The Flame of Guilt is the 159th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

As the time left to destroy Nirvana continues to decrease, Wendy prepares herself to destroy one of its Lacrima in Jellal's place. Meanwhile, Jellal interrupts Natsu's fight with Zero, remembering Natsu to be their hope. Jellal manages to convince Natsu that he is now an ally and presents Natsu with the Flame of Rebuke, enabling him to enter Dragon Force.


Natsu charges

Natsu charges at Jellal

Natsu lies on the ground after being hit by Jellal's Fire Magic. Zero asks Jellal if his memories have returned, to which he replies in the affirmative. An angry Natsu then gets back up and starts charging towards Jellal, but Jellal calmly attacks him with more fire Magic. Natsu shouts at him that Fire Magic doesn't work on him, but Jellal tells him that he remembers. He then explains that he has only regained his memories of Natsu, the alliance's only hope and states that his only wish is to help him defeat Zero, and stop Nirvana regardless of whatever atrocities he may have committed in the past. He pleads with Natsu to accept his flame. However, Natsu attacks him, screaming that he won't accept the man who made Erza cry as his ally.

Natsu receives the Flame of Rebuke

Natsu receives the Flame of Rebuke

A bored Zero tells them to take their fight outside as it annoys him. He then unleashes Dark Capriccio against Natsu. Jellal jumps in front of Natsu and shields him from the Darkness Magic, reminiscent of how Simon shielded Natsu and Erza in the Tower of Heaven against Jellal's attack. Jellal collapses, saying that Natsu can finish him off if he wants as he is already on his last legs. He then pleads with Natsu once more to accept his flame, the Golden Flame of Rebuke.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Carla are making their way towards Lacrima No. 06 in Jellal's place. Remembering how Jellal met up with her after everyone was assigned their Lacrima's and as she couldn't use healing Magic anymore for the day, told her that he will take care of Natsu's recovery and entrusted her with the task of destroying Lacrima 06 in his place. He also tells her that she has great power, the power of the Sky Dragon Slayer, sleeping within her.

At the same time, Jellal offers the Flame of Rebuke to Natsu, stating that he doesn't want Natsu to forgive him but to just take the power that the Flame of Rebuke will offer and that he believes in the man Erza believes in. Natsu begrudgingly accepts the gift which engulfs him. He then begins to eat it while Jellal lies immobilized, smiling. The Flame of Rebuke activates the Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Form, Dragon Force, enabling him to fight Zero with renewed force.

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