Your Words Especially is the 154th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Erza and Midnight engage in battle. The reason why Nirvana is heading towards Cait Shelter is revealed. After seemingly defeating Erza, Midnight requests Jellal to join the new set of Oración Seis generals. However, Erza stands up and states that she will defeat Midnight.


Midnight using reflecter magic on erza

Midnight binding Erza's armor

With Jellal defeated, Erza and Midnight began their fight. Midnight easily reflects her Sword Slashes and eventually wraps (and traps) Erza within her Heart Kreuz Armor. She uses requip again to change into the Heaven's Wheel Armor and attacks.

Elsewhere, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Happy are then confronted by Brain's Staff, Klodoa, which identifies itself as the 7th Member of Oración Seis and threatens to destroy the group while berating Brain and calling him pathetic for only managing to take out one of the Allied Forces (Jura) with his prior trap. Natsu then begins violently banging the staff on the ground, demanding to know why Oración Seis is attacking Cait Shelter using Nirvana.

Midnight using spiral pain

Midnight using Spiral Pain on Erza

Meanwhile, Erza and Midnight continues their battle. Midnight was able to reflect all of Erza's attacks and destroy her armor. Erza falls after Midnight uses an attack called Spiral Pain. Midnight then turns his attention towards Jellal, who asks why they are attacking Cait Shelter.

The reason why the Nirvana is heading for Cait Shelter is revealed: Cait Shelter guild was formed by the descendants of the Nirvit (the ancient race that created Nirvana for peace, but later saw it's destructive capabilities and sealed it) and that they are attacking Cait Shelter because the Nirvit can still seal off Nirvana once more.

Midnight then requests Jellal to join the new set of Oración Seis Generals that he hopes to gather. Midnight's ranting about Jellal's soul being full of darkness brings back Jellal's memories of his past, and he almost succumbs to despair and joins Midnight. However, Erza uses the last of her strength to stand up and tells Jellal that there is light inside his Soul and reassures him that she is always there for him. She then requips into the Robe of Yūen (which enhances her speed and strength) Armor and confronts Midnight once more with confidence, stating that she will defeat him and end his madness no matter what.

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