Rage Within the Red Earth is the 101st chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

While Natsu continues his three-day sleep, Erza apologizes to everyone again and Juvia leaves to join Fairy Tail. Somewhere else, Grandeeney has a conversation with an angry Igneel, saying that Natsu has gone overboard. Igneel angrily asks Grandeeney to leave at once, to which she replies that they will meet at the Dragon King Feast. Meanwhile, Erza meets Wally, Shô and Millianna and suggests they join Fairy Tail. Some time later, the three of them are nowhere to be found and Erza tells Lucy to prepare fireworks with Natsu and Gray.


Natsu sleeping after his fight (manga)

Natsu sleeping

Three days after the firing of Etherion, Natsu is still sleeping and Lucy, Erza, Happy and Gray are watching over him. Erza keeps apologizing to them, but Lucy brushes it off. Erza remembers Juvia and asks where she is, to which Gray tells her that she went back to find Makarov so that she can join Fairy Tail. They continue to chat about the recent events, when Natsu wakes up and start to argue with Gray but quickly falls asleep again.

Angry Igneel (manga)

Igneel angered by Grandeeney

Meanwhile, Igneel is shown residing in a volcanic region, talking to the Dragon Grandeeney about Natsu. Igneel immediately orders Grandeeney to leave at once when she states that Natsu will eventually get killed. Grandeeney does not leave, and says that she hopes that when Natsu meets Wendy, a better "friendship" can be established. Igneel then makes a reference to the Black Wizard Zeref and the Dragons' removal from human affairs. Grandeeney leaves, saying that she looks forward to meeting Igneel in the Dragon King Festival.

Meanwhile, Erza extends an invitation to the former prisoners of the Tower of Heaven, offering them a place in the guild, if they have nowhere else to go. At first they agree, and Erza is left with the impression that Jellal spoke to her. Believing this is to be impossible; she tells Lucy that once Zeref's spirit left Jellal's body, it was him who redirected the Etherion into the sky, losing his life into the process. Later, Erza can’t find Shô and the others and asks Lucy to prepare fireworks with Natsu and Gray while she goes and looks for them.

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