To Be Alive is the 193rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle rages on between Edolas Fairy Tail and the Royal Army. Elsewhere, Erza Scarlet continues her fight with Erza Knightwalker. At the climax of their battle, they bring out their strongest weapons and go head to head.


Edolas Fairy Tail continues to fight the Royal Army. Elsewhere, the two Erza's continue battling. Erza Scarlet cannot believe that they are evenly matched. Erza Knightwalker comments they are far from it, and shows her counterpart the most powerful form of her weapon, the final tenth commandment, Saint Spear, Ravelt. She claims a single strike can shake the heavens themselves. Erza then re-quips into a different armor, Armadura Fairy.

Fairy Armor

Armadura Fairy Armor

Scarlet mentions she doesn't need to explain why the name of her guild is in the armors name. Knightwalker takes that to mean it's her strongest armor, and the two attack in a final clash. Scarlet's armor breaks, and Knightwalker's Ravelt also does. The island they were fighting on starts to collapse due to the last attack's shockwave, which destroyed the buoyancy of the floating island. The two girls continue fighting on fallen pieces of the island, resorting to hand-to-hand combat.

The aftermath

The aftermath of the clash

Scarlet lectures Knightwalker about how their plan to sacrifice lives just to get Magic Power is cruel. Knightwalker states that it is part of being human. Scarlet disagrees, and says humans should love one another instead. Knightwalker declares they need Magic to live, but Erza tries to show her she doesn't. Scarlet points out that neither of them have Magic right now, but they both are alive. Scarlet then gets in her counterpart's face and tells her that if she has the same malicious weakness as her, she must also have the same heart that is capable of loving, and to respond to those feelings. The two girls fall to the ground with the island, with Scarlet shouting to Knightwalker that she is never alone. They both live, and neither can move. Knightwalker gives the battle to her counterpart, declaring she is no match. Scarlet declines it, stating that there is no winning or losing, since they are both Erza.

In the Royal Kingdom's palace, Panther Lily and Mystogan go to the place where the Anima was created. Mystogan tells Panther Lily that Edolas was a peaceful place until Magic came in. Mystogan then states that to restore the peace, he will reverse the Anima and drain Edolas of all Magic.

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