The Boy From Back Then is the 189th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With the combined efforts of the Mages of Fairy Tail and the Exceeds, the Lacrima Island is pushed back long enough for Mystogan to return the giant Lacrima back to Earth Land, saving Earth Land Fairy Tail, the citizens of Magnolia Town and the Exceed Capital. However, their celebration is cut short when Panther Lily is shot by Erza Knightwalker who arrives with her guards.


Pantherlily saves the queen

Panther Lily saves Shagotte

Earth Land Fairy Tail continues to try and stop the giant Lacrima from hitting Extalia. Carla then arrives, closely followed by Nadi who tells her that he loves his country, and that everyone else probably feels the same. The two then look behind them and sees all of the Exceed and Wendy flying towards them, ready to help save their homeland. Meanwhile, Shagotte struggles to fly with her one wing. Panther Lily watches his countrymen and remembers how he had saved a human's life and was banished by the Extalia Elders as a reward. He also remembers Shagotte doing nothing but look down in shame while this happened. Shagotte's wing then fails and she plummets towards the ground. However, Panther Lily saves her, despite their harsh past. Shagotte apologizes to him and so does Panther Lily, admitting he has to help save Extalia too, because no matter how much he despises it, Extalia will always be his home.

Pantherlily shot from the back

Panther Lily shot by Knightwalker

With the combined efforts of the Fairy Tail Mages and the Exceeds, the island finally gets pushed the other way, and the collision is stopped. Suddenly, a beam of light appears out of nowhere and the Lacrima on the island containing Earth Land Fairy Tail disappears. Mystogan then arrives and apologizes for being late, saying that he was preparing the Reverse Anima. He then explains that he just sent Magnolia back to Earth Land and that everything should be back to normal now. Mystogan then looks at Panther Lily, and thanks him, for the boy he had saved back then was him. Panther Lily looks back at him and calls him by his title in Edolas, the Prince. Coco cries for Prince Mystogan's return. However, their celebration is cut short when Panther Lily gets shot through the chest by Erza Knightwalker who arrives with her Royal Guards.

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  • Aera ((エーラ) Ēra)

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