Slow Speed World is the 140th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With Lyon's plan, Racer is finally defeated. However, the Dark Mage refuses to stay defeated and tries to kill the group with an explosive Lacrima. For the sake of his friends, Lyon sacrifices himself, falling down a cliff as the explosion ensues. However, Racer's defeat causes Brain to wake up his sleeping underling, Midnight.


Sherry attacks

Sherry attacks

Lyon discloses his plan with Gray and then shouts that he is no longer needed, freezing him and surprising Racer. He then calls on Sherry, saying that Lamia Scale will take the glory, and the battle commences. Sherry manages to hold down Racer for a brief second with her Doll Attack: Wood Doll but Racer manages to defeat her quickly. Racer's speed persists, and Lyon flees but is constantly attacked by Racer. He continues to run, yelling that Racer might be fast but is not strong enough to actually defeat them. He then summons ice on his back to increase his defense but Racer easily breaks it.

Realization of Lyon's Plan

The realization of Lyon's plan

Lyon keeps running, but Racer is always one step before. In a last attack, Racer disarms him, and with a knife, threatens his life.

Pinned down with a knife to his throat, Lyon speaks the truth, saying that he noticed the nature of Racer's Magic: it does not make him faster, it only slows others down by making their time perception slower, and in the moment one person gets out of his range, they regain their true speed. At this moment, from a distance, Gray breaks out of the ice, and with the strength of his passion, releases his Super Freeze Arrow, which hits Racer, completely and utterly defeating him. As he falls, Racer remembers his prayer of being faster than everyone.

With Racer defeated, Gray, Lyon and Sherry let their guard down. However, Racer stands up and goes after them with an explosive Lacrima strapped on his torso. Out of Magic, Gray fails to do anything but Lyon tackles Racer and the two fall down the cliff. An explosion then ensues, felt all throughout the woods.

At the hideout, Brain senses Racer's death and, forced into a corner, wakes Midnight up and orders him to kill everyone. Midnight complies, referring to Brain as his "father."

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