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Chapati Lola (チャパティ・ローラ Chapati Rōra) is the emcee for the Grand Magic Games.[1]


Chapati's baldness

Chapati is a middle aged short man, thin and pale-skinned. His smooth face is unusual, square and very big when compared to his small eyes, thin eyebrows, nose, mouth and chin, all close together and located in the middle of the face. He is bald,[2] so he uses wigs. So far, five of them were seen: a neatly combed black one; a brown one very similar to the first, but longer in the sides and forming an inverted "V" in the junction; a yellow one which is a neck cut with slight bangs; a fourth blond[3] (dark blue in the anime) curved one; and a fifth black one with massive spikes coming out of it. For attire, he wears a simple dark suit with a light shirt under it, dark pants and a tie, where it reads "Grand Magic Games".


Chapati seems to be a kind gentleman as he greets Yajima, his commentator, nicely. He also seems to be pretty enthusiastic about his job. He works trying to make the events as exciting as possible, usually praising the Mages' strength, being surprised by some moves and expressing the feelings of the audience. Given the fact that he has several wigs, Chapati should be a man that cares much about his appearance. He also has a good knowledge about the Guilds and its members, as he identifies the most powerful Mages and the recent ones, as well as some of the Magic. Chapati knows very well how to explain the rules to the competitors and how to narrate an event or fight in a way that will make the audience excited.

According to his meeting with Jenny Realight, he likes young women, and got his heart beating intensively when she announced during her battle with Mirajane Strauss that the loser would make naked shots for the Sorcerer Magazine. Also, according to his behavior during the Wendy Marvell vs. Sherria Blendy battle, he has a strong obsession towards cute, very young girls, as he was even more excited by them than during the swimsuit contest between Mirajane and Jenny, not to mention that Jenny stated that his preferences were towards younger girls. All these traits seem to portray Chapati as a lolicon (a person who likes petite, child-looking girls).


Grand Magic Games arc

Chapati appears

Chapati introduces himself to the crowd, as well as his fellow commentator, Yajima and the guest speaker for the first day of the tournament, Jenny Realight. Chapati introduces each team as they comes out. As Raven Tail arrives, Chapati informs the crowd that Raven Tail has become a Legal Guild, thus allowing them to participate in the tournament.[4] He then announces the second team to complete the Preliminary, Team Fairy Tail B. Chapati explains that each guild may have up to 2 teams in the tournament, but despite the advantage, the teams might have to fight each other.[5] After announcing the team that got the first place last year, he proceeds to explain the rules of the Events and Battles. The first event, Hidden, is announced, and all the teams send their competitors.[6]

Chapati explains the rules of the Hidden event

Chapati then explains the rules of the first event, and dramatically starts it.[7] During the event, the trio of commentators talk about the competitors and what they could do to win.[8] The event comes to an end with Rufus as the winner.[9]

Chapati announces the first two Mages to battle: Lucy Heartfilia and Flare Corona. The battle begins, and it's described by Chapati as tough and intense, with both sides giving the best they could.[10] Chapati then notices that the battle has become one-sided, without apparent reason.[11] At the end, Flare mysteriously picks up the victory.[12]

Chapati then proceeds to narrate the remaining,[13] three,[14] matches, the last in which he loses his wig for the first time.[2] As it ends, Chapati announces the final ranking of the first day, and invites the audience to come for the second day as well.[15]

Chapati announces the Chariot event

On the second day, Jason, a reporter from Sorcerer Magazine, joins Chapati and Yajima in the commentator's stand. Chapati is shown with a new wig, explaining the rules and narrating the second event, Chariot. The event is won by Bacchus, the reserve member of Team Quatro Cerberus, that amazes all the audience with his strength.[16]

For the second day's Battle Portion, Chapati announces that he's acting as the referee, since it's Mato's day-off.[17] It starts with Toby Horhorta vs. Kurohebi, which Chapati calls "Hound vs. Serpent", in reference to the combatant's motifs.[18] Kurohebi wins the fight, but ends it maliciously, ripping off Toby's sock, an act that sways even Chapati, who thought that both competitors would shake hands respectfully.[19]

The second battle was an outstanding match that left all the audience amazed by the competitors' abilities until the last second, that resulted in Elfman's win and Chapati's exaltation of Fairy Tail's rebirth.[20]

Chapati as the Model Contest judge

In the third battle, the commentators act as judges for a swimsuit contest, but the competitors don't yield an inch to each other, leaving Chapati to decide the winner in the last round. Confident of her victory, Jenny proposes Mirajane a bet: The loser will pose naked for the Sorcerer Magazine, shocking Chapati and making his heart beat faster.[21]

Introducing the final battle of day two, Chapati calls forth Yukino Agria from Sabertooth and Kagura Mikazuchi from Mermaid Heel, excitedly stating that he believes this battle will be another one between beauties. When asked by Yajima if he thinks they will get to see another swimsuit battle, Chapati says that he thinks it's a possibility, though Jason hastily states otherwise.[22] When Yukino and Kagura then bet their lives on the battle, Chapati notes the serious turn the entire event has taken.[23] After Kagura demonstrates her outstanding skill and takes out Yukino, Chapati declares the match over, stuttering as he does so from his shock.[24]

The commentators shocked by Erza's performance

On the third day of the Grand Magic Games, he introduces Lahar as the day's guest.[25] It starts with the Pandemonium Event, in which the participants must kill monsters inside a temple in order to earn points and progress.[26] However, Erza Scarlet decides to defeat all the monsters alone, leaving Chapati, alongside the entire audience, in shock. After watching Erza's spectacular performance, Chapati, amazed, remembers the audience of the strongest Guild of seven years ago.[27]

After recovering himself from tears, Chapati announces the secondary event, MPF, a device used to measure the Mages' Magic Power level.[28] Chapati praises the performance of the Sabertooth's Orga Nanagear and the Wizard Saint Jura Neekis, but then is again amazed by a Fairy Tail Mage, this time Cana Alberona, that gets the maximum score in the device.[29]

During the third battle of the third day, Laxus Dreyar vs. "Alexei", Chapati and the audience are instantaneously caught by "Alexei" in an illusion of him beating Laxus. While they see Laxus unable to touch "Alexei", outside of the illusion the masked man reveals to be Raven Tail's Guild Master, Ivan Dreyar.[30] He and his team try to force Laxus to tell the localization of Lumen Histoire, Fairy Tail's biggest secret, but Laxus defeats them and dissipates the illusion, leaving the entire audience shocked and confused.[31] Chapati then announces that Raven Tail is disqualified and banned for three years from the Games, and proceeds to announce the fourth battle of that day: Wendy Marvell vs. Sherria Blendy.[32]

Chapati excited during the girls' match

As the two girls meet in the center of the arena to fight, Chapati happily flails around, claiming that the mere cuteness of the two girls has made his day.[33] After both girls unleash an enormous wind attack and his wig is blown off again, Chapati disregards his baldness, grabs his microphone and leans as far over the commentators desk as he can get, claiming he is lost for words to describe the cute Mages' battle.[34] As the crowd continues to be shocked by the fight and the Magic abilities being displayed, Chapati simply grows more and more excited, much to his co-commentators embarrassment.[35] As Wendy and Sherria begin fighting physically, he gets more excited as he comments that it is a clash of tiny fists for the strength of their guild.[36] He then expresses how moving the ending was, referring himself to an old man and states that the third day is over.[37]

Chapati's fourth wig

With a new wig and a new guest, Chapati starts the fourth day with the Naval Battle event, that consists of knocking opponents out of a giant water sphere. Chapati shows himself excited because most of the participants are girls in their bikinis, and because of this even forgets that Rocker is participating too.[38] However, he shows his obsession towards young girls again, by cheering for Sherria and asking Fairy Tail A why they didn't send Wendy.[39] At the end of the match, Lucy Heartfilia and Minerva are the final two competitors, and Chapati announces the special rule: If one of them is knocked out within five minutes, that one will receive the least amount of points.[40] Minerva then starts to brutalize Lucy inside the sphere before hanging her out of it, winning the event. Chapati notices that Lucy hasn't moved for a while and wonders if she's alright.[41]

After the Event ends, Team Fairy Tail A run to Lucy's aid while enraged at Minerva. Thus, Team Sabertooth arrives in front of Minerva, and the teams face each other hostility. Chapati gets shocked and states that there's an explosive situation between them, but no fights occur.[42] After this, Chapati announces how the Tag Battle Portion will work, as well the match-ups, saying that the most expected fights will be between Fairy Tail vs. Sabertooth. He then proceeds to introduce the newly formed Team Fairy Tail, that gets applause's and praises from the audience, in contrast with the mockings of the first day.[43]

Chapati's tension during the Dragon Slayer tag battle

The tag battles begin soon after, and Chapati commentates his way through the first two, remaking on the great fights that they were. Then, when he has to announce the final tag battle between Natsu, Gajeel, Sting and Rogue, Chapati builds the tension between the four Dragon Slayers, hyping up the audience for the battle to come.[44]

The battle soon begins, and much to Chapati and the audience's shock, Natsu and Gajeel quickly gain the upper hand in the fight, pushing the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth back. Chapati voices his disbelief at this, echoing that of the crowds.[45] The two Sabertooth Mages do not accept this though, and quickly begin unleashing some of their strongest moves, however, Natsu and Gajeel are still able to hit them. Chapati, in a flurry of astonishment, turns to Yajima to have his opinion on the fight, to which Yajima responds saying that the Sabertooth Dragon Slayers are simply outmatched.[46] When Sting and Rogue later seem to fall for good, Chapati starts questioning whether the match can possibly end in such a way.[47]

Chapati Lola after Natsu's victory

The match does not end that way however, as Sting and Rogue pull out their strongest form, almost effortlessly going into Dragon Force. When Sting then goes even further by telling Rogue to stand down so he can take both Fairy Tail Mages by himself, Chapati stands gob-smacked, commenting on the dramatic turn the battle has taken.[48] Natsu and Gajeel later fall to one of Sting's very powerful attacks, and Chapati dramatically questions whether they are down for good.[49] Chapati and the other commentators declare Team Fairy Tail the winner after the long battle fought against Team Sabertooth's Twin Dragons and Team Fairy Tail's Natsu and Gajeel. Before the teams head back to their respective lodgings, Chapati announces that after the one day break, the final day will feature a survival match, in which every member will participate.[50]

At the fifth and final day of the Games, Chapati introduces himself, Yajima, and the Day's guest, Mato, asking if it's alright to him to be a judge, which he replies affirmatively. He then proceeds to announce the final teams from the last one to the first one in the rankings. As Team Sabertooth enters with a new look, he points out that there's something different with them. However, he gets even more surprised with the entrance of Team Fairy Tail, that besides changing looks also changed members, replacing Natsu with Juvia Lockser, which worries Chapati, as he witnessed Natsu's splendid performance in the last match.[51] Once all the teams enter the stadium, they proceed to spread around the streets of Crocus until Chapati starts to announce the Grand Magic Game, the final event of the Grand Magic Games. He explains that the entire city will be the battlefield for the competitors, that must find and defeat each other to earn points. Defeating a regular member of a team earns the victorious team 1 point in the general ranking, while defeating the team's leader, that is unknown to the other teams, earns it 5 points instead. As noticed by Chapati, with this system, all the teams have a chance to win the Games, and can make their own strategy. Excited for its outcome, he calls the initiation of the event by the ring of the gong.[52]

Chapati states the rules for the final event

With the final event ultimately initiated, he proceeds to observe and comment with Yajima the different setups of the teams' members. However, while doing so, he gets surprised by how Team Fairy Tail has organized itself, standing still with eyes closed. Noting that this lack of action bothers the audience, he switches the focus to the teams that are already battling. During these battles, Team Lamia Scale and Team Sabertooth rise in the rankings, while Team Quatro Puppy is comepletely eliminated from the event.[53] When Team Fairy Tail finally begins its move, they're targeted by Rufus' long-ranged spell, that has hit several opponents during the first event, which amazes Chapati. This time, however, the Fairies manage to dodge and endure the attack.[54] Following the strategy seeded up by their first Master, they reach the ranking's top once again, eliminating Team Blue Pegasus in the process, which is highly praised by Chapati. At the same time, however, Jura Neekis and Sherria Blendy from Team Lamia Scale are also highly extolled by the commentators, that get excited by a match that now has three top tied teams.[55]

Chapati comments on the upcoming battle of Gray from Team Fairy Tail A and Rufus from Team Sabertooth, and, when he sees Gray strip, begins to sweat and blush like most of the watching spectators.[56] At the end of the match, Chapati names Gray the victor of the battle.[57] Soon after, Chapati states that Team Fairy Tail is the only team with all members intact, as the other commentator, namely Mato, is still in shock after Rufus' defeat.[58]

Chapati shocked when Minerva comes between Kagura and Erza

Continuing to commentate throughout the event, Chapati tries to excite the crowd when Kagura appears to attack Erza, the man declaring that the fight will determine the better swords-woman. However, Chapati truly becomes shocked when Minerva bursts onto the scene between the two, bringing the fight up to a three-way battle. With this, Chapati shouts his excitement into the microphone.[59]

With all three Mages ready to fight, Chapiti begins to hype up the crowd before rhetorically asking which woman would come out on top.[60] With no clear winner through the match, Chapiti and the other announcers watch in shock over the display of Minerva's Magic decimating part of the city but are then shocked to the extent of Chapiti having to scream at the top of his lungs after Erza and Kagura rise from the attack unfazed and ready for more.[61] While the battle continues, Chapati asks his fellow announcers if all the damaged parts of the city would be alright, to which Mato replies by telling him that Magic will do the trick to fix up the city again.[62] As more battles begin all across Crocus, Chapati shouts out in excitement, while Yajima wonders about Sting's whereabouts as the Lacrima cameras are unable to find him.[63]

Chapati watches Gajeel fight "Rogue"

When Kagura and Erza battle, Kagura decides to unleash her sword, shocking Chapati beyond belief. As Kagura swings her sword towards Erza, he looks away, worried over the battle's outcome.[64][65] Erza seemingly wins, and Chapati praises her willpower under such conditions.[66] While Rogue and Gajeel face each, Chapati is confused to see Rogue's counterattack knowing how rough the battle was for him beforehand, unaware of the mysterious shadow possessing Rogue. Yajima suggests to him that Gajeel may have been provoking him while Mato watches in glee over this spectacle.[67] He later shows shock as Gajeel unleashes a powerful Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar.[68]

No words can describe Jura's might

With Jura, Laxus and Orga about to fight, Chapti is shocked along with his fellow commentators and the majority of the crowd at the sight of Orga's defeat at the hands of Jura in one fierce blow.[69] He is then dumbfounded as Jura smashes Laxus in to the ground, similar to what happened to Orga, and then comments on how Mato gets his catch phrase wrong.[70]

Now with Erza victorious over Minerva, Chapati commemorates Team Fairy Tail's strength, by having five members still in play and leaving only Sting left, and tallies up the total points while hyping up the crowd. He then anxiously asks for Yajima's opinion of the matter, who then replies saying Fairy Tail seem to have the tournament in the bag.[71] After realizing the 8 point difference between Sabertooth and Fairy Tail, Chapati is shocked as he along with the crowd as Sting's chances of winning the games for Sabertooth are revealed.[72] After a short confrontation between Sting and Team Fairy Tail, Chapati announces the new Strongest Guild to be Fairy Tail after Sting's surrender.[73]

With Fairy Tail victorious, Chapati comments on the extent of the cheers around the Domus Flau and how Fairy Tail is reborn with the title of the strongest guild. After the Grand Magic Games, Chapati was seen leaving town, going to his next assignment, but not before unknowingly helping an elderly Ultear, who had just tripped. After kindly offering to escort her, though being politely turned down, it can be assumed that he left Crocus.[74]

Avatar arc

The flames burn Chapati and Yajima's clothes

Returning to the Grand Magic Games as an announcer of the X792 competition, Chapati excitedly names the competitor of the fourth day's battle, subsequently asking Yajima for his opinion, the latter siding with Chrisack. The battle is quick to end, with Chrisack as the victor.[75] The following day, the final day of the tournament, two remaining guilds are announced as they enter the stadium, Chapati informing the viewers that the final event will be an elimination round. Albeit, Skull Millione attains victory over Dullahan Head, shocking Chapati. As everyone in the stadium celebrates the victory, a masked challenger appears, with Chapati announcing his entrance. The challenger makes quick work of the victorious Skull Millione by releasing powerful flames, those of which reach Chapati and the others and burn their clothes. As the masked figure reveals his face, Chapati and Yajima jump in excitement once they see Natsu.[76]


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