Faust is the 171st chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

As the Edolas Fairy Tail can't help Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla they try finding a way to reach the Royal City. And in the Royal Palace, the leaders of the army squad are talking about the Lacrima and in another room The King is greedy for the Magic Power. Meanwhile, Natsu and the others are in trouble because of a giant frog and Lucy Ashley saves them and also joins them for their journey.


Natsu and the others finally finish explaining who they are and where they came from. At first, they don't believe them, but realizing that Earth Land Natsu is not the Natsu they know, they start believing them. Natsu then asks where they are and Wendy explains why. Saddened, the guild members explain the situation they are in. Since in Edolas Magic is limited, the King has been keeping the Magic to himself by disbanding all Mage guilds. First everyone resisted, but the Royal Army crushed them, one by one until only Fairy Tail was left, though losing most of their guild members and their master. Everyone expects Natsu and Wendy to give up, but they don't, which surprises everyone.

Meanwhile at the Capital, Hughes, Erza Knightwalker and Sugarboy are admiring the Lacrima crystal. As the three discuss the issues surrounding it, Byro, the Royal Army Chief, arrives and asks Erza about her mission to eliminate Fairy Tail, saying that the King is waiting for the result. Erza doesn't reply, which Byro laughs at. Suddenly, Panther Lily arrives and tells them to stop laughing and making noises and later leaves. The four notices that Lily is not that happy and discuss Edolas uniting the world.

Coco Running

Coco running around the room explaining Faust about the Lacrima crystal

Elsewhere, Coco arrives at the throne room and tells the King, Faust, that the extraction of the Lacrima can begin after four days and that the Lacrima will last for the next ten years. Faust replies that it is insufficient and demands that they find a source of Magic Power that will last for eternity.

Meanwhile, Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla are walking towards the capital, since Happy and Carla can't use their Magic. Natsu is having a good time playing while Wendy, Carla and Happy are thinking of the obstacles that they may encounter. The team is then attacked by a giant frog that Natsu was trying to catch. After realizing that they can't use Magic, the team runs from it, but they are saved by Lucy Ashley, who uses a magical whip to attack the monster. After greeting each other, Lucy tells them that she will come with them since going to the Royal City without Magic is suicidal and a new team is born.

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