Bombing Runs and Sword Dances is the 112th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With Erza returned to normal and Mystogan's arrival, the Fighting Festival rages on. Erza immediately encounters Evergreen and manages to defeat her with her surprising control over her swords. With Evergreen's defeat, the girls are freed, resulting in Laxus' rage growing.


Sitting at the Kardia Cathedral, Laxus is informed by Freed's runes about Erza's revival and that Mystogan has arrived. With the three of Fairy Tail's top fighters assembled, Laxus concludes that the real festival is about to begin.

Erza's swordplay

Erza utilizes her swords in conjunction with her feet

Elsewhere, Erza leaves the guild to search for the enemies, coursing through the town. After reassuring some townspeople about the ruckus that the guild has been causing, Erza encounters Evergreen who says that she is the rightful bearer of the title of Titania. With that, Evergreen releases yellow dust and attacks Erza with Fairy Bomb: Gremlin. Erza parries the attack and counters with her swords. Evergreen dodges and attempts to use her Stone Eyes but fails due to Erza utilizing her artificial eye. Evergreen then proceeds to attack Erza with Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun but fails to land a proper attack. Erza then shows her ability to use swords with her feet, stunning Evergreen who is then cornered and pinned to the wall.

Lucy's revival

Lucy returns to normal

Erza orders her to return everybody to normal. Evergreen smirks at her and reveals that her eyes have another ability called Remote Control that will be able to reduce the girls to dust, which she threatens to do if Erza does not prostrate herself naked. Erza is surprised by this and Requips to her Heaven's Wheel Armor, telling Evergreen that if her friends are indeed turned into dust, she will avenge their souls with her life. Evergreen is terrified by the number of Erza's swords and screams. Erza then knocks her out with a punch, telling her that that's the way to do a real bluff. Back at the guild, Evergreen's spell over the girls breaks and they return to their original forms, delighting Makarov and enraging Laxus.

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