Attack! The Great Kardia Cathedral is the 119th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Time is running out as Thunder Palace nears its activation. Porlyusica reveals that Makarov is taking his last breath, shocking Levy. Porlyusica tells her to find Laxus and bring him here. Meanwhile Laxus in the Cathedral remembers past memories and Mystogan finds him. Laxus excited says it is time to know who is the stronger one as both start fighting.


Magnolia is still surrounded by the Thunder Palace. In the guild, Levy is contemplating Laxus' actions while Porlyusica arrives and asks to be brought to Makarov's chamber. Once there, she pleads with Levy to bring Laxus there because, in her opinion, Makarov is breathing his last breaths.

Angry Young Laxus

A young, angry Laxus

Laxus is reminiscing about his younger days inside the Cathedral. He remembers one debate he had with Makarov, in which he confesses that he is fed up of being recognized as the Master’s grandson and scolds Makarov for excommunicating his father, Ivan. Makarov responds that his father was bringing harm to his comrades, and in the circumstances, their relationship didn't matter. Before leaving, Laxus says that the day will come when he will be stronger than Makarov.

At Kardia Cathedral, Mystogan confronts Laxus and demands the Thunder Palace be deactivated. Laxus talks to Mystogan, commenting that there are rumors going around about who the strongest Mage in Fairy Tail is. Mystogan says he has no interest in such things but that he would propose Gildarts. Laxus remarks that Gildarts isn't coming back and that though Erza shows promise, she's still weak. Mystogan disagrees and when Laxus calls Mystogan "Another," Mystogan attacks and Laxus defends himself. Once the smoke clears, Mystogan asks him how he knew that, and Laxus states that may tell him, if he is defeated. Mystogan readies himself, telling Laxus he will witness Magic he never dreamed to have even existed.

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