Resign is the 110th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Freed manages to defeat Reedus. In the guild, Laxus' projection appears, asking Makarov if he'll surrender. Meanwhile, Gray and Bickslow are fighting each other and Gray is soon defeated. When Makarov finds out that Gray lost, he finally surrenders. Laxus isn't satisfied and tells Makarov to give the title of Fairy Tail's Guild Master to him.


Laxus and Natsu

Natsu and Happy arguing with Laxus

The battle of Fairy Tail rages on. After Freed defeats Reedus, he reveals that there are only 40 members remaining. In the guild, Natsu, Happy, and Makarov find out the bad news. Happy is worried because Reedus was supposed to ask Porlyusica for a cure to turn the petrified women of Fairy Tail back to normal. Natsu, however, isn't worried because he thinks Laxus is just bluffing. Laxus then appears behind the three. Happy states that it was just a thought projection. Laxus says since Natsu was stuck inside the guild and Erza was still petrified, there's no one who can stand up to the Thunder God Tribe. Before Makarov can say anything, Happy interrupts by saying that there's Gray. Laxus doesn't view Gray as a threat, but Makarov tells him that he shouldn't underestimate him.

Gray's hammer

Gray uses Ice-Make: Hammer

Meanwhile, Gray is fighting Bickslow in a clothing store. Bickslow uses his Human Possession, Line Formation. Luckily, Gray avoids being hit. Bickslow tries using his Victory Formation, but fails when Gray freezes his "babies". Gray manages to land a blow on his chin. Quickly, Gray uses his Ice Hammer, but Bickslow uses his X Formation to shield himself. Bickslow explains that he can implant his soul into other dolls. Bickslow runs outside with Gray following him. The two run into an alley and get trapped there by Freed's runes. Inside it, no one can use any Magic, but Bickslow's dolls can attack, since they're outside the barrier. Gray is hit severally after managing to hit Bickslow once and collapses right after.

Makarov surrenders

Makarov surrenders

Back in the guild, Makarov, Happy, and Natsu go silent after finding out that Gray lost and the remaining members were only 28. Laxus asks who can defeat the Thunder God Tribe now and Happy quickly comments that Gajeel is still in. Laxus responds that Gajeel wasn't participating since he didn't really care about the guild anyway. Finally, Makarov surrenders, but Laxus still isn't satisfied. He tells Makarov to give the title of Fairy Tail's Master to him. Natsu objects to this and Makarov wonders what to do. Laxus reminds them that there isn't much time remaining until the petrified women of Fairy Tail turn to dust.

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