Celestial Globe is an anime-exclusive Magic Item.


Similar to a typical globe, Celestial Globe takes form of a blue sphere fixed to a golden stand. What differs it from any globe, though, is that it also has two smaller spheres, blue and yellow, respectively, chained to the globe's stand. Additionally, the globe is rather small in size.[1]


Discovery of the Celestial Globe

The discovery of the Globe

According to Levy McGarden, the globe was found by coincidence during an archeological dig, but no one considered it as as an important thing and was donated to the Magic Library, as it is an archaeological institution itself.[2]


The Celestial Globe serves great importance to the completion of Liberum.[1] During the ritual, the Celestial Globe starts glowing in red light, indicating its activation. Once activated and filled with Ophiuchus' power, the Celestial Globe starts floating near the Eclipse Celestial Spirits, unleashing its energy upon them and thus transferring their power to the Eclipse Celestial Spirit King;[3] the Spirits can either be sealed or active for the globe to activate, for it matters not as long as they are near the globe in some form. If one approaches the globe, however, it will start shooting beams randomly as a defense mechanism. If attacked constantly, though, the Celestial Globe will eventually stop in one place to unleash a large quantity of Magic Power. In addition to all of this, the activated Celestial Globe becomes nearly unbreakable, with the incredible Gottfried being the only known spell capable of breaking it.[4]


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