Fairy Hunting is the 170th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu and the others are found by the Edolas Fairy Tail members, they think that Natsu is Natsu Dragion and talk to him like they're friends, but Natsu doesn't understand anything. The fairy hunter arrives to destroy the guild, but fails as the guild transports to a safer location. Afterwards, Natsu learns that the Edolas counterpart of Erza is their enemy.


Lisanna scolding

Lisanna scolding Jet and Droy for bullying

Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla are confronted by the Edolas Fairy Tail members. After recognizing Natsu, Lucy Ashley hugs him and later bullies him. Wendy is surprised by what is happening while Carla and Happy wonder what has happened to Fairy Tail. Suddenly, Lisanna arrives and tells Lucy to stop bullying Natsu, she also tells Jet and Droy to stop picking on Elfman. Upon seeing Lisanna, tears begins to flow from Natsu and Happy's eyes and they jump on to her only to be stopped by Lucy Ashley. While Lucy Ashley confronts and Gray Surge consoles Natsu, Wendy and Carla realize that they are not the Fairy Tail members they know, but in fact, they are different people and that Edolas is a parallel world. Natsu asks them about what should they do and Carla replies that they should head to the Royal City.

Suddenly, a guild member bursts through the door and announces that the Fairy Hunter has arrived. Lucy Ashley warns Carla and Happy not go outside. While Happy wonders if they are enemies of Fairy Tail, Lucy Ashley and Levy argue about the transportation. Wendy wonders why Fairy Tail is being attacked by the Royal Kingdom, her counterpart explains that Fairy Tail is the only remaining Magic Guild in the world and that it is considered a Dark Guild. Levy then announces that the transport field is ready and Fairy Tail disappears just as the Fairy Hunter is about to attack.

After the guild vanishes, Sugarboy comments on Fairy Tail being fast runners. His comrade and him then discusses that they will be able to capture Fairy Tail and about the Anima operation. His comrades asks him about the Mages of Earth Land Fairy Tail, Sugarboy replies that they are in the Royal City inside a giant Lacrima. His comrade is thrilled of the news.

Meanwhile, Edolas Fairy Tail Guild ends up at another location. Natsu and Wendy are amazed that the guild members were able to transport the whole guild. Natsu asks the guild members what has happened, Mirajane explains that the one who attacked them was a Royal Army Captain, Erza Knightwalker, also known as Fairy Hunter Erza; Natsu is shocked to hear that Erza is their enemy.

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