Spell Song is the 12th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu Dragneel encounters Kageyama from Eisenwald and discovers a strange flute in his possession. He later reunites with his team and the group realizes that the Dark Guild is planning to use a powerful Dark Magic.


After realizing that they left Natsu on the train, Erza starts blaming herself while Lucy tries to calm her down. Erza talks to the station employees asking them to stop the train, but they reply that they cannot stop the train for one person who didn't manage to get off. Erza spots the emergency stop lever, and orders Happy to pull it, which he does.

Shadow Punch

Kageyama attacks Natsu

Meanwhile in the train, Kageyama talks to Natsu about Mirajane and Lucy and how he envies regular guilds for having cute girls and wished to have girls in their guild. When Natsu continues to ignore him, he kicks him in the face saying that he is being discriminatory to Dark Guilds. Natsu finally awakes with Kageyama calling Fairy Tail flies and swats Natsu head. Natsu stands up and tries to use his Magic but fails since the train is still moving. Kageyama laughs at Natsu and attacks using shadows. Suddenly the train stops, Kageyama's bag falls to the floor sending all the contents flying everywhere, one of which is a flute with a skull that has three eyes, which Natsu takes notice of. Natsu then attacks Kageyama with a fistful of flames, an attack he calls “Fly Punch”.

Natsu Slapped by Erza

Erza slaps Natsu

Suddenly, the conductor announces that the emergency brake was based on a false report and that the train will depart shortly. Natsu scrambles to get off the train while Kageyama warns him for having picked a fight with Eisenwald, a warning Natsu returns for him having made fun of Fairy Tail. Natsu jumps out of the window and sees Erza, Lucy and Gray riding a Magic Four Wheel Drive. With the team reunited, Natsu talks about a weirdo in the train that was from Eisenwald making Erza angry because Eisenwald is the one that they are after. Erza asks Natsu what he looks like and Natsu replies that there was nothing special about him except that he was carrying a flute with a skull that has three eyes. Lucy then realizes that it can be the cursed song Lullaby, the Magic of death.

Meanwhile at Kunugi Station, Eisenwald is taking over the station. Having just arrived, Kageyama gives the flute to Erigor stating that he already broke the seal. Erigor smiles at this and reveals to his guild mates that Lullaby is a mass-curse murder Magic that kills anybody who hears it.

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