Darkness is the 142nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With Nirvana's activation, Hibiki decides to explain the ancient Magic to his teammates. According to him, Nirvana is able to switch light for darkness and vice-versa, causing those affected to change sides. This proves to be true as Sherry incapacitates Gray and Hoteye joins forces with Jura. Meanwhile, Midnight claims his first victim in the form of Blue Pegasus Mage Eve.


Jura and Hoteye talking

Hoteye explaining Nirvana's effects

Ren and Eve see Nirvana's light and decide to separate; one of them will continue the search for Wendy while the other will go to investigate the light. Elsewhere, Gray and Sherry are looking for Lyon. Sherry, thinking that it was Gray's fault that Lyon's dead, looks at him in anger. At the same time, Hoteye explains to Jura that Nirvana has been unsealed. Hearing the news, Jura debates with himself on whether to continue the fight or to investigate Nirvana. However, before he can make a decision, he is distracted when something begins to happen to Hoteye.

Natsu defeats Harpuia

Natsu defeats Harpuia

Meanwhile, Lucy and Hibiki are deciding on what to do when they realize that Erza is missing. They conclude that she heard Jellal's name and went to find him. Wendy blames herself for Natsu and Erza's action, and Hibiki suddenly attacks her, much to everyone's surprise. Wendy slumps on the ground unconscious. Elsewhere, Natsu is looking for Jellal when he meets Racer's Personal Guild, the Harpuia. The Harpuia Guild Members attack Natsu to avenge Racer but are easily defeated. Natsu then continues his search for Jellal, determined not to let him meet Erza.

Meanwhile, Hibiki, Lucy, Happy and Carla decide to follow Natsu and Erza. Hibiki, carrying the unconscious Wendy, apologizes for his sudden actions and explains the power of Nirvana, which is the power to switch light and darkness. He explains that once unsealed, Nirvana will make anyone who is wavering over light and darkness to switch sides. The people of light who feel powerful negative emotion fall into darkness and vice-versa.

Evil Sherry

Evil Sherry

Elsewhere, Sherry has fallen into darkness, and attacks Gray with her Wood Doll, causing him to fall unconscious. She then leaves to find his friends, swearing to avenge Lyon. Meanwhile, Hoteye is also affected by Nirvana's Magic, and teams up with Jura, promising to teach his guild mates the importance of love and life. At the same time, Midnight claims his first victim, defeating Eve, whose Magic failed to touch him. Meanwhile, Hibiki continues to explain the danger of Nirvana's power, mentioning that it is able to cause guilds to meaninglessly fight one another which would result in the obliteration of the world's light guilds.

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  • Nirvana (ニルヴァーナ Niruvāna)


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