Counter Attack in the Middle of the Night is the 153rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Nirvana is heading straight towards Cait Shelter and the Allied Forces is thinking of a way to stop it. Wendy comes up with the idea to ask Jellal about how to stop Nirvana and leaves Natsu and the others with Carla. Just then, Brain sends a fake telepathic message as Hoteye that leads to a trap for Natsu and the others. Meanwhile, a battle between Jellal and Midnight is about to start with Jellal almost beaten?


Roubaul not swallowing his drink

Roubaul talking with his mouth full of liquid

Cait Shelter is in hectic because Nirvana is heading towards it. The guild's member is panicking and the Cait Shelter's master, Roubaul is thinking whether this is fate or a coincidence. Some members are worrying over Wendy, but are convinced by Roubaul not to worry. Even so, the guild's members feel that it’s not a coincidence and that someone knows their true identity. Then, someone asks Roubaul to evacuate the guild, but Roubaul refuses. Roubaul says that there are people who are trying to stop Nirvana and that maybe the time has come for Cait Shelter to pay for its crime.

Brain pretending to be Hoteye

Brain pretending to be Hoteye through telepathy

Meanwhile on Nirvana, Natsu suggests that Nirvana should be destroyed in order to be stopped. Gray disagrees by saying that it’s unlikely to destroy something that is huge. Jura thinks that asking Brain is easier, but Carla doubts this since she thinks that Brain won't talk that easily. Wendy thinks about Jellal and tries to follow her own idea with Carla. Suddenly, a telepathic message is sent to Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Happy, and Jura by Hoteye saying that he lost his battle with Midnight and that Nirvana will stop if Midnight is defeated. Hoteye also says that Midnight is located right below the King’s room. Natsu and the others follow Hoteye's lead. Unfortunately, the one who has sent the telepathic message was Brain, disguising his voice as Hoteye.

Jura saves Natsu and the others

Jura protects Natsu and the others from the explosion

Natsu and the others follow Brain's fake message. When they open the room below the King's, a flash appears that surrounds them. Jura shouts that it’s a trap and an explosion appears. Meanwhile, Erza and Jellal are greeted by Midnight. Jellal asks Erza to stay back as he tries to face off with Midnight. Below the King's room, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Gray woke up to see that Jura have saved them from the explosion, but faints afterwards. Meanwhile, Wendy and Carla are searching for Jellal. Wendy thinks that Jellal can help stop Nirvana. She hopes that Jellal is safe, but little does she knows that Jellal is fighting Midnight and that he's almost beaten.

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