Cana vs. Juvia is the 116th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With the battle against Bickslow over, Loke returns Lucy's keys and returns to the Celestial Spirit World. Meanwhile Levy manages to undo Freed's runes and allow the Dragon Slayers to join the battle. Mirajane meets the defeated Elfman and regrets being useless in these times. Elsewhere, Cana and Juvia encounter Freed. When caught, Juvia sacrifices herself and reveals to Cana her love for her Fairy Tail comrades and that she only wants to be accepted. Enraged, Cana charges at Freed, hoping to make him pay.


Gajeel and Natsu ready to fight

Natsu and Gajeel, ready to enter Laxus' battle

Loke gives an exhausted Lucy back her keys and promises that he will always be there for her. Back at the guild, Gajeel is shocked that Lucy was able to beat Bickslow but Natsu affirms that she is strong. While they are bickering, Levy finally cracks Freed’s runes and starts to overwrite it. Now, Natsu and Gajeel are ready to take part in Battle of Fairy Tail.

Mirajane crys feeling useless (manga)

Mirajane sheds tears of frustration

Elsewhere, Mirajane finds a wounded Elfman. She apologizes to him, feeling that during Fairy Tail’s crises she was unable to help. Elfman tries to calm her down by telling her to smile at anyone when the battle is over, but ineffectively. Mirajane sobs, guilt-ridden. Meanwhile, Juvia and Cana are still looking for Laxus when they meet Freed. He traps them with his runes, and forces them to fight each other. Juvia takes her water form, and after assuring that Freed will fight the winner fairly, propels herself in the air. Freed deduces that she is trying to leave the cage, but in fact Juvia is approaching the Lacrima.

Juvia wants to be accepted (manga)

Juvia expresses her desire to be accepted by Fairy Tail

She says that if it's between her friends and herself, she will lead the way, and she destroys the Lacrima, after which the Organic Link Magic takes effect. She is electrocuted, and the runes are revoked as a result. In her last conscious words, she expresses that she wants people to accept her as a member of Fairy Tail, but Cana says they already have. She cries that she is her friend and an amazing Fairy Tail Mage, which makes Juvia happy, as she faints. Freed is shocked seeing this scene as an angry Cana then charges at him.

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