Capture Kageyama!! is the 16th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With the Wind Wall trapping them and time running out, Erza reunites with Gray and the two decide to find Kageyama, an Eisenwald member who may be able to dispel the Wind Wall. Meanwhile, Natsu faces and defeats Kageyama when Erza and Gray arrive to tell Kageyama to nullify the Wind Wall. However, Karacka arrives and stabs Kageyama.


Erza interrogates Byard

Erza interrogating Byard

Faced with Erigor's Wind Wall, Erza begins to interrogate the defeated Eisenwald members, asking them how to nullify the Magic Wall. Gray then arrives and informs her that Erigor's real target is the guild masters that are having their regular meeting. Erza then remembers that an Eisenwald member named Kageyama was able to dispel the seal of the Lullaby and may be able to dispel the Wind Wall as well. After Erza and Gray leave to find Kageyama, Byard calls out to Karacka who was hiding inside a column with his Magic. Byard then orders Karacka to do something easy. Meanwhile, Lucy and Happy are still looking for Karacka. Lucy suggests that they go back to Erza since they cannot find Karacka, leaving Happy amazed that Lucy can defy a direct request from Erza. Lucy then decides to keep looking until they find him, leaving Happy amazed how easily she can change her mind.

Shadow Orochi

Kageyama's Shadow Orochi

Elsewhere, Natsu is breaking through the walls looking for Erigor, unaware that Kageyama is following him. As Natsu looks around, trying to decide where to go, Kageyama reveals himself and attacks him from behind, sending him crashing to the wall. Natsu gets up and demands to know where Erigor is, but Kageyama attacks Natsu, telling him that he will only tell Erigor's location if Natsu defeats him. Natsu dodges the attack and prepares to battle just as Kageyama attacks him again with an attack that he believes is unavoidable.

Kageyama stabbed

Kageyama stabbed

However, Natsu manages to destroy all of the snakes with his Magic. After destroying all of the shadow snakes, Natsu attacks Kageyama and tosses him to a wall. Natsu then asks the defeated Kageyama where Erigor is, but Kageyama tells him that Erigor is no longer at the station. Just then, Gray and Erza arrive and Erza immediately tells Kageyama to nullify the Wind Wall. Suddenly, Kageyama spits out blood and collapses, revealing to the group that he was stabbed with a knife by his guild mate, Karacka.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Byard
  2. Erza Scarlet
  3. Gray Fullbuster
  4. Karacka
  5. Happy
  6. Lucy Heartfilia
  7. Natsu Dragneel
  8. Kageyama

Battles & Events

Magic, Spells, and Abilities used

Magic used

Spells used

Abilities used

Weapons used

  • Sword
  • Knife


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