Thunder Palace is the 113th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Following Evergreen's defeat, all the girls are now back to normal, which makes Laxus unhappy. Meanwhile, Makarov explains the current situation to the girls, when all of a sudden, Laxus announces that the Thunder Palace has been activated. Thunder Lacrima then surround the city and they have yet to find a solution to destroy the Lacrima due the Organic Link Magic protecting them.


Laxus getting angry

Laxus becomes angry at Freed

With Evergreen having lost to Erza, Laxus grows angry over the resulting predicament. With the petrified hostages set free, Laxus no longer has any leverage over Makarov in his attempt to gain his title as Fairy Tail's Guild Master. As Freed arrives and claims that it is now game over, Laxus gets even angrier, refusing to admit defeat and tells Freed that he doesn't want any weaklings in his guild. Hearing this, Freed can only keep quiet.

Natsu picking a fight

Natsu starts the "Second Battle of Fairy Tail"

Back at the guild, Makarov finishes explaining the situation to the girls. The girls that were petrified are still angry at Laxus for his actions. Natsu then says that they shouldn't be too harsh on him since he only wants to know who's stronger. As Natsu keeps trying to make the girls fight him, Gajeel and Juvia watch them and note Fairy Tail's nature as a fun guild. All of a sudden, Laxus announces that he is activating the Thunder Palace, shocking Makarov. Laxus says that they only have 1 hour and 10 minutes before his spell destroys the town. Makarov is mad, asking Laxus if he would really harm innocent people when suddenly he suffers a heart attack. Everybody attempts to help, but Mirajane takes him and instead asks everybody to go outside. Looking out over the town from the top of the guild, everybody sees thunder Lacrimas surrounding the town.

Bisca getting electrified

Bisca being electrified

Each Lacrima is charged with enormous Lightning Magic. If the Thunder Palace is discharged, the whole town will be engulf with lightning strikes. Bisca Requips a sniper rifle and destroys one of the thunder Lacrima, but is soon electrified in turn because of the Organic Link Magic attached to them. Now that they can't destroy the Lacrimas without being hurt themselves, the whole city is Laxus' hostage. Natsu says that Laxus is going too far and tries to go outside the barrier, but fails as it prevents him from doing so, even from the top levels. Laxus states that this is a battle and that it won't end until one side is obliterated. Levy then says that she can do something about the barrier and can help Natsu and Gajeel finally enter the battle.

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