To Tomorrow! is the 100th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Makarov brought young Erza to Porlyusica to heal her wounded eye. Porlyusica succeeds to heal her eye but she can cry from only her original eye. Porlyusica is worried but Erza says it is okay as she has already cried half of her tears. Erza wakes up in a dress and is assisting her funeral. Everyone is sad, desperate and Natsu appears and rejects Erza death. Everyone tries to control him and they are all frustrated. Suddenly Erza wakes up to see that all her friends are running at her. Natsu has saved her and he says to never do such a thing again. Erza says one should not die but live for their friends for a brighter future.


Makarov brought young Erza to Porlyusica to heal her eye. Porlyusica did, but apparently something went wrong. Erza could only cry out of one eye. Though she tries to fix it, Erza brushes it off, saying that she already cried half her tears.

Natsu saves Erza (manga)

Natsu saves Erza

In Erza’s vision, she is wearing a dress and she sees her funeral with every member of Fairy Tail sad, are attending. Makarov gives a speech saying that Erza was like his daughter and starts crying. Even though she is posthumously awarded with a place among the Ten Wizard Saints and as a Council member, her Guild is still wrecked with pain over her loss.

Erza sees Natsu's anger and denial, and Lucy's sadness, Happy's and Gray's frustration and depression over her death. Visibly shaken, she cries that it was not her intention to leave the Guild sad, but with a smile on their faces; it is not the future she imagined.

She wakes up, and sees Lucy, Happy and Gray asking her if she was alright. She realized that Natsu saved her, she is surprised to know that Natsu found her in that vortex. He tells her not to do the same thing ever again, as they are all the same, they all love their comrades. Erza agrees, and tells him that dying for one’s friend is not the answer, living for them is. Living for them is how you create a brighter future.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Porlyusica (flashback)
  2. Makarov Dreyar (flashback)
  3. Erza Scarlet
  4. Max Alors (dream)
  5. Krov (dream)
  6. Cana Alberona (dream)
  7. Nab Lasaro (dream)
  8. Wakaba Mine (dream)
  9. Elfman Strauss (dream)
  10. Mirajane Strauss (dream)
  11. Org (dream)
  12. Belno (dream)
  13. Leiji (dream)
  14. Michello (dream)
  15. Yajima (dream)
  16. Warren Rocko (dream)
  17. Wan Chanzi (dream)
  18. Lucy Heartfilia
  19. Juvia Lockser
  20. Gray Fullbuster
  21. Shô
  22. Happy
  23. Natsu Dragneel

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