The Lonely Thunder Clap is the 122nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle between Laxus and Natsu continues, while Erza tries to summon as many swords as possible to destroy the Thunder Palace. Through Warren's Telepathy, Gray informs everyone to destroy the Lacrima at once. Meanwhile, Natsu tries to make Laxus understand that Fairy Tail needs no changing, but an enraged Laxus becomes more determined to become the Guild Master.


Erza summons her blades

Erza summons her blades

Erza summons her blades asking them to lend her their power. Meanwhile in the Cathedral, Laxus and Natsu continue their arduous battle. Laxus thinks about the Thunder Palace and why his grandfather does not resign already. Natsu taunts Laxus saying that if Laxus cannot stop the Thunder Palace, Erza will and that it is hard to keep that act. And they both attack once more. Erza is trying to summon more blades but her Magic is already greatly depleted. There is now only 45 seconds left until Thunder Palace is activated.

Gray talking through Warren

Gray talking through Warren

Suddenly, Warren uses his telepathy powers to explain to the other guild members about the Thunder Palace and that the girls have been saved. However, their harmony is cut short by the bickering of the guild members. Everyone is mad about their previous battles, winners and losers alike. Gray scolds them and tells them to take out the things in the sky but Erza explains that it has Organic Link Magic. But the guild members decided to attack even if it means risking their lives.

Palace of Tunder destroyed

Thunder Palace is destroyed

With Erza taking out 200 Lacrima crystals, and the others taking out the rest, the Thunder Palace is no more. The Organic Link Magic hits and everyone is incapacitated. The civilians however, think that this is a show put on by the guild, so all is good. Erza saying that they have been reckless. Laxus witnesses this and becomes furious. All his plans have failed, and Natsu lectures him on the fact that he cannot be master of a guild when he never even tried to be a part of it and that Fairy Tail is the best guild and so does not need to change. This makes Laxus snap, and he yells that he will become Master by force.

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