Love Breaks Down Walls is the 114th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

While the Fighting Festival is still going on, Levy tries to break Freed’s runes. Laxus sends Freed to kill Cana and Juvia. While Lucy is about to be hit by Baryon Formation, Loke crosses the gate and saves her.


Natsu telling Levy to hurry up

In the guild, Makarov and Bisca are both resting in bed, while Levy tries to break Freed’s runes Natsu tells her to hurry up. Elsewhere, Laxus boasts that he will take care of Erza and Mystogan. Freed is intimidated and absolutely against Laxus’ order to have him kill Cana and Juvia. When he opposes, Laxus angrily shouts at him, causing Freed to succumb and his orders, saying it is too late to go back and that he will follow him even to the pits of hell.

Meanwhile, Erza is tricked by Evergreen into entering a public bath while searching for Laxus, only to encounter many surprised men and boys taking a shower. Elsewhere, Cana and Juvia continue looking for Laxus, with no luck.

Sagittarius hit by Bickslow dolls

At the same time, as Lucy and Happy are talking about evacuating the people, they come across Bickslow. The Thunder God Tribe member attacks Lucy with his dolls. However, the attack fails due to Happy pushing Lucy aside. After being attacked again, Lucy summons Sagittarius who takes down the dolls. Bickslow, after initially pretending she succeeded in destroying his dolls, says that he is kidding and attacks Sagittarius.

Happy saves Lucy

After Sagittarius goes back to the Celestial Spirit World, Bickslow tells Lucy that she can destroy his dolls as much as she likes but can't stop the souls within them that he controls. Happy explains to Lucy that Bickslow's Magic allows him to plant souls into dolls and control them. One doll then steals Lucy's keys and the other dolls attack Lucy and Happy. Bickslow then tells her that there is no escape for her now. Bickslow then attacks Lucy with a Baryon Formation, but Lucy is saved by none other than Loke, who was able to cross the gate without Lucy having to call him. Readying himself, Loke prepares to battle.

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  • Bow and Arrows

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