Oración Seis Appears! is the 134th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The Allied Forces encounters Oración Seis and both teams engage in a battle. Since the start of the fight, the Oración Seis members have the upper hand. Eventually the dark Mages succeed in defeating the Allied Forces and without Christina all hope is gone. Just when Brain is about to annihilate the Allied Forces, he notices Wendy hiding behind a rock and immediately stops his spell.


Oración Seis appears

Oración Seis appears!

The Allied Forces is running towards the woods, trying to find the Oración Seis' base unaware of the fact that the enemy already incapacitated Jura and Ichiya. The Christina weapon of Blue Pegasus soon follows and everyone is amazed by it. However it is rapidly destroyed by some explosions. The Oración Seis enters and faces the alliance head on.

Allied Forces defeated

Allied Forces defeated

Natsu and Gray attack immediately, but Racer, using his enhanced speed, easily outmatches them and uses Motor to attack them. Angel's helpers defeat Lucy taking her appearance and whipping her, while Hoteye defeats Lyon and Sherry with his Liquid Ground. The Trimens are wiped out by Racer again as he uses his godly speed, and Erza requips in her Heaven's Wheel Armor to attack Cobra, but he easily evades her attacks. Natsu sees Midnight sleeping and attacks with his fire attack, which is however deflected by Midnight who is still asleep. Racer reveals that it is scary to wake up Midnight and proceeds to attack Natsu. Gray is also defeated by Angel who again uses Gemini to imitate him. Erza then requips in her Flight Armor taking on on both Racer and Cobra simultaneously, but Cobra's ability of reading minds puts her at an obvious disadvantage. After a couple of minutes, the only one still standing is Erza, but with the whole guild against her, she is finally bit by Cobra's snake ejecting a poisonous venom in her blood that will put her though agony and slowly kill her.

With everyone defeated and worn out, the master, Brain, summons a Darkness Magic spell by the name of Dark Rondo. However, he sees Wendy hiding behind a rock and as he recognizes her, he stops the attack immediately.

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