Dead Grand Prix is the 139th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

As Natsu returns to save Erza, Gray continues his battle with Racer, who constantly has the upper hand due to his Magic. The two then race past Lyon and Sherry. Lyon agrees to help Gray even the score and somehow manages to find Racer's weakness.


Hibiki's Archive

Hibiki talking to Natsu via Archive

Inside the Worth Woodsea, Natsu is carrying Wendy, Happy and Carla towards the group, thinking about the newly revived Jellal. He then hears Hibiki's voice, which informs him that he is the first one that he managed to contact. After learning that Natsu has Wendy, Hibiki uploads a map into Natsu's head, giving him the information necessary to reach Erza. As Natsu heads towards them, Lucy wonders how Hibiki managed to do that and he answers by explaining the very foundation of his Archive. After learning about Hibiki's Magic, Lucy returns her focus to Erza, promising to protect her for as long as it takes.

Gray and Racer racing

Gray and Racer racing

Meanwhile, Gray continues his battle with Oración Seis Member Racer who taunts him with his speed. Racer then summons motorcycles using his Dead Grand Prix attack, but Gray soon mounts one and connects the SE plug, which uses his Magic to fuel the engine. Racer is impressed but still has the upper hand, as Gray is unable to aim properly, forced to concentrate on driving. Racer, on the other hand, is perfectly able to. He shoots tires towards Gray at first, and then lasers, that the latter is barely able to dodge.

Ice-Make Combo

Ice-Make Combo

After going through a tunnel, the two race past Lyon and Sherry and Gray tells Lyon to climb on. The two plan to split the work, Gray will drive while Lyon will attack. Lyon agrees, and positions both his hands for his Ice-Make spells. Gray is impressed with Lyon who once again is following Ur's teachings. Lyon then attacks with Ice-Make: Eagle, destroying Racer's motorcycle. However, Racer dodges the attack and counters, destroying their motorcycle as well. After getting over the shock, the two begin to attack Racer simultaneously, but Racer is able to evade their attacks and seems to be speeding up as he attacks the two Mages. While fighting, Lyon notices the birds flying in the sky and tells Gray that he has found Racer's weakness.

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