The Vanishing Town is the 167th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Despite being in the same guild, Carla continues to be cold towards Happy, angry at him for being clueless. Meanwhile, Wendy finally meets Mystogan, the Jellal who had accompanied her seven years ago. However, Wendy is not given the time to rejoice as Mystogan reveals an incoming danger that will destroy the town and everyone in it.


Jealous of Natsu and Wendy both having cats, Gajeel goes to look for one himself. In an alley, Gajeel can't find a cat worthy of him and collapses out of exhaustion. He then notices a silhouette of a cat standing in front of him and he smiles, thinking that he found himself a cat.

Carla leaves Happy

Carla being cold towards Happy

Meanwhile in the guild, Lucy, Wendy and Carla are talking about the Dragons' disappearance which happened to be on the same day, July 7, Year X777. In a nearby table, Happy is wrapping his fish and goes to give it to Carla as a gift. Carla declines saying that she doesn't like fish. Happy asks her what she wants, but Carla tells him to shut up and stay away from her. Carla then leaves, thinking of Happy as clueless. Happy then runs after her, asking if he did anything wrong. The two ends up out on the street and Carla tells Happy that he can't protect Natsu but she can protect Wendy. Happy says that he can protect Natsu, but Carla says that he can't and leaves saying that he doesn't even know what he is. As Carla leaves, a giant thunder cloud is forming over Magnolia. Happy then notices Gajeel arrive and asks about his scratches but Gajeel tells him to shut up.

Wendy encounters Mystogan

Wendy meets Mystogan

Elsewhere, Wendy finally meets up with Carla. While Wendy and Carla are talking about Carla's earlier actions, Mystogan arrives. Wendy asks who he was and Mystogan says her name. Wendy recognizes his voice and Mystogan then reveals his face and that he was the Jellal who traveled with her 7 years ago. Wendy starts to cry for finally finding him, but Mystogan says that it is not the time to rejoice and that they should leave the town. He says that he has failed his mission and that he cannot stop Anima anymore and that Magnolia will disappear soon. Wendy is shocked and confused about what Mystogan just said. Mystogan continues that they cannot do anything anymore and that he will at least save her. Upon hearing this, Wendy asks what is going to happen to the other guild members, Mystogan simply replies that they'll all die.

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