Go-cheen is the 108th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

With the girls as hostages, the members of Fairy Tail go to find Laxus. However, Makarov thinks that they seem to be fighting a losing battle because with Erza and Natsu trapped inside the guild building, no one among them may be able to combat Laxus. The problem grows worse when the Fairies are forced to fight one another in order to free themselves from Freed's runes.


Natsu defeated by Laxus

Natsu burnt to a crisp

Hearing the word "festival," Natsu cheerfully charges at Laxus but is defeated by a single attack. Laxus then proclaims that they will hold a contest to see which is the strongest and that the entire city will be the battlefield. They have three hours to do so, after this time, the statues of the petrified girls will be turned to dust. He and his guards then leave and the battle of Fairy Tail begins.

Everyone leaves from the contest hall. However, the master is unable to leave due to Freed's runes surrounding the guild, prohibiting anyone eighty years old and above as well as stone statues to leave. Gray asks the master if he can't just use his Magic to leave but Makarov states that the runes are absolute, and only the caster can remove them. Gray then tells him that he has to go and that he wouldn't forgive Laxus even though his the master's grandson.

Natsu stuck

Natsu stuck

As Gray leaves, Makarov knows that none who have left are strong enough to beat Laxus. Erza, the only possible candidate in town is still petrified. His thoughts are then interrupted by Reedus' appearance. He state that he was afraid of having to fight Laxus which is why he hid in a corner. The master tells him it's alright and asks him to go find out if Porlyusica has a potion to reverse petrification. Just then, Natsu wakes up. Makarov, realizing he may be able to help, tells him that the battle has begun and that Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe are outside in the city. Natsu tries to head out but finds himself unable to leave, surprising Makarov.

Alzack wins

Alzack wins

Elsewhere, Jet, Droy and Alzack are trying to find Laxus when they are trapped inside one of Freed's rune traps. Runes then appear, stating that only the winner can escape the trap. Back in the guild, Makarov, Natsu and Happy are informed by Freed's runes that the battle between the three Mages has begun, and that Alzack is the winner. Meanwhile, Laxus enters the Kardia Cathedral, asking himself how long will Makarov be able to stand seeing his “fairies” fighting each other.

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