Memories of Jellal is the 145th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

While Hoteye explains to Jura about him switching sides, Wendy tells Carla more about her past. Meanwhile, Erza finds Jellal but discovers that he has no recollection of his past and only remembers the name Erza.


Angel arises for revenge

Angel revived

Lucy has come out of the trance which resulted from casting Urano Metria and is confused with the sudden turn of events. She finds Hibiki unable to fight, Happy frozen and Natsu still seasick. Suddenly, Angel rises from the river, carrying Caelum and tells Lucy that the Oración Seis cannot lose. Lucy is unable to do anything due to her Magic Power being seriously depleted. Angel then orders Caelum to attack but misses. With that, she falls, releasing her prayer to disappear into the sky like an angel. Caelum's attack destroys the boulder stopping Natsu from floating away, causing him to begin floating down the river. Lucy tries to save him, only to fall down the waterfall as well. Elsewhere, a line from Brain's face disappears as he realizes that Angel has fallen.

Ren defeated

Ren defeated

Meanwhile, Erza is still trying to find Jellal and recalls some memories about him. At the same time, Hoteye explains the Magic of Nirvana to Jura. According to him, he knew that what he was doing all this time was wrong, but it was all in order to find his lost little brother. Jura has awakened the goodness in him, because his head reminds him of the potatoes he and his little brother used to eat together. Meanwhile, Ren is defeated by Midnight who is displeased with the alliance's strength.

Jellal suffering from amnesia

Jellal suffering from amnesia

As the sun sets, Wendy and Carla are sitting on a mountain side. Wendy wonders if she shouldn't have come to join the war but Carla tells her that those negative feelings will result in her heart being stolen by the darkness. Wendy then decides to tell Carla about what happened seven years ago with Jellal. Elsewhere, Erza finally finds Jellal, unknowingly passing in front of Cobra who has been watching silently from the shadows. Jellal calls Erza's name over and over, and then asks her who Erza is, since it is the only word that he remembers. Hearing this, Erza and Cobra realize that Jellal has lost his memories.

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