Impossible! Natsu Can't Win! is the 19th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle between Natsu and Erigor continues. With the power of a tornado on Erigor's side, Natsu's flames are ineffective, angering him. Natsu's emotions begin to manifest themselves into flames and Happy realizes the way to defeat Erigor.


Natsu vs. Erigor

Natsu vs. Erigor

With Erigor covered by his Storm Mail, Natsu finds himself unable to attack him with his flames. Erigor then attacks him with a Storm Shred but Natsu is able to dodge the attacks. Natsu summons flames around his feet and uses it to propel himself towards Erigor, in order to attack him with a Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. However, Erigor's winds extinguish the flames and blows Natsu away. Erigor then attacks Natsu with his Emera Baram, an attack that can chop anything it comes into contact with into bits. Natsu is directly hit by the attack and Erigor is impressed that his body wasn't chopped up. Happy shouts out to Natsu to wake up and he does, much to Erigor's surprise. Determined to protect the guild masters, Natsu tries to use his Fire Dragon's Fist again but fails.

Natsu's emotion turned to flames

Natsu's emotions turned to flame

Angered that his attacks are ineffective, the flames begin to manifest around Natsu's body. Happy notices that the wind around Erigor seems to be flowing in weird directions. While the flame surrounding Natsu grows in strength, the wind surrounding Erigor begins to flow towards Natsu, giving Happy an idea. Happy then shouts out to Natsu, saying that it's impossible for him to win and that he should just leave everything to Gray.

Lullaby smoking

Lullaby releases smoke from its mouth

Happy's comment angers Natsu even more, causing the flames to strengthen. The strength of Natsu's flame easily sucks up Erigor's wind. Seeing Natsu's power, Erigor realizes that he is a Dragon Slayer just as Natsu attacks him with a Fire Dragon's Sword Horn, defeating him. Erigor falls and the lullaby flute lands beside him. Natsu then brags to Happy, saying that he was able to defeat Erigor. As the two talk about the fight, smoke exits the lullaby flute.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Erigor
  2. Natsu Dragneel
  3. Happy
  4. Lullaby

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