The Wings to Tomorrow is the 198th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Everyone arrives back in Earth Land, but not alone. To their surprise, the entire Exceed race came with them. After revealing why the eggs were sent through the Anima, they fly away. Panther Lily then appears and shockingly reveals that he caught someone he believes to be suspicious: Lisanna.


Fairy team is back

Fairy Tail returns to Earth Land

Everyone arrives back in Earth Land and immediately notice Magnolia Town and Fairy Tail are back to normal. Everyone turns around and see that the entire Exceed race came with them to Earth Land. Carla thinks the Exceed are dangerous and wants to find a way to return them all back to Edolas. Carla shouts at the Exceed for brainwashing her and giving her the mission of killing the Dragon Slayers. Happy's Dad backs her up when he remembers the queen stole their eggs.

Shagotte and the council start to explain the real situation. Shagotte has the power to look into the future, and she saw Extalia falling to the ground. They all thought humans would cause the collapse, and knew they would easily lose in a war against them. They decided to select 100 eggs and send them to Earth Land to escape so the Exceed would live on. They told the public though, that the eggs were sent to kill Dragon Slayers. Shagotte then tells Carla she has the same precognition power as her and when she was in her egg, she unconsciously activated that power. It messed with her memory and made her think the mission to kill the Dragon Slayers was real. This all made Carla think she had to follow a mission that never existed. Nadi and Nichiya confess that since Carla didn't know of her powers, they pretended that they manipulated her. Shagotte then apologizes to the families of the eggs she took. The Exceed decide to roam Earth Land and start a new beginning.

Carla wonders why she has the same power as the queen, but everyone just pretends they didn't hear that. Happy also notices Carla and the queen look alike. Shagotte hugs Carla and the Exceed leave. As they fly, Happy's father asks why the queen didn't say she was Carla's mom. Shagotte feels she doesn't have the right to be a mother until she finds all the eggs she sent to Earth Land six years ago. Just then, Panther Lily emerges holding a prisoner he found hiding: Lisanna.

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Magic used

  • Aera ((エーラ) Ēra)
  • Anima (アニマー Animâ)

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  • Flight


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