Death Laughs Twice is the 13th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Team Natsu finally comes face to face with Eisenwald who lets slip their plan to kill the mob surrounding the station. However, the Fairies are unaware that they have just walked into Erigor's trap.


Erigor tortures Kageyama

Erigor attacks Kageyama

After discovering that Eisenwald possesses Lullaby, Team Natsu immediately rides the Magic Four Wheel Drive and heads to Kunugi station where they discover that Eisenwald took over a train. As they chase after the train, Erza hopes that the Military Forces are able to capture the Dark Guild quickly. Meanwhile, inside the train, Kageyama informs Erigor about Natsu being on the train. Hearing this, Erigor angrily attacks Kageyama with his Wind Magic, cutting off part of his ear. Erigor then asks if Natsu saw the flute, but realizes that they won’t be able to stop them even if they knew about the flute. Elsewhere, Gray is telling Erza to slow down, saying that the SE-Plug is inflating, but Erza refuses, saying that many people will die if they don’t make it.

Erza drives

Erza driving the Magic Four Wheel Drive

Gray argues that her Magic Power will be drained if she doesn't slow down, but Erza continues to refuse, saying that, if she does lose power, she will grab a stick to fight and she still have them to back her up. Inside the car, Happy is trying to remember something that he needs to say to Lucy.

Natsu revived

Natsu revived

Inside Oshibana Station, the employees are trying to explain to the crowd that there has been a derailment and that the station is temporarily closed to the public. Just then, Team Natsu has arrived and Erza starts asking the employees question, knocking them out if they do not reply immediately. The group discovers that a military platoon went in but did not come out, causing them to enter the building themselves. Inside the station, the group sees that Eisenwald has been waiting for them. As Team Natsu prepares to fight, Lucy and Happy tries to wake up Natsu who fainted because of riding the train, the car and Lucy. Erigor then flies into the air and says that they are planning to broadcast the lullaby which will result in the death of thousands of people gathering around the station, stating that they are simply cleaning up and that they have been revoked of their rights. Kageyama then attacks Lucy with his shadow but Natsu, who returns to normal after hearing his voice, is able to counter the attack with his flames. As Eisenwald prepares to attack Fairy Tail, Erigor smiles to himself, delighted that Fairy Tail walked right into their trap, and thinking of their real target, which is not the station.

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