Fireball is the 173rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

After arriving in Sycca, the team takes a rest and learns more from Edolas Lucy about how the world is. The next morning, the Earth Land Mages awaken to find that she's left them, forcing them to go out on their own. After hearing about the Lacrima containing their guild and town, the Mages attempt to fight without success and are later rescued by a familiar but unknown face.


Sycca (Manga)


The team arrives at the town of Sycca and decides to rest in a hotel. The team is having a problem with telling which Lucy is which, so Edolas-Lucy decides to change her hair style with the help of Cancer. Earth Land Lucy asks if it was alright to change her hair her counterpart replies that it is alright and explains the position of the world and the mission of Fairy Tail.

The next day, Lucy wakes up to find that Edolas-Lucy left and a note giving them instructions about the location of the Royal City. Wendy and Carla explain that Edolas Lucy didn't really want to fight, but Lucy is still angry at her. Meanwhile, Edolas Lucy is seen going back to the guild, making it her mission to convince the guild members to heed her call and rise up against the kingdom.

Back with the team, Lucy calms down when she finds a book that talks about the history of Edolas. She begins explaining to everyone about the Exceed when an airship lands and royal guards begin riding it. The team overhears that the giant Lacrima containing Fairy Tail and Magnolia Town is going to be extracted in two days time, which means that they won't be able to stop it if they walk all the way there. Natsu suggests that they steal the airship and Lucy agrees. She uses her Magic to summon Loke, but instead Virgo was summoned. Virgo explains that her "brother" was on a date and that she would take care of the enemies herself, but Lucy forces her door to close.

Happy suggests that she use Aquarius or Taurus but Lucy says that it is not possible. Natsu and Wendy try to use their Magic items but fail miserably. The airship then flies away and the team is about to be captured, but is saved by Natsu the Fireball who is riding a vehicle, and promises to take them to the Royal City.

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