Allies, Unite! is the 132nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The members of the Fairy Tail delegation head to Bob's Palace, hoping to be on good terms with the delegates of the other guilds. However, this hope immediately disappears when the members of Blue Pegasus begin to bicker with Natsu and Gray over the girls. More sparks begin to fly as the members of Lamia Scale arrive but are subsequently quelled by Wizard Saint Jura Neekis. The Cait Shelter delegate then arrives: a girl named Wendy, whose name Natsu has heard.


Bob's Palace

Team Natsu closes in on the rendezvous point

The Fairy Tail delegation, made up of Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza and Happy, are on their way to the meeting spot to rendezvous with the various Mages from other guilds with whom they are to work. As they approach their destination, the group discusses their oncoming job. Lucy is frightened by it and thinks that it would've made more sense if Juvia or Gajeel was there instead of her but Erza tells her that the two are busy with their own jobs and that the team members should be able to work well together.

Ichiya arrives

Ichiya shows himself

Soon, the group arrives at Bob's Palace and the Mages are greeted by the delegates of Blue Pegasus and the members of The Trimens, Hibiki Lates, Ren Akatsuki and Eve Tearm. The three immediately approach Lucy and Erza and demonstrate themselves to be womanizers. While the three members of the Trimens shamelessly flirt with the girls, their chief Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki arrives, a man of short stature and in a league of his own. Ichiya's entrance causes even Erza to cringe as he calls her "Honey", causing the other members of the Trimens to deduce that Erza is Ichiya’s girlfriend, a statement that Erza denies.

Wendy arrives

Wendy arrives

The meeting soon degrades with the men bickering, and this is aggravated by the arrival of the members of Lamia Scale, two of which are Lyon Vastia and Sherry Blendy, who, though with a different attitude, are still rude to the Fairy Tail Mages. Sparks begin to fly, but Jura Neekis, one of the Ten Wizard Saints and Lamia Scale's ace appears, and puts an end to the fight. He reinstates their motive, and waits for the members of the fourth guild. A little girl then arrives, apologizes for being late, and introduces herself as Wendy Marvell. Hearing her name, Natsu can't help but feel that he has heard that name before.

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