Fairies in the Wind is the 15th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle against Eisenwald rages on. While Erza finds Erigor trapping her and her team with a Wind Wall, Gray finishes his fight with Rayule and learns about the Eisenwald's true targets.


Makarov collapses

Makarov collapses

At the regular meeting site for the provincial guild masters, Makarov is talking to Blue Pegasus Guild Master, Bob, and Quatro Cerberus Guild Master, Goldmine, about Fairy Tail's newest member, Lucy. Just then, a letter from Mirajane arrives and informs Makarov about Erza forming a team with Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy. Hearing the news, Makarov collapses, afraid that Mirajane's so-called "strongest team" will destroy an entire town. Meanwhile, in Oshibana station, Erza tells the bystanders surrounding it to run because there is a spell that may kill everyone around the station. Erza's proclamation causes everyone to panic but Erza believes that is better for them to panic than to die. As Erza turns around to enter the station once more, a wall of wind suddenly appears in front of her, blocking her path.

Gray protects himself

Gray blocks with a block of ice

Elsewhere, Gray and Rayule's battle continues. Gray asks Rayule where Erigor is but Rayule ignores him and attacks him with his Urumi. However, Gray manages to dodge and realizes that the Dark Guild isn't planning to broadcast lullaby, seeing that Rayule destroyed the broadcasting equipment without hesitation. Rayule attacks Gray once more but Gray defends himself by creating a giant block of ice with his Ice-Make. Gray asks Rayule what their real plan is but Rayule merely replies by saying that Erigor's Wind Wall is probably surrounding the station by now, a Wind Wall that will prevent the Fairies from going outside.

Gray's anger and Rayule's defeat

Gray's anger and Rayule's defeat

Outside the station, Erza expresses her surprise with the sudden appearance of the Wind Wall. Suddenly, Erigor arrives and spots Erza. Erza asks him if he was the one behind the Wind Wall but Erigor ignores her question and uses his Magic to blast Erza into the Wind Wall. Erza tries to go outside again but Erigor explains that the Wind Wall can only be accessed from the outside. Erigor then leaves saying that he already wasted too much time, leaving Erza to wonder what their real target is. Elsewhere, Gray and Rayule are still fighting and Rayule begins to explain that they only occupied the station to block anyone trying to get to Clover station, and Gray, angered when he realizes that the target was the guild masters, grabs Rayule's head and freezes it with ice, while saying that there are guilds more frightening than Dark Guilds.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Bob
  2. Makarov Dreyar
  3. Goldmine
  4. Mirajane Strauss
  5. Erza Scarlet
  6. Rayule
  7. Gray Fullbuster
  8. Erigor

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