Fantasia is the 128th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Laxus accepts his punishment and heads off, leaving the Thunder God Tribe, despite their protests. Fantasia starts and Laxus, watches in the shadows. He sees Makarov and the whole guild use a sign made by Laxus when he was young, which leaves him touched. During the parade, Gajeel gives Makarov the address of his son.


Laxus tells the Thunder God Tribe about the Master's decision. They disagree with his resolve and ask Laxus to either take them with him or stay. Laxus shoots these options down, suggesting that they open up to their guildmates, and leaves. Freed, who stayed quiet during the conversation, thinks that their paths will cross again.

Fantasia begins

The Fantasia Parade

Fantasia begins; the first float shown is Lucy, together with Bisca and Levy dancing; second is Elfman in his Full-Body Take Over. Then, Gray makes a castle of ice complemented by spraying water from Juvia. Erza is also shown using her swords in a circular pattern. Natsu, despite being injured, also joins in the parade. He breathes Fairy Tail's name out of fire. Many of their old friends came to see their performances. Laxus is also watching the parade, and moments after Makarov enters the scene, Laxus is reminded of his first Fantasia Parade, when he made up a sign for Makarov to know that even though he couldn't see him, he was looking out for him.

He is amazed to see that Makarov, and the whole guild, is using that sign, telling Laxus that even though he is not part of the guild, he is one of them and that Fairy Tail will always look out for him. He then leaves ashamed, and touched, understanding what a fool he was.

Before the parade, Gajeel is remembering his encounter with Ivan, Laxus' father and Master of the Dark Guild Raven Tail. Gajeel then gives Makarov a letter detailing the location of his son, Ivan. It is revealed that Gajeel has been working as a double agent for Makarov, because he fears Ivan's intentions.

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Magic, Spells, and Abilities used

Magic used

Spells used

  • Beast Soul (獣王の魂(ビーストソウル) Bīsuto Sōru)
  • Ice-Make: Ice Castle

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  • Magic Swords

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  • Extra panels of the Fantasia Parade were added both in the Tankōbon version of the Chapter and in "Fairy Tail +" special volume.


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