The Castle of Altair (アルタイル城 Aruitaru Jō) is where the ruler of the Kingdom of Stella resides.


The Castle of Altair is located somewhere within the capital of Stella, Altair.[1]

Exterior Design

The castle is surrounded by white-bricked walls covered with ramparts. The castle itself is made up of red and white-bricked walls with blue-bricked roof. Windows are built on the walls, with varying styles between arch windows and simple rectangular windows. Multiple towers are also built around the castle with one of them housing a large Stellanium crystal.[1]

Interior Design

The interior is a classic royal decorium, with large pillars within the throne's room, as well as rooms for board for important figures such as the aide to the king Sonya.[1]

Notable Events

After Zash Caine failed to recover the stolen Dragon Cry staff from the intruding Fairy Tail Mages he was punished by Animus who stated they must retrieve the staff, ordering him to enlist the Three Stars and Sonya's Magic to locate the staff. Once Lucy Heartfilia was saved from her capture by Zash, she led all the imprisoned women to freedom.[1]


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