Walk Strong is the 102nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Shô, Millianna and Wally are outside the tower on their own for the first time and they are aliens to the lifestyle. They decide to leave and be on their own so as not to trouble Erza anymore. Erza finds them and they tell Erza they want to find their freedom on their own. Erza requips in her Farewell Fairy Tail Armor and then starts the Fairy Tail's Farewell ceremony. They bid their farewell to each other tears in their eyes. Meanwhile, Ultear communicates with an unknown person through a Lacrima revealing her true plan; she manipulated Jellal and plan to unseal the fearful Mage Zeref.


Shô in the market

Shô in the outside world

Shô, Millianna and Wally are walking around the resort admiring the outside world. Millianna takes some food from the stand angering the vendor who asks her to pay up. Not knowing what cash is, they run away. Millianna tries to use her Magic to stop their pursuers but Shô stops her, saying that she can’t use Magic to solve her problems.

Magic Fireworks (manga)

Fairy Tail Farewell Ceremony

Later, they get ready to leave on a boat thinking that they've caused enough trouble for Erza. Erza arrives and watches them silently as they tell her that they have decided to live their lives for themselves and that they are going to seek out the freedom that they always craved for in the outside world. Erza smiles saying that with their will, they can accomplish anything. Erza requips into her Farewell Fairy Tail Armor and then prepares for them the official Fairy Tail’s Farewell Ceremony which involves three important rules. First, never reveal information about Fairy Tail. Second, never use clients met through the guild to achieve personal gain. Lastly, even if paths differ, live your life mighty and never consider yourself insignificant and never forget the friends you held dear. As Erza finishes, Natsu, Gray and Lucy release fireworks. Crying out of both eyes, Erza watches them off, with a promise to meet again.


Ultear taking a bath

Meanwhile, Ultear is taking a bath and says that she has been manipulating Jellal since his childhood and that Zeref was never killed, just sealed away. She talks to an unknown person via a Lacrima. Her true goal is to unseal Zeref, using Jellal to get one of the keys to unseal him.

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Battles & Events

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Magic, Spells, and Abilities used

Magic used

Spells used

  • Ice-Make: Fireworks
  • Celestial Fireworks

Abilities used

  • Flight

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