Black Dragon is the 166th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With Gildarts' return, the members of Fairy Tail rejoice but are soon shocked to learn that he failed to do the 100-year quest. He later talks to Natsu and reveals that he fought and was defeated by a black Dragon during his travels.


Gildarts' Shift

Gildarts Shift

All throughout Magnolia, the bells are ringing a flying Megaphones are announcing that Magnolia is going to change to Gildarts Shift. Back at the guild, Lucy is shocked to learn of the 100-year job, and asks Mirajane what Gildarts Shift is. Mirajane tells her to go outside to see. Lucy goes outside and is surprised to see that Magnolia has split to form a path towards Fairy Tail. Mirajane explains that Gildarts' Magic allows him to smash anything he touches, and he sometimes destroys houses when in town.

Fairy Tail's strongest Mage

Gildarts' throws Natsu

Everyone is excited when they see Gildarts walking towards them. As soon as Gildarts walks through the door, Natsu challenges him to a fight. Gildarts ignores him and asks Mirajane were Fairy Tail is. As soon as Mirajane explains where they are and who she is, Natsu charges towards Gildarts. Gildarts greeted him and tosses him to the ceiling ending the "fight." Gildarts then begins to catch up with everyone and Makarov asks him about his mission. Gildarts explains that he failed, much to everyone's surprise but Makarov is happy that he was able to come back. Gildarts then leaves through the wall after saying good bye and telling Natsu to go to his house.

Gildart's injuries

Gildarts showing his injuries

Natsu and Happy are walking towards Gildarts' house. When they arrive, the first thing Gildarts asks was about Natsu and Lisanna's relationship. Natsu explains that Lisanna has died two years ago and turns to leave. Gildarts stops him by saying that he met a Dragon during his mission. Gildarts says that it was a Black Dragon not the red one which is Igneel. Natsu tries to leave again saying that he will ask the Dragon about Igneel's whereabouts, but Gildarts stops him again and shows the injuries that he got from the Dragon, saying that humans can't beat the Dragon. Natsu replies that that was the reason why there are Dragon Slayers. Natsu then leaves and Gildarts tells Happy to support him, saying that a human can't beat a Dragon, but maybe a Dragon can.

Natsu runs down a hill, trips and falls to the river, thinking about how his "dad" is doing. Meanwhile at Fairy Tail, Makarov is thinking about his three Dragon Slayers and fate making its move.

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