The Door to Memory is the 158th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Now that Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Happy have woken up, they swear to protect Wendy and Carla's guild. Hibiki gives them a map leading to their individual Lacrima marked with a number. The remaining members of the Allied Forces choose their numbers and begin on their way to destroy it. At Lacrima number one, Natsu finds Zero and the two begin two battle.


Natsu close up

Natsu chooses the Lacrima to destroy

Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Happy wake up, swearing to protect Wendy and Carla's guild. Hibiki provides the map that will lead them to the six Lacrimas located in Nirvana, all of them marked with a number. The remaining capable members of the Allied Forces on board Nirvana (Natsu, Gray, Happy, Lucy, Ichiya, Erza and now Jellal) take the numbers of the Lacrima to destroy. Natsu chooses the first, Gray the second, Lucy the third, Ichiya fourth, Erza the fifth and Jellal the sixth. When Jellal attempts to speak (while Hibiki's telepathy is still on) he is cut off by Erza, who cautions him that Natsu doesn't know his circumstances yet and will treat him as an enemy. Hibiki's power finally runs out and the Telepathy cuts off. Christina then crashes as Sherry and Ren's powers completely give out as well.

Jellal remembers

Jellal's remembers the name

Each member of the team begins making their way towards their chosen Lacrima while Ichiya is going through a hard time getting up and says that he is not tired and he is still young. After that, Natsu arrives at his Lacrima and sees Zero waiting for him. Before leaving, Erza tells Jellal and Wendy that Zero is most likely at Lacrima One, as Natsu has a very good sense of smell and probably chose that number for that very reason. Wendy tells Erza that they should back him up but Erza replies that they should trust Natsu and upon hearing the name, Jellal's suddenly remembers something.

Natsu fights Zero

Natsu holding his own against Zero

Natsu and Zero engage each other in battle, with Natsu managing to hold his own, even in his weakened state. He even manages to use Fire Dragon's Iron Fist to counter Zero's penetrating Magic: Dark Capriccio. Suddenly, a maliciously smiling Jellal appears and blasts Natsu with his Magic, Natsu is in shock when he sees Jellal standing there, prompting Zero to ask him if his memories have finally returned.

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