Home is the 103rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Team Natsu has returned to see the new Fairy Tail building finished. There are many new features to the building but Natsu just doesn't feel at home anymore. Team Natsu is also surprised to see that Juvia and Gajeel have joined the guild. Some members of Fairy Tail are reluctant to admit Gajeel as a Fairy Tail member, due to his past actions. Can Natsu keep up with the changes?


Team Natsu arrives

Team Natsu returns to the guild

Team Natsu returns to Fairy Tail and sees the Fairy Tail building finished. Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Erza, and Gray are amazed to see that there is an open air café and a souvenir shop at the entrance, with Max as the seller. After Team Natsu finishes seeing the Fairy Tail entrance, Cana asks them to come inside the guild. They are even more amazed to see that the inside of the building is also different from before, but Natsu becomes distracted with all that changes that occurred to the guild.

Cana says that there are also many things that are different; the waitresses' clothes, a pool behind the bar, an amusement center, and that all members can now go to the second floor, but with the same rule that only S-Class Mages can accept S-Class quests. Natsu isn't too happy, saying that it's too different. Makarov comes with Juvia and introduces her as a new member of the guild. Gray, Erza, and Lucy are happy to see that Juvia has joined, but Makarov then also introduces Gajeel as a new member. Team Natsu, along with Jet and Droy, are not pleased with the man who destroyed their guild joining it.

Fairy Tail members partying

Fairy Tail partying

Makarov tries to tell everyone to give Gajeel a chance and that Gajeel is not a bad guy at heart. Again, Natsu doesn't feel like the guild changing is right, but suddenly the guild’s lights are turned off for Mirajane's performance on stage. Mirajane sings a song and everyone is happy except for Natsu, who is still frustrated with the guild's new design. Then, Gajeel stomps Natsu's foot, causing Natsu to get angry and they begin to fight between themselves and soon many other members join the fight.

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