That Man, Laxus is the 105th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Laxus stops by at a bar and overhears people talking bad about Fairy Tail. At the guild, Lucy looks for a job to do by herself because the other members of Team Natsu are busy. Outside, Gajeel is confronted by Jet, Droy and later on, Laxus.


Fairy Tail Laxus Scary

Laxus scares off bar patrons who are laughing at Fairy Tail

In a pub, Laxus arrives to see a group of men laughing at Fairy Tail’s article in the magazine. A man named Zatô confronts and mocks Laxus. Laxus confronts him by inviting him to fight. Laxus is initially pushed back by Zatô's attack but gets up quickly and defeats him easily.

Meanwhile in Fairy Tail, Lucy is looking for a job that she can handle by herself, Nab asks why she is not going with Natsu or the others. Lucy tells him that they are all busy with their own work. Lucy tries to ask Nab for help but he refuses saying he is also looking for a job to do by himself. Lucy asks Natsu if he will go on a job with her but Natsu, who is tired, refuses and says that he is going home. Lucy tries to get him to stay but Natsu leaves without his scarf which Lucy had taken. Lucy sees an easy job and tries to get it, but instead Gajeel takes it and leaves.

Droy and Jet, wanting to get even with Gajeel, confront him on his way to the job. Gajeel lets them attack him when Laxus intervenes. Laxus blames Gajeel for the bad reputation Fairy Tail has gotten in the last weeks and attacks out of anger. When Laxus attacks Levy, who was trying to talk him out of it, Gajeel shields her. Both Laxus and Gajeel leave, and Laxus swears to himself that the guild will be his.

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