna to the church where Elfman and Mirajane are still standing by her "grave." She runs toward them, and the too are surprised to see their sister again. They hug her while shedding tears and Mira welcomes her home.

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