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The forces eventually arrive in Hargeon and join the battle; Carla is a step behind Wendy, and gives the now-topless Sherria Wendy's jacket to cover herself up. With [[Dimaria]] taunting the trio of girls with her ability to take them out in the blink of eye, Carla tells the Sky Sisters to prepare for what's to come.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 472, Pages 12-14</ref> However, she also falls prey to their enemy's [[Age Seal]] and only regains her mobility thanks to the arrival of Ultear, the new ally's presence astounding Carla.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 474, Pages 14-19</ref> After Ultear clarifies the situation, Carla comprehends the true terror of Dimaria's Age Seal. She questions the Crime Sorcière Mage regarding her disappearance after the events of the X791 Grand Magic Games, only to get a cryptic response. They are given no time more to talk as Dimaria attacks the trio in a fit of rage.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 475, Pages 4-8</ref> All four of the Mages are left in awe as Dimaria uses her [[Take Over]] [[God Soul: Chronos]] to finish her opponents. Just before [[Chronos]] launches an attack at Wendy, Carla has a premonition and pushes the Dragon Slayer out of the way, taking the lethal beam through and through the side of her abdomen, muttering that even her clairvoyance wasn't fast enough to save them, before collapsing. However, before Carla can die, Ultear allows the Exceed to be affected by the Age Seal again, saving her life for the moment.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 475, Pages 6-16</ref>
The forces eventually arrive in Hargeon and join the battle; Carla is a step behind Wendy, and gives the now-topless Sherria Wendy's jacket to cover herself up. With [[Dimaria]] taunting the trio of girls with her ability to take them out in the blink of eye, Carla tells the Sky Sisters to prepare for what's to come.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 472, Pages 12-14</ref> However, she also falls prey to their enemy's [[Age Seal]] and only regains her mobility thanks to the arrival of Ultear, the new ally's presence astounding Carla.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 474, Pages 14-19</ref> After Ultear clarifies the situation, Carla comprehends the true terror of Dimaria's Age Seal. She questions the Crime Sorcière Mage regarding her disappearance after the events of the X791 Grand Magic Games, only to get a cryptic response. They are given no time more to talk as Dimaria attacks the trio in a fit of rage.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 475, Pages 4-8</ref> All four of the Mages are left in awe as Dimaria uses her [[Take Over]] [[God Soul: Chronos]] to finish her opponents. Just before [[Chronos]] launches an attack at Wendy, Carla has a premonition and pushes the Dragon Slayer out of the way, taking the lethal beam through and through the side of her abdomen, muttering that even her clairvoyance wasn't fast enough to save them, before collapsing. However, before Carla can die, Ultear allows the Exceed to be affected by the Age Seal again, saving her life for the moment.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 475, Pages 6-16</ref>
With her lying down, Wendy and Sherria get offered to have their Third Origin unlocked, but then dispute about who will be the one.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 476, Pages 2-4</ref> In the end, though, after Wendy's unsuccessful attempt to beat Chronos, Sherria becomes the one to have her Third Origin activated,<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 476, Page 9</ref> overpowering and defeating Dimaria promptly after. With time getting back to normal, Wendy then heals Carla, only for the latter to find her friend in tears, wondering what happened.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 476, Pages 16-18</ref>
With her lying down, Wendy and Sherria get offered to have their Third Origin unlocked, but then dispute about who will be the one.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 476, Pages 2-4</ref> In the end, though, after Wendy's unsuccessful attempt to beat Chronos, Sherria becomes the one to have her Third Origin activated,<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 476, Page 9</ref> overpowering and defeating Dimaria promptly after. With time getting back to normal, Wendy then heals Carla, only for the latter to find her friend in tears, wondering what happened.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 476, Pages 16-18</ref> Shortly thereafter, though, Carla is tended to by Sherria, who bandages her wound.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 480, Page 14</ref>

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"Who cares if you're weak!! If we band together, we can do anything!! This country will not crumble!! After all, it's my home country. It will never disappear!!"

Carla to Shagotte about Extalia in "One Wing"

Carla (シャルル Sharuru) is an Exceed, the daughter of Queen Shagotte, and a close companion to Wendy Marvell. She and Wendy belonged to Cait Shelter before joining Fairy Tail. After the disbandment of Fairy Tail, Carla, along with Wendy, joined Lamia Scale.[3]


Carla is a small, white Exceed with pink ears and brown eyes, which are smaller than Happy's eyes. She also has two whiskers on each side of her face. Carla wears a pink bow near the end of her tail. Carla's usual top consists of a mustard yellow and pink top with a pink bow tie. She wears a pink skirt with this top. Carla, like other characters, seems to switch outfits on a regular basis.[4][5][6] When Carla uses Magic, she sprouts two angel-like wings to fly. Her pink Guild Mark is located on her back.


Carla smiles

Unlike the carefree Happy, Carla is very strict and serious most of the time, rarely showing emotions.[7] She cares about Wendy like a mother. She was at first very aloof, turning her nose up at seemingly everyone save for Wendy. She also tries to get Wendy to shy away from her timid personality, scolding her often for it (which is ironic considering she is not very sociable herself).[8]

As she learned about her mission as an Exceed, she was shocked and sad. She displayed a troubled look when she thought about her mission, which was later revealed to be a prophecy involving Extalia's demise due to her ability to see the future which she inherited from her mother.[9]

Carla's initial attitude towards Happy

Happy instantly took a liking to her from the moment they met, but she, at first, despised him. Later, when they learned the "truth" of the mission, he defended her by saying they are Mages of Fairy Tail, not puppets. She started accepting him after seeing his determination to save their friends, as well as from seeing him showing a more serious and brave side, having earlier referred to him as male cat and ignored his gifts in the form of fish.[10] Happy saved Carla when they escaped, and she almost fell out of a wagon. She, in turn, saved him from the Edolas Royal Army soldiers by taking a direct blast aimed for him. She also had extreme confidence and no doubts when Happy flew off on his own. When Lily was mentioned as being the strongest out of their group, she put up a smirk and tempted Happy into having a match against him. Recently, she has smiled more (usually with Happy nearby), danced with him when he asked, and even laughed when Happy pointed out Lily's cute side.[11][12]

She also has a fondness for Darjeeling Tea and does not like tomcats.[1]


Wendy finds Carla

Carla's home world is Edolas, kingdom of Extalia, and she is one of the Exceed.[13] While in her egg, Carla's power of precognition activated. She mistakenly believed she had a mission to go to Earth Land to kill a Dragon Slayer. In actuality, the discussion she heard was a lie to the people of Edolas, to cover up the Queen's plan to save the Exceed race, as she knew Extalia would be destroyed. Sometime before the start of the series before Carla was born, she was sent by her mother, Queen Shagotte, through the Anima to escape a future disaster. One day Wendy found her egg, and when she was born she saw visions involving the Royal Army of Edolas. Since her birth, she kept believing she was sent to kill Wendy.[14]


Oración Seis arc

Carla when she was first introduced as a Cait Shelter member

Carla is introduced no sooner then after Wendy at the alliance between Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and Cait Shelter. She does most of the talking for the two, imploring to the alliance that Wendy is powerful despite her appearance.[15] After the matter is settled, the group discusses who the Oración Seis are and their plan to stop them, then head off to find them, with Carla dragging a hesitant Wendy along.[16] When the alliance unexpectedly finds the target, she stays with Wendy and Happy as the three watch the others fight and get trounced by the Oración Seis.[17] When Brain spots Wendy and grabs her, Wendy tries to reach for Carla but grabs Happy by mistake and the two are kidnapped.[18] After being saved from death by Jura Neekis and Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, the group notices Erza Scarlet was poisoned, causing the members to argue among themselves on how to handle the situation.[19] Carla however is the one to calm everyone down, revealing that Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer and her healing Magic could fix the problem. But to rescue her, the group has to work together to achieve their goal. The others agree and rally together before splitting up to find their kidnapped comrades.[20]

Carla sticks with Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster as they explore the area, Natsu taking the time to ask Carla about Wendy's Dragon Slayer Magic before the three are ambushed by members of the Naked Mummy Guild (whom the Oración Seis had allied themselves with).[21] Carla hangs back as the Fairies fight, surprised at how reckless they are.[22]

Racer attacks Carla, Natsu, Wendy, and Happy

Soon after, the group reaches a cave entrance to the Oración Seis base but come into confrontation with Racer. Gray holds him off while Natsu and Carla enter the cave to look for their friends.[23] They find them but also see that Wendy has resurrected Jellal Fernandes as well, much to Carla's shock that Wendy used her Magic so rashly. Wendy faints from overexertion and Jellal leaves the cave after knocking down Natsu and Brain. When Natsu recovers and tries to go after Jellal, Carla roughly reminds him of saving Erza first which he grudgingly agrees to. The two leave the cave with Happy and Wendy in tow but are knocked out of the air by Racer when he spots them during his battle with Gray. Carla and Happy are both knocked out from the fall, forcing Natsu to grab them both and run while Gray continues to hold off Racer.[24][25]

Carla listens to Wendy

Natsu takes her and the others to Erza so Wendy can heal her.[26] When a healed Erza runs off to find Jellal and Natsu chases her, Carla joins Happy, Hibiki Lates, Lucy and Wendy to follow Natsu.[27] They find Natsu stuck on a raft and are confronted by Oración Seis' Angel. Carla is asked to take Wendy to safety as the others begin to battle Angel.[28] Sitting on a mountain side, Carla comforts Wendy and listens to her as she explains her past with Jellal.[29] When Nirvana's second stage appears, she along with Wendy, is caught up as its spider-like legs come out of the ground.[30] She carries Wendy away who then says they should go up to Nirvana too.[31]

The two arrive at Nirvana and decide to rest when they noticed that Nirvana is heading towards their guild, Cait Shelter.[32] After Jura defeats Brain, Carla and Wendy arrive and tell them that Nirvana is walking towards Cait Shelter.[33] After healing Natsu and Happy, Wendy loses hope of saving the guild, when Natsu promises her that he would save the guild in return for her healing him.[34] She follows Wendy when the latter thinks that Jellal can stop Nirvana.[35]

Carla and Wendy are introduced to Fairy Tail

While looking for Jellal, Carla is forced to land due to exhaustion. The two then continues to look for Jellal on foot, using Wendy's enhanced sense of smell.[36] Wendy and Carla manage to find Erza and Jellal but Wendy was disappointed when Jellal still doesn't recognize her, but Erza tells her that Jellal's memories have been damaged. Carla asks Jellal if he knows how to stop Nirvana, but Jellal says does not. Zero then orders Nirvana to fire, but it misses because of the combined efforts by Lyon, Sherry, Ren, Eve and Hibiki, who manage to get Christina working again. Hibiki, piloting the ship, telepathically details how to stop Nirvana: destroy the six Lacrima crystals powering it simultaneously. Zero interrupts, using telepathy himself, saying that their plan is futile as he stands at one of the crystals and will prevent anyone from trying to destroy it. Carla, along with the others, desperately calls on Natsu and the others who were defeated by Zero and their calls were answered when the four stand up to fight once more.[37]

Carla accompanies Wendy to the sixth Lacrima. It is revealed that Jellal entrusted Wendy with his job to destroy the Lacrima as he goes to help Natsu. Wendy summons her Magic Power and prays to Grandeeney to lend her her power.[38]

Daphne arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Edolas arc

Carla rejects Happy's gift

After Nirvana is defeated, Carla joins Fairy Tail along with Wendy.[43] When Wendy asks her how she likes the guild, she seems unimpressed.[44] Carla begins showing open hostility to Happy when he tries again to offer her a fish, to which she responds that she doesn't like fish and he should leave her alone.[45] She runs outside, and Happy follows her to find out what he did. She tells him that he didn't do anything wrong, but that he can't protect Natsu like she protects Wendy. She says that Happy doesn't even know what he is.[46]

Carla meets Mystogan

Later, Wendy goes after her and tells her that she should treat the members of Fairy Tail better, but their conversation is interrupted when Mystogan approaches them, wishing to speak to Wendy.[47] He reveals that he was the one who gave her to the Cait Shelter Guild seven years ago, and used the name Jellal because he was new to "this world."[48] He expresses a desire to save Wendy from the Anima, telling both of them that everyone in Fairy Tail and Magnolia is going to die.[49] However, Wendy runs back to the guild to warn everybody.[50]

Carla flies Wendy through Edolas

Wendy is too late, and the town disappears. Carla finds Wendy just after she finds Natsu safe.[51] There, she explains to them and Happy that the King of Edolas is using the hyper-dimensional Anima spell to bring all the Magic of Magnolia to the dried-up world of Edolas.[52] She reveals that both her and Happy are from there, and were born in Earth Land with a mission already in their bones. However, she does not reveal what it is.[53]

Carla in Edolas clothes

After Natsu convinces her to bring them to Edolas to save everyone, she makes them promise not to ask her more about the mission, not to ask her to be a guide, and to kill her and Happy if there is a chance of them betraying Natsu and Wendy.[54] Before anyone can ask any more, she flies Wendy to Edolas through the leftover Anima spell, her wings enabling her to do so. Happy follows with Natsu and they make it through, flying over the bizarre world.[55] The four discover a warehouse after learning their Magic does not work in Edolas. They eventually find an Edolas version of Fairy Tail in which almost everyone has inverted personalities.[56]

Carla's plan

After spending a bit of time at the Edolas Fairy Tail, Carla realizes that it is not the same guild as the Earth Land Fairy Tail, but rather an alternate version of it.[57] She deduces that the Earth Land Fairy Tail is probably in the Royal City.[58] The group travels to the location and surprisingly finds Lucy, who apparently still has access to all her Celestial Spirits.[59] The Earth Land Mages see that a gigantic Lacrima crystal in the city that contains everyone's essence and Magic is under heavy guard and there is nothing they can do.[60] Carla puts forward a plan where the Mages will travel through an abandoned coal mine to the royal bed chamber and use Gemini to copy the King's knowledge of the giant Lacrima and how to release their friends safely.[61] As they begin their mission, they are ambushed by the Edolas version of Erza, Erza Knightwalker.[62] Then, much to everyone's shock, all the soldiers bow to Happy and Carla and call them the Exceed, congratulating them on leading the Mages into the trap.[63]

Carla acknowledges Happy after his announcement

Carla and Happy meet up with other Exceeds and learn of their true mission. They were originally sent to kill Dragon Slayers but at the last minute, their mission was changed to capturing the Dragon slayers for their unique Magic Power.[64][65] Realizing she completed her mission even though she did not intentionally want to, she breaks down in tears for what she has done.[66] Just as she is about to lose faith, Happy stands up for her. He explains they are nobody's puppets and that they are still Mages of Fairy Tail. This gives her a glimmer of hope and even makes her call Happy by his name for once instead of "Male Cat".[67] Happy grabs Carla and decides that they will rescue their friends themselves, causing a rebellion against the kingdom.[68]

Carla and Happy regain their ability to fly

After running away from the guards, they end up at two Exceeds house at the edge of Extalia.[69] The Exceed recognizes them as rebels, but still decide to shelter them, telling them to hide in their house.[70] Later on all four of them have a conversation about bonds and friends, which reignites Carla's will to continue on and save everyone.[71] With their confidence restored in the friendships they hold with Natsu, Wendy, and the rest of the guild, they are finally able to fly into the sky.[72]

Carla pretending to be princess of Extalia

After returning to Edolas, they manage to save Lucy from the hands of Erza Knightwalker.[73] Carla tries to exploit her lack of information and presents herself as Extalia's princess. She then tricks Erza into releasing Wendy and Natsu, which almost succeeds.[74] Unfortunately, the rest of the royal guard arrives and Panther Lily informs Erza that Carla and Happy are traitors of Extalia. All three attempt to escape, and Carla asks Lucy if she's angry at them. Lucy is very surprised by this question as she really doesn't know for what she should be angry for. Carla says that it is their fault that she got caught in the first place, and Lucy replies that they had come to save her, and then she adds that she is more surprised by the fact that Carla is a princess. Carla then reveals that it was a bluff. Unfortunately, the group is then attacked by Extalia troops and Edolas Militia from both the sky and ground.[75] However, Faust decides that this is the perfect moment to use Code ETD, which turns the Extalia troops into a Lacrima.[76]

Carla saved by Happy

Making use of the confusion, the group escapes into the West Tower to save Natsu and Wendy.[77] However, they are intercepted by Erza Knightwalker again on the way there, and she throws her spear into the ground, creating a large explosion that injures Happy, Carla and Lucy.[78] Despite her injuries, Carla immediately demands to know where Wendy is, and she becomes even more distraught after hearing Wendy scream for help. As Erza raises her weapon to kill Carla, Happy steps in to protect Carla. Thankfully, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster appear, bashing the soldiers.[79]

Wendy and Carla reunited

While heading towards where Natsu and Wendy are, she learns that Dragon Slayer Magic can be used to release anyone trapped in the Lacrima. Happy flies towards Gajeel, who had also come to Edolas, since he knows where the Lacrima crystal is located. She doesn't scold or worry about Happy leaving on his own, and has full confidence that he will be fine.[80] She later arrives at the room where Natsu and Wendy are and finds them unconscious. However, Gray manages to feed them some medicine he got from Mystogan and they regain consciousness.[81] Later, Wendy tells her and the others about Faust's plan of using the Lacrima where everyone is trapped in as a bomb, to crash into and destroy Extalia.[82]

When Natsu shows up, the group decides to split into two. Wendy tells Carla that the two of them are going to stop the Lacrima from hitting Extalia. Carla does not agree saying she doesn't care about the Exceed. Wendy just tells her that it doesn't matter who they are since they are still living creatures, making Carla agree with her.[83]

Wendy and Carla attacked by the Exceeds

Wendy and Carla arrive in Extalia and try to persuade everyone to evacuate. However the Exceed, show off their stubbornness and self-centered superiority by saying that the queen will protect them, and that they are of higher class. However, when Wendy mentions that Nichiya has been turned into a lacrima, everyone gets angry and starts throwing rocks at both of them.[84]

Carla wants to save her homeland

As Nadi defends Wendy and Carla from the angry mob of Exceed, Queen Shagotte shows up and decides to explain the truth to the crowd.[85] While removing her royal clothing she explains that despite being a queen, she's only an Exceed, not a god.[86] Carla screams back at her for trying to kill off her companions, manipulating her memories and thoughts, and even manipulating her to kill a specific Dragon Slayer before she was even born. Shagotte's only response is giving Carla a sword and asking Carla to give her the capital punishment for her crimes, while telling everyone else to evacuate Extalia. Carla refuses and tells the Exceed to stop throwing everything away. Carla then flies towards the Lacrima island in an attempt to stop it from hitting Extalia.[87]

Carla wants to protect her home

She and Wendy try to push back the Lacrima bomb along with the other Mages and all the Exceed, who later join. They manage to hold off the projectile until Mystogan reveals himself and sends all the trapped Mages home via Anima.[88] Edolas reinforcements soon arrive, and Faust with the Dorma Anim.[89] Carla, together with Happy, lands Natsu and Wendy to fight it.[90] Natsu tells them to go protect the Exceed as he, Gajeel and Wendy take care of Faust.[91] While riding on her legion, Erza Knightwalker shows up and blasts Coco's legion sending it to the ground. Happy grabs onto Lucy, and Carla grabs onto Gray and Coco as they see Erza Scarlet fight Erza Knightwalker.[92]

Carla gets hit with a Bullet

Lucy, Coco, Gray, Happy, and Carla fall into a forest and Edolas troops show up. The troops spot Carla and Happy and aim to turn them into Lacrima since they are the only two left. Gray attacks and protects them.[93] Lucy summons Loke and Carla and Happy dodges beams of Magic, but Carla jumps in front of one to protect Happy. They start to lose when even more reinforcements arrive, but then Edolas Fairy Tail comes to the rescue and helps them fight.[94] When Mystogan starts taking all the Magic away from Edolas, the troops lose their Magic weapons and retreat. Everyone panics including Edolas Fairy Tail.[95] Finally, when all the Magic is gone, all the Earth Land Fairy Tail members are sucked into the Anima as well, returning to their home.[96] They all say goodbye to Edolas Fairy Tail and Coco.[97]

Shagotte hugging Carla

Returning to Earth Land, Carla is surprised that all the Exceed were sucked into Earth Land as well. Carla immediately asks them to go back to Edolas. The Exceeds apologize for their actions back on Extalia, such as throwing rocks. Carla disregards it and shouts at the queen for the mission that the Exceeds had given her. The Exceed Elders and Shagotte explain everything, including Carla's ability to foresee the future, and her misinterpretation that there was a mission to eliminate Dragon Slayers. After hearing the truth, and the Exceeds' new resolve, Carla accepts their arrival to Earth Land. However, Carla wonders why she and Shagotte have the same ability, which the Elders and Shagotte pretend not to know either.[98] As the Exceed are about to leave, Shagotte gives Carla one final hug, saying that they can see each other anytime now. Carla, not knowing why, feels a deep warmth from her.[99]

After the Exceed leave, Panther Lily appears in a new form and brings forth Lisanna Strauss.[100] Lisanna reveals herself to actually be the Earth Land Lisanna they knew.[101] With this, everyone brings Lisanna back to her siblings for a tearful reunion.[102]

Tenrou Island arc

Following their return to the guild, Carla starts to be more open with everyone. She later jokes with Happy and Panther Lily about fighting one-another to see who was stronger.[103]

Carla showing her Precognition

A few days later, while several guild members are taking on jobs, Carla talks with Wendy and Lisanna. She mentions that since she is now aware of her prediction abilities, she has a bit more control over them. Lisanna even asks if she can see who she will marry in the future, but then mentions that she can't predict things too far way. She instead demonstrates he ability by predicting a conversation Macao and Wakaba will be having soon.[104]

Carla's bad feelings about the trial

The next day, shortly after the master announces the candidates who have the chance to become an S-Class Mage by competing in the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial, Carla has a very disturbing vision in where she witnesses a crying Cana, a frightened Natsu, a motionless hand, and the face of a mysterious boy. She then wonders who he is.[105] As she walks with Wendy, Carla worries about someone asking Wendy to become a trial partner. Wendy tells her that since she is a newcomer to the guild, it is probable that no one would do so. Mest Gryder then appears behind them, and introduces himself as Mystogan's disciple.[106] He asks Wendy to be his partner for the trial. Carla tries to stop Wendy to no avail as Wendy decides to help Mest as a way to repay Mystogan.[107]

Carla refuses to let Wendy be Mest's partner

After the first exam starts, Carla and Panther Lily fly towards Tenrou Island using a map.[108] While there, Carla greatly expresses how stubborn Wendy was for not talking to her for one week and how she clearly told her not to get involved with Mest after his initial appearance and personality. While flying, Panther Lily mentions how something was strange about Mest saying he was Mystogan's disciple.[109]

Carla and Panther Lily find Wendy and Mest just as Erza's signal flare is sent up, signifying an attack. Together, she and Panther Lily confront Mest and ask him what his motives are and who he is. They eventually learn that he is a member of the Magic Council who plans on getting dirt on Fairy Tail, just as one of the Grimoire Heart members, Azuma, reveals himself to them. Panther Lily tells the others to stand back and prepares to fight.[110]

Carla and Wendy defeated by Azuma

As Panther Lily and Azuma do battle, Carla gives him directions to aid him in combat. Shortly after, the entire group is defeated by one of Azuma's strongest attacks, Tower Burst and Carla is knocked unconscious next to Wendy.[111] As Natsu and Happy arrive, Carla wakes up and informs them that the enemy is Grimoire Heart. Soon after, they see Caprico in the sky releasing bubbles, which Grimoire Heart members emerge from.[112] As Natsu and Happy take care of the enemies in their vicinity, Carla notes that Wendy does not even have enough Magic to restore herself. Eventually, one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, Zancrow arrives, and while fighting Natsu, Carla notices Natsu is unable to eat his flames.[113] Carla is eventually burned along with the rest of the cats and Wendy during the fight.[114]

Carla watches over Natsu

After Makarov and Natsu's battle with Zancrow concludes, Carla, Wendy and Happy hang over the unconscious Natsu and barely conscious Makarov, with Wendy trying to heal them.[115] After Natsu wakes up and asks them where Makarov is, she tells him that Makarov can't speak at the moment. He then picks up a familiar scent of a former enemy that he fought on Galuna Island and walks off, despite the cats' protests.[116]

After some time, and the return of Natsu, Lucy and Happy, Doranbolt eventually appears before everyone. Carla is shocked when Doranbolt proposes to help Fairy Tail, but she agrees with everyone else when they state they can take care of their own problems.[117]

Carla informs Happy about the casualties at camp

Carla comes back from her scouting mission and informs Natsu and the others that Panther Lily was at camp with the injured. With this information, they move out, with Natsu carrying Makarov on his shoulders.[118] Later, she, along with Lucy, Happy, Wendy and Natsu, is confronted and beaten in one blow by Grimoire Heart member Bluenote Stinger.[119]

Carla is surprised when Cana Alberona arrives and fights Bluenote.[120] She watches as Cana is overpowered by Bluenote and is seen relieved and happy when Gildarts arrives to stop him from killing her.[121]

Carla amazed with Gildarts' power

After Gildarts' arrival he orders everyone to get away, and the force from Gildarts and Bluenote clashing sends Carla and the others flying.[122] After realizing that they'd only be in Gildarts way, they all decide to leave.[123][124] Later when Azuma destroys the Great Tenrou Tree, Carla collapses along with the other members of Fairy Tail.[125] After Erza defeats Azuma, Carla and the others return to the camp and discover their friends are injured. Wendy tries to heal them using her Magic, but Carla and Happy disagree with the idea since she already exhausted her Magic Power and suggest that she rest for a while.[126]

Carla and the cats search Grimoire Heart's airship

While at the camp, Carla and Happy comment on Panther Lily's fear of lightning, making light fun of him. Carla then moves out with the others as they go to attack Master Hades.[127] Carla goes to confront Hades at the boat belonging to Grimoire Heart, along with Happy, Panther Lily, Gray, Wendy, Natsu, Lucy, and Erza.[128] After Hades challenges the rest of Fairy Tail, Natsu asks the cats to search around Grimoire Heart's Airship to make sure it wouldn't be able to take off during battle. Carla agrees and tells Wendy to be careful, before she sets off with Happy and Panther Lily.[129] While Team Natsu fights Hades, the cats are interrupted by the sound of thunder. Panther Lily gets scared again, thinking the ship was soundproof at first. Carla and Happy tell him to settle down as they continue searching in the ship.[130] When Laxus Dreyar arrives, the part of the ship the cats are in starts to spark with electricity. Happy and Panther Lily both get scared, thinking they're falling. Carla then tells both of them to calm down.[131]

As the Exceeds continue to search the ship, they crawl through a vent. Happy looks down through one of the vent cages and sees something and claims it is "alive". Carla, Pantherily, and Happy all stare at it in shock.[132] The cats go into the room. Carla looks at the supposed power source and says it doesn't look like one at all. Just then, a group of Grimoire Heart members enter the room and attack the cats. Carla and Happy agree to try to stop the power source, as Panther Lily fights off the Grimoire Heart members. Carla and Happy start pulling on chains and anything they can find in an attempt to mess with the power source.[133]

"Grimoire Heart" destroyed by Happy and Carla

While Natsu clashes with Hades for the final time, Happy and Carla manage to kill the power source, which turns out to be Hades' real heart. With Hades' heart destroyed, he loses his Magic.[134] Afterwards, they run out of the airship, being chased by Grimoire Heart members. Happy calls out for help to Team Natsu, but they are all out of Magic. Just then, Makarov, along with other wounded Fairy Tail members, shows up, scaring the rest of Grimoire Heart off. The group cheers for their victory.[135]

Later on, Wendy and Carla go spy on the Thunder God Tribe and Laxus. Wendy is nervous about meeting Laxus, until Erza comes over and convinces her to forget the rumors she heard about him, telling her to go greet him. Wendy loses her timidness and agrees to go.[136]

Fairy Tail vs. Acnologia

Everything is disrupted when the "The Black Dragon of the Apocalypse", Acnologia, lands on Tenrou Island and goes on a rampage, attacking the guild members, and destroying the island. Carla and Wendy run with the rest of the guild towards their ship to escape. As they run, Carla asks Wendy if she can communicate with Dragons. Wendy says she cannot speak the Dragons tongue, but Dragons should be able to understand human words.[137] When Makarov fends off the guild from the Dragon, Carla, along with the rest of the guild, endures Makarov's final order to leave him behind and escape.[138]

Fairy Tail holding hands

After everyone on the island shortly returns to attack Acnologia and save Makarov, Carla watches with Panther Lily and Happy as the Dragon flies into the air. As the Dragon prepares its final attack to destroy the island, all the Fairy Tail members hold hands as Tenrou Island is destroyed by Acnologia's Dragon Roar.[139]

X791 arc

Fairy Tail returns

After the Team Tenrou's rescue by some Fairy Tail members and The Trimens of Blue Pegasus seven years after the disappearance of Tenrou Island, they return to the Fairy Tail Guild to be welcomed by the members with a party.[140]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

Happy with Carla at the beach

When Carla, Natsu, Gray, Wendy, Happy and Lucy visit Porlyusica in an attempt to obtain a drug to make them stronger, they are shooed away by her.[166] After running away, Carla grows concerned over Wendy and asks if she had met Porlyusica before. Although she hasn't, Wendy tells everyone Porlyusica reminded her a lot of Grandeeney.[167] Porlyusica later informs them that she is Grandeeney's Edolas counterpart and hands Wendy a Sky Magic book containing spells that Grandeeney was unable to teach her.[168]

The group hears about the upcoming Grand Magic Games from the other members, which will be held in three months.[169] Psyched with the opportunity to become Fiore's number one guild again, they head off to train. Carla tags along with Team Natsu, Juvia, Levy and Wendy to their training by the beach.[170]

One day in the Celestial Spirit world equals to three months in Earth Land

On the second day of their training, Virgo pays a surprise visit and takes them all to the Celestial Spirit World. Upon arriving, the spirits throw a party to celebrate their freedom from the time freeze on Tenrou Island. The group indeed parties without a second thought. After the day ends, they are sent back to Earth Land only to discover that a day in the Celestial Spirit World is equal to three months on Earth Land, completely eliminating their training time and leaving them with only five more days until the Games.[171]

The team is invited by Crime Sorcière to a suspension bridge in the West Woods. After a brief reunion, Ultear decides to increase everyone in Fairy Tail's power by activating their "Second Origin" with her Arc of Time in exchange for investigating a strange magical force surrounding the Magic Games in their place.[172] Carla and Happy, however, do not take part in the same treatment and are left to watch and wait until the pain caused by the Magic in the others has gone away.[173]

Wendy and Carla observed by mysterious creature

Carla accompanies Wendy in exploring Crocus before the Games and they reach the Mercurius castle. A small dark figure looks at them from above.[174] Wendy and Carla are late for the 12:00 midnight curfew when the preliminary round of the games begin. Lisanna and Happy go off to search for her and Carla.[175] Lisanna and Happy's search leads them to Wendy's bag which has fallen on the ground.[176]

Carla wakes up after seeing a startling premonition

They are later found passed out by some bushes, sapped of energy and Magic after being attacked by a black creature from Raven Tail. Porlyusica helps them recover so Wendy can still catch up to the main event of the Games.[177] Near the end of the first day of events, Carla wakes up startled, having seen a very bothersome premonition.[178]

Carla then describes her premonition to Porlyusica explaining how she saw a white knight, an enormous amount of Magic Power, and Lucy singing a song while Mercurius was collapsing.[179] Later on, Lucy comes to visit after Natsu has completed the Chariot race. After Lucy leaves, Porlyusica asks Carla if she plans to keep silent any longer. Carla is convinced Lucy wouldn't believe her either way, and that she believes her vision was merely a dream instead.[180]

Carla and Wendy snatched by some strange men

At some point, Carla, along with Wendy and Porlyusica, is taken by strange men. She, along with the others, is rescued by Natsu and witnesses the end of Elfman's battle with Bacchus. She then asks Wendy if she is okay, and after the latter replies that she is fine, they start to go over the recent events of their kidnapping. As they review, they realize that the felons had orders "to capture the girl who was in the sickbay". Realizing the girl they were actually trying to capture was Lucy, they stand shocked.[181]

Even though Elfman Strauss won his battle against Bacchus, he was heavily injured, so he ended up in the hospital in Carla and Wendy's place. As the team walks back to the stadium with Lisanna and Carla, they start wondering why Raven Tail would go to such lengths to sabotage them, with Carla stressing on the fact that Lucy was the one who was being specifically targeted. However Carla decides to put it out of her mind when she reaches the stadium, where she is warmly greeted by Happy, and instead focuses on cheering for Mirajane Strauss of Team Fairy Tail B, who is up against Jenny Realight from Team Blue Pegasus. She is shocked and embarrassed to see that their duel has turned into a swimsuit battle.[182]

Carla and the others with Yukino

After the days games end, Carla and some of the other members of Team A have dinner and then head towards their lodging, only to see Yukino Agria standing outside Honeybone.[183] After inviting the excommunicated Sabertooth Mage inside, Yukino surprises them all by offering her two Golden Celestial Spirit Gate Keys to Lucy, and then goes on to explain that she will be replaced from the next match onward. When Carla and Happy ask whether or not she was one of the "strongest 5" of Sabertooth, Yukino explains that she was merely a replacement for Minerva, who was out on a mission. After Lucy politely refuses to take her keys, the girls go for a bath. Wendy and Carla then ask Lucy why she didn't accept the keys, to which Lucy responds that she didn't want to break the bonds between the Spirits and their Mage. Lucy then asks what happened to Natsu and Happy, to which they answer, saying that he went after Yukino.[184]

Carla happy with Laxus' victory

On the third day of the Grand Magic Games, Carla stands in the crowd with the rest of the Fairy Tail members.[185] Upon seeing Erza defy the logic of the Pandemonium event and take out all 100 monsters of the round by herself, Carla can be seen cheering with the rest of the guild.[186] This happiness is short lived though when the MPF secondary event begins and Obra of Raven Tail steps forward to participate, she, Happy and Panther Lily all becoming uncomfortable at the appearance of the person who attacked Wendy and herself before the Games beginning.[187] When Cana then steps forward to participate for Team Fairy Tail B, Carla immediately recognizes the mark on her arm, and watches in surprise as Cana casts Fairy Glitter, maxing the MPF machine out, something that makes her cheer as Fairy Tail takes the first two places in the round.[188]

The battle portion of the day then begins, and Carla stands in shock upon seeing Laxus being apparently dominated by Alexei from Raven Tail.[189] When the battle is then made out to be merely an illusion, and Laxus is seen to have destroyed not only his father, but the entire Raven Tail team, Carla stands proud in the stands.[190] Wendy is then called out to battle in the final match of the day against Lamia Scale, and Carla watches as both participants trip upon making their way to the center of the arena, causing her to question whether or not the two will be okay.[190]

Carla scolds Happy for crying

As the promising battle between Wendy and Sherria Blendy starts, Carla is shown to be very worried about Wendy as she shouts Wendy's name when Sherria performs her first attack.[191] As Wendy musters her Magic to perform her Shattering Light: Sky Drill, Carla is shown to be confident that her comrade will definitely win.[192] Interestingly, Sherria gets up only to reveal that she is uninjured.[193] Later, Carla is seen worrying about Wendy after the midway of the battle between Wendy and Sherria.[194] After Sherria's special attack misses, she explains that Wendy can't heal herself but can relieve the fatigue of others.[195] When the battle is declared a draw, she scolds Happy for crying but can't help but cry herself.[196]

Laughing at Happy, Panther Lily and Gajeel

Later, Carla and the other Fairy Tail members are seen partying at a local bar for their successful day.[197] As Wendy talks about how she couldn't win, Carla assures her that she did great.[198] Later, the guild decides to go to Ryuzetsu Land, a popular leisure center in Crocus.[199] Upon arriving, Carla is convinced by Happy that they should all go and check out the aquarium, and Panther Lily, Gajeel and Levy go with them.[200] When they arrive, the three males entertain her and Levy by getting behind a board and poking their head through holes to look like sea creatures.[201] This fun doesn't last forever though, as Natsu blows the center to pieces trying to melt some of Gray and Lyon's ice. Thrown through the air as a result, Carla lands, completely stupefied by the turn of events.[202]

During the fourth day's event, Naval Battle, Carla watches as Minerva steals Lucy's keys and comments that Lucy can't do anything without them.[203]

Carla checks on Lucy with the guild

Carla, with Happy and Panther Lily, watches anxiously as Team Sabertooth confronts Team Fairy Tail A after Minerva drops Lucy.[204] Later, after listening to Makarov about combining the teams, she asks about the points, to which Makarov replies that they will let them keep the lowest points.[205] Carla, with Wendy, watches as the new Team Fairy Tail comes in.[206]

As the battle continues, Carla is shocked to hear Sting tell Rogue that he alone is enough to beat both Natsu and Gajeel.[207] Carla, watching from the Lacrima Vision, is left speechless after Natsu's attack takes out both Sting and Rogue, and deals great damage to the arena.[208] Carla is pleased with his victory, however, and watches as the following events proceed. Later, she has the same premonition of Mercurius being destroyed but shrugs it off.[209]

Carla heading to the Dragon Graveyard

Sometime later, she is taken to an underground area with the Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers and other Exceeds. Carla notes how, although it's supposed to just be a trip for the six of them, Gray and Lucy have decided to tag along. They stay with the group nonetheless. Carla soon discovers that they are actually in the presence of a Dragons' graveyard, shocking her especially with how many of them there are. She begins scolding Happy when he suggests Igneel is among the deceased. In addition, she shows surprise when learning more about the Milky Way technique Wendy recently learned.[210]

Face to face with a Dragon

As Wendy begins drawing the Magic Circle to invoke the Milky Way spell, Carla watches as the area lights up while Wendy concentrates and the spell beings to work, and watches as a large Dragon is summoned, before expressing her shock at meeting it.[211] After asking, Carla listens as the Dragon, Zirconis, explains the history of the Dragons and how they originally ruled the world and thought of humans as just food until there was dissent among them over this status.[212] The revelation of the history of Dragon Slayer Magic and how it can affect the slayers themselves shocks Carla but Zirconis soon reveals that Acnologia was once a human Dragon slayer and turned into a Dragon, shocking her even more.[213] Zirconis soon disappears, much to Carla's dismay as she runs to Wendy, who tells her Zirconis' aura disappeared. As the Mages talk, the arrival of Arcadios and Yukino in the graveyard greatly surprises Carla as she remembers the former as the white knight from her vision.[214]

Carla and the rest kicked out

Upon seeing Arcadios and Yukino together, Carla watches as others begin wondering why Yukino came with the former. When the need for a Celestial Spirit Mage is revealed, Natsu gets into Arcadios', causing the latter to invite them to the castle while Yukino states with their plan, they can beat Acnologia, while Carla continues wondering about Arcadios.[215] Upon entering Mercurius castle, Carla and the others see the device intended for use in the Eclipse Project and learn of its intended use in changing the past.[216] After being surrounded by the army and learning the implications of the Eclipse Project were it to go forth, Carla starts considering the effects changing the past could have on the present.[217] After Lucy, Yukino and Arcadios are arrested, Carla and the rest of the gang are ejected from the castle but told that if they win the Grand Magic Games, due to the King's liking of Fairy Tail, they may have an audience with him.[218]

Carla sees Happy's plan

Back at the lodgings, Carla and the others explain to Makarov about Lucy's capture. She watches as Natsu tries to break out of his ropes to save Lucy. While they were discussing the reasons for why the King would let them free, Carla says that they could very easily spread the information of the Eclipse plan.[219] Carla is then shown with the others who are in the rescue team to save Lucy.[220] While on their way to Mercurius and with the last battle of the games about to begin, the team begin to wonder how they would enter the palace. When Happy suggest his plan, Carla expects the plan to be rather ridiculous and when Happy gets Natsu, Wendy and Mirajane their disguises Carla comments how out of place they look and the plan is decided against when Mirajane suggest hers.[221] Later Mirajane sneaks the team into the palace under the disguise of a palace guard and while pretending to capture Natsu and Wendy with the Carla and the other Exceeds hidden in her disguise.[222]

Carla and the Exceed see Lucy

Soon after, the group manages to locate the cell where Lucy and Yukino are, greeting them much to their happiness and surprise. With Natsu melting the bars, Carla wonders how to escape while the girls change clothes and Lucy states the need to retrieve her keys. However, the floor beneath them suddenly opens, causing all of them to fall below.[223] The group soon lands in a strange area beneath the palace at which point a voice tells them they've now been trapped. The voice is revealed to be Princess Hisui E. Fiore, who calls them "thieves" and tells them to rot there as she closes the communication and leaves them with no exit.[224]

Carla and the others attacked by a Garou Knights member

Carla and the other captives then begin their search for a way out.[225] Upon searching, the Exceed find no exit at first but Carla soon comes across a narrow passageway which everyone heads through.[226] Upon getting through, the group finds an injured Arcadios, whom Carla remembers as the white knight, who tells them to run away as a shadowy figure attacks. Several more figures show themselves, who Arcadios reveals to be members of an independent group working with the kingdom, Garou Knights.[227]

As the team prepares to battle the knights, Happy attempts to join as soon as Panther Lily does, something Carla makes a snide remark towards.[228] As the battle rages, Wendy manages to eliminate Kamika's attack with her own, which Carla cheers her on for.[229] Once Kamika and Cosmos initiate their combination attack, Carla holds on to Happy, trying to avoid being sucked in and are saved from it by Natsu, Mirajane and Panther Lily, who destroy the technique, which results in a large explosion.[230] Carla soon after finds herself with Lucy, Yukino, Happy and Arcadios, commenting that those who can't fight ended up together. Facing off against Uosuke, the Mages initially view him as weak, until Arcadios warns them that when he kills someone, not even bones are left.[231]

Carla and Happy caught by Uosuke's Magic

As Uosuke prepares his attack, Carla and the others notice how the earth starts to burn.[232] The ground then crumbles into the lava Uosuke conjured, causing Lucy and Yukino latch on to the ledge to stop themselves being burned alive.[233] Carla and Happy rush to save their friends but Uosuke stops them in their tracks, smashing them on the floor and keeping them there with his Magic.[234] As the battle goes on, Carla watches in horror as Arcadios forces himself through the lava to save Lucy and Yukino, lifting them up back on to solid ground to only then sink into the lava but she is then delighted to see Horologium save Arcadios and Loke arrive to help them fight, giving Lucy and Yukino their keys back.[235]

Carla sees the defeated Garou Knights

While Lucy and Yukino focus on Uosuke, Carla and Happy tend to Arcadios, Carla voicing her surprise that, despite Arcadios' reckless actions, he is still alive.[236] She then watches as, through the use of Libra, Pisces and Aquarius, Lucy and Yukino fight Uosuke, questioning the man's use of the word "tai". When Uosuke is hit by Aquarius and sent flying backwards into a wall, Carla and the others with her follow him through to a corridor, where they find the rest of their group and the other defeated Garou Knights.[237]

Carla and the other Mages then try to find a way out, discussing Arcadios' health and princess Hisui in the meanwhile. Carla remembers that Arcadios told them that they have to decide themselves if the Eclipse Project is the right thing to do or not, and she then suddenly witnesses the introduction of an unknown hooded woman in front of her group.[238]

Carla's reaction after seeing Future Lucy

As the hooded woman removes her hood and exposes herself, everyone recognizes her as Lucy, and when she asks the other Mages if they have heard of Eclipse, the gate that allows time traveling, Carla guesses that she used Eclipse to return to the past. The group then decides to leave and shoot a signal, meaning that Lucy's rescue was successful.[239]

A while later, the group realizes they are lost. Natsu suggests that they battle the soldiers to find out the exit, but Carla instantly refuses, saying that they are too wounded. When Loke tries to cheer Lucy up by saying that he will keep on loving them both, Carla tells him to try and read the situation. Suddenly, the Lucy from the future stirs and everyone immediately turns to her. After she realizes their whereabouts, Carla listens as she remembers that they are going to be captured again. When Natsu and Mira say that is impossible, she explains that because they passed Eclipse, they couldn't use their Magic, hence they got captured. When Wendy asks the future Lucy why she came back to the past, she says to change the worst future, making them confused.[240]

The group hears the future

Thinking about the impending attack, Wendy wonders whether it has anything to do with the events in the Dragon graveyard, which Carla begins wondering about as well. Suddenly, Carla recalls her vision and realizes Lucy wasn't singing, but rather, crying and screaming as the castle came down. Quickly, Carla asks the Lucy of the future what happened to them in the castle, which is answered by silence, to everyone's sadness. The future Lucy explains that she came to the past after the attack by using the Eclipse, despite not knowing how, and arrived on July 4. When asked why she only came to the recent past, she states that the machine was damaged. Carla then hears her ask the group to meet Jellal, who she explained everything to and should be forming a strategy, claiming that she doesn't have one.[241]

Lead by the future Lucy, Carla and the others tread through an underground tunnel until they encounter the Royal Army. The group then realizes that Arcadios and Yukino have gone missing, and Mirajane leaves to go search for the latter. As Natsu and Loke fight the guards, Carla feels uneasy and wonders what to do.[242] As the others fight the soldiers, Carla is shocked to discover that the kingdom has a Magic unit.[243] When Future Lucy says that they shouldn't have taken the path, Carla blankly states that it is okay since they have Magic. Carla is then told by Happy to stay back as it is too dangerous, but he is told to do so too by Panther Lily.[244]

As the battle looks bad, Carla and Happy are lifted in the air by Uosuke's Magic. Carla then notices the shadow under the Knight grow. It then begins to swallow the entire Army and Knights while Carla and the others watch in shock as none of their enemies are spared.[245] Carla then watches as a man rises from the shadows, claiming that he is Rogue Cheney from the future.[246] Carla steps forward and questions him, to which he replies by telling her that he is there to open the gates. After fully listening and analyzing future Rogue's intentions, Carla and the others cheer. However, when he states that someone will close the gates and allow the destruction, Carla asks who he is talking about. Claiming it is Lucy, Rogue aims his attack towards her. However, future Lucy takes the attack instead, much to the group's dismay. Carla then sobs in agony as Natsu manages to push Rogue back with his Lightning Fire Dragon's Firing Hammer spell, stating that he will not let anyone take away Lucy's future.[247]

Carla and her friends spy on the Eclipse Gate

Upon Natsu declaring that Lucy needs to run away, Carla and the others follow suit, and she repeats Natsu's statement, saying that since Lucy's being targeted, she needs to remove herself from the area.[248] Carla, alongside the others who ran away, later find themselves atop Mercurius, witnessing the preparation of the Eclipse Gate and Hisui's personal army giving her a status report. Hiding in the bushes, Carla comments on the spectacle they've happened upon. Arcadios then notices their presence, and declares that they stop hiding. The group then comes out of the bushes, and Carla points out that since Arcadios is with Darton, then the circumstances have changed. Carla then marvels as the Princess speaks to them, issuing an informal apology for their treatment.[249]

Carla witnesses the gates' opening,[250] stating that being in possession of an object with an immense magnitude of Magic surging from within, wiping out all the Dragons no longer seems so far-fetched.[251] However, Carla is soon shocked when Lucy suddenly steps forward and demands the Gate be sealed shut, remembering Future Rogue's words that such an event would happen, and wondering why Lucy is fulfilling such a destiny.[252] Lucy soon reveals why: she had Crux analyse the Gate and believes that the opening of the Gate will cause the Dragons to appear, not protect Crocus from them. This is soon proven to be correct, and Carla watches on in shock as a huge Dragon walks out of the Gate, its roar alone sending her flying backwards as it causes mayhem upon its arrival.[253]

With more Dragons coming through the gate, Carla urgently states that they have to close it.[254] Following said statement, the group uses the powers of two Celestial Spirit Mages: Lucy and Yukino, successfully closing the gate, and stopping more Dragons from passing through. Future Rogue appears and commands the Dragons that made it through the gate, ordering them to attack the Mages around the city. Carla stands in shock as the Dragons obey Rogue as he reveals that he has gained the ability to manipulate Dragons, and leaves the Royal Army for Zirconis to deal with as he flies off on a Dragon to watch the destruction from above.[255] Carla reminds Wendy that it was Zirconis' spirit they communicated with, and so he does not remember them. She then proceeds to echo Natsu's claim; only a Dragon slayer is capable of defeating the beastly Dragons. Following said statement, Carla witnesses Zirconis' ability to strip people of their dignity.[256]

Carla, Wendy & Mirajane vs. Zirconis

After Lucy falls prey to Zirconis' Magic, the latter flies away and tries to devour her. However, Carla takes off in time, and delivers Wendy close enough to Zirconis, which allows her to use her breath attack on him, sending Lucy flying away in the process. Happy promises to find Lucy, whilst Carla, Wendy and Mirajane say that they will defeat Zirconis,[257] and Carla, along with Wendy and Mirajane, stay and face him in an aerial battle.[258]

Thanks to Ultear's spell, the entire world turns back in time for a single minute, allowing Carla and her friends to see the future, although she admits to Panther Lily that it was not her doing.[259] When Lucy suggests that the Dragons will disappear if the Eclipse Gate is destroyed, Carla happily admits that it's worth giving it a try.[260] However, the Gate is ultimately destroyed by Natsu, who at the same time manages to defeat Future Rogue.[261]

Carla at the banquet

After the Gates are destroyed successfully, Carla speculates that the history will now rewind, which in fact begins happening when the Dragons and Future Rogue start fading away back and going back to their own time.[262] A few days later, Carla attends the great banquet held by the royal family, enjoying their survival alongside their friends. She is then used by Erza when she attempts to cheer Millianna up, a person who loves cats. Minutes later, Carla can be seen worn-out when a fight of which Guild Yukino will join begins. However, the fight quickly ends when Natsu, who stole the King's crown, enters the spectacle and illegally names himself King; shocking everyone.[263]

As everyone rides home in a carriage, Carla sits on Wendy's lap. Wendy states that so much has happened, to which Carla responds she longs for some time back at the guild, which Happy agrees with.[264] After arriving back in Magnolia, Wendy bows and thanks everyone for the welcome, but Carla states she should make it snappy.[265] As Magnolia's Mayor reveals the rebuilt Fairy Tail Guild, Carla cheers with glee.[266]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Sun Village arc

Carla and the others intruding

After Wendy and Erza finish their job, Carla joins them back at Lucy's apartment, sipping a drink as Lucy arrives home. Wendy apologizes that they entered without her permission and Carla states it is a nice place. Lucy asks if they did a good job, which Erza and Wendy respond to positively. Carla then questions if Happy and the others are back yet. Lucy says that they are late, as it has been three days and they said it was an easy job. Wendy says they should go look for them but Carla tries to say she is not worried about them. Erza reasons that they may have had some trouble and they decide to go look for them. After going to the location of the job, they find a giant defeated but Happy, Gray and Natsu are nowhere to be found. As they examine the giant, Happy, using a walking stick, approaches them and asks Carla to help him. Erza asks what happened and Happy explains that Natsu and Gray finished the job and have been fighting with each other for the past three days. Carla questions this and explains they sleep and eat but then go right back to fighting, leading Carla to state it is a cute fight. After Natsu and Gray mistakenly punch Erza, Lucy, Wendy and Carla shiver in fear over what just happened. After they return to the guild, Carla joins everyone in their shock after learning one of the 4 Gods of Ishgar, Warrod Sequen, has requested their services.[273]

Carla and the others ride a tree

After accepting the request from Warrod, Wendy, Carla and the others take off. Lucy and Erza exclaim that it feels so nice out and Happy states he feels like going for a picnic, to which Carla agrees, though she comments on how disruptive the fighting between Gray and Natsu is. As they continue on their path, they try to think of why a man as strong as Warrod would need their help. As they enter Warrod's house, he tells them to shut up as to not disrupt his plants, though quickly admits it is a joke. Happy and Carla look on in shock at the many plants around the house. As Warrod asks for Natsu and Gray, he picks up Happy and Carla, mistaking them for Natsu and Gray and claiming they are more cat like than he thought, before once again stating he was joking. After introductions, everyone heads outside where Carla takes a seat on a table as she listens to Warrod's request. As he explains that there is a nearby village that has been frozen, including their Eternal Flame, Carla asks for more explanation. Warrod explains that everyone was frozen alive and requests for them to unfreeze everyone. Erza asks why he cannot do it himself seeing as he is so powerful, but Warrod states to everyone's surprise that he is not offensively powerful but rather the Ten Wizard Saints are not ranked by pure strength alone. Warrod explains that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and the guild exists to make up for that. Upon hearing that, Carla blushes as she looks at Happy. The group accepts the request and Warrod then sends them off to the frozen village on a traveling plant. As they ride, Carla warns Wendy to be careful.[274]

Carla worried about possible Erza's actions

Upon arriving to their destination, Carla inquires the location of the village, which is revealed to be completely frozen.[275] As Carla and co. walk through the village, they are astonished at the sight of the giant residents, with Carla recollecting Warrod jesting that he had an important fact to share and she assumes that the giant residents is what he was going to warn them about.[276] Exploring through the village, Wendy notes that the village also has giant dogs, which provokes Carla to question whether it is indeed a dog or not. As Natsu attempts to defrost the giants with his flames, Carla notes that Natsu's efforts were of no use. When members of Sylph Labyrinth, a treasure hunter guild, approach Carla and co., she looks on in shock as the treasure hunters angrily retorts to Happy's explanation to why they are in the village.[277] As everyone runs after the treasure hunters with the bottled moon drip, Lucy and Wendy notice that Erza is not with them. This leads Happy and Carla to envision her attacking the giants in an attempt to fix things.[278] During their battle, a shot is fired at the members of Fairy Tail. Upon seeing this, Carla immediately turns back to back with Happy as they search for where the bullet came from.[279]

Happy and Carla cowering under a tree

Following this assault, Carla stands beside Wendy, awaiting the next attack.[280] Then, after Gray steals the treasure hunters' Moon Drip,[281] Wendy throws the stolen bottle to Carla, who in turn throws it Happy; the Exceed fails to catch the bottle, resulting in it smashing upon contact with the ground, spilling its contents all over the frozen ice, leaving her utterly flabbergasted.[282] Natsu, however, suddenly hears a voice from coming from underneath the partially melted ice, resulting in him darting off to find the source. Carla and the rest of the team present then make haste and run to catch up with the Fire Dragon Slayer.[283] After losing Natsu, Happy and Carla take to the air to look for him.[284] Carla later stops her aerial search and cowers under the root of a tree, alongside Happy, in fear of the demonic avian creature flying above; the two Exceed conclude that until it disappears, their search of the skies will be halted.[285]

Happy and Carla save Gray

After Doriate turns the entire village into kids, Happy and Carla fall from the sky, unable to fly any longer. Seeing Gray, Carla asks what happened, to which he explains that Doriate used his Magic on the entire village. As Doriate gets back up, Happy and Carla scream in horror over seeing him. When Gray falls, Happy and Carla rush to him and move him aside so he is not hit by Doriate's punch. Carla then tells him they are at their limit for flying. As Gray defeats Doriate, Happy and Carla cheer but their joy quickly turns into shock as the large creature from before comes and eats Doriate.[286] Running from the creature, Carla, Happy and Gray run into Lucy, Wendy, Flare and Natsu. As the creature comes swooping in after them, Carla tells everyone to run. Natsu then takes on the creature and defeating it, causing Carla to embrace Wendy out of relief. When Gray manages then to melt the ice of the eternal flame, Carla cheers, but then looks on in shock when the melting of the ice reveals that the flame is gone.[287]

Still shocked, Carla theorizes that the Eternal Flame disappeared whilst it was encased in the ice. She then expresses the utmost curiosity when Wendy mentions that the Eternal Flame is "alive".[288] Following Natsu's barrage of attacks upon the altar of the Eternal Flame, Carla expresses her surprise at the amount of effort Natsu put into restoring the sacred blaze.[289]

After Atlas Flame emerges from the Eternal Flame's altar, Lucy notes that he was one of the Dragons that emerged from the Eclipse Gate, to which Carla notes that it should have gone back to its own time 400 years ago. After it is revealed that Wendy utilized Milky Way to bring forth Atlas' spirit, Carla deduces that the Dragon is no longer of this world. As Atlas states that his memory is not as vigorous as it used to be, Carla questions him by mentioning Zirconis and how his memory was lucid.[290] Once Atlas reveals that it was an Ice Devil Slayer who had frozen over the village, Carla notes how she has never heard of such Magic.[291] As Atlas recollects his memories and exhausts his flames, Carla expresses her shock when Wendy states that his spirit is close to vanishing. After the village defrosted, Carla concurs with Wendy as the latter mentions that its going back to normal.[292]

Carla sees the Giants laugh at them

After the Giants return to normal, the Fairy Tail Mages celebrate for their return. When Wendy feels offended when a Giant is in disbelief about being saved by such small creatures, Carla tells her that it is true in her case.[293] After the Mages discuss Succubus Eye's affiliation with Tartaros, Carla seems suspicious because the events don't add up.[294] Later, Carla smiles for Flare's happiness when the Giants forgive her and accept her back, and she spends the rest of her day partying and celebrating with the Mages and her new friends.[295]

Carla, along with her other teammates, returns to Warrod Sequen's residence to report the success of their mission. The girls then decide to use the hot springs, and Wendy is amazed when Carla mentions that those springs are both good for their health and their beauty. Also, she reassures Wendy that Natsu and Gray will be fine, when she worries about them.[296] Carla, like all the other Fairy Tail members, is surprised when Warrod reveals to them that he is one of the founding members of Fairy Tail. With this revelation, Warrod proceeds to reveal the true values of Fairy Tail established by Mavis herself to Carla and the others.[297] Warrod then warns the members about Tartaros, and an angered Natsu accidentally punches Erza, much to Carla's shock.[298]

Tartaros arc

Carla and others discuss the E.N.D.

After the return of Carla and her team from her mission in the Sun Village, she, along with other Fairy Tail members, investigates on E.N.D. and learns from Levy that it is on a completely different scale from other Demons like Deliora and Lullaby, which leads the group to conclude that it is Zeref's strongest Demon. Carla then says that the Magic Power needed to some Demons is probably contained in the Book of Zeref, and that she thinks it should be one Demon per book. Before they can discuss further, Jet comes storming in the guild, carrying some big news.[299]

Carla, along with the other Fairy Tail Mages, is present to hear Porlyusica diagnosis that Laxus, Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen will survive despite the lethal poisoning.[300] Overtaken with grief, the Fairy Tail members decide that it is time to deal with Tartaros once and for all.[301]

Carla questions Michello

While Fairy Tail discusses the possibility of searching out former Magic Council members due to their status as Tartaros' targets, they are unable to fully utilize this strategy due to secrecy regarding their locations, which she suggests is for the purpose of protecting them from those who wish to do them harm.[302] However, the guild is eventually able to locate several former members thanks to Loke and splits into teams to protect them, with Carla going alongside Wendy, Lucy, Natsu and Happy. Arriving at the house of former council member Michello, they find him unwilling to be protected, thinking they want to use him as bait to lure out Tartaros. Carla speaks against this, stating that Tartaros would come for him regardless. Once his granddaughter Michelia convinces him to be cooperative, the Mages ask why Tartaros might be after him, with Carla believing it is more than a simple grudge. Suddenly, the house is attacked by Jackal of the Nine Demon Gates, who blows up the structure. Natsu eats the majority of the blow and sees Jackal standing atop the building, surprised to find the Fairy Tail Mages alive.[303]

Carla then correctly deduces that Jackal is the one who annihilated the Magic Council.[304] As Natsu engages in a fight with the Demon and seemingly defeats him, Carla notes that they were going to ask him about Tartaros' objective. However, Jackal gets up, revealing the ability of his 'curse' and Carla along with the rest of the team has to quickly escape as Natsu himself 'becomes a bomb', eventually being caught in a huge explosion.[305]

Carla's reaction to Happy's bravery

The explosion incapacitates Natsu, leaving Wendy and Lucy to defend the fleeing Michello from Jackal. However, their exertion is easily conquered and their efforts are met with an assault from the Tartaros member, leading Carla and Happy to call out their names in distress.[306] After Natsu dispels Jackal's Bomb Orb, Carla and Happy approach the female victim, comfort her and request that she evacuates the area. After Michello, whom was also a victim of the Bomb Orbs, declares his safety, Natsu pummels the former Magic Council member on the head, knocking him out and warranting an astonishing expression from Carla.[307] Carrying Michello away from the combat, Carla then returns after Natsu defeats Jackal. Suggesting that they try and get some information out of the Demon, Jackal surprises them all by revealing his final explosion. Trying to take them all down with him, Carla watches in tearful shock as Happy moves to fly Jackal into the sky and take the explosion with him. After several moments, Happy reveals himself to still be alive, leaving Carla with a weak smile.[308]

Carla tells Happy to breathe

When Lucy contacts Makarov to report on the mission, Carla complains about the city being in shambles.[309] When Michello starts talking about the Council's weapons, Natsu wonders why they need the weapons in the first place, to which Carla suspiciously replies that it could be to maintain peace against the Demons.[310] After the former Council member finally reveals that Face is a weapon capable of erasing all Magic from the entire continent, Carla is left speechless in shock.[311] Carla, soon after, watches in shock as Natsu suddenly flies off into the distance with Happy.[312] Now at the Fairy Tail guild, Carla informs the present Mages that they were unable to locate Natsu and the others. As they continue to converse, Happy suddenly comes wobbling into the guild and poorly attempts to deliver certain news. Carla comes close to him and tells him to calm down and speak clearly, which he does; telling the Fairy Tail Mages that the former chairman is a traitor working for Tartaros and that Natsu and the others have been captured. Understanding the situation, Carla listens closely as Happy reveals that Tartaros' whereabouts in but a flying island that moves around the continent. Just then, Elfman returns to the guild.[313]

After Elfman explains that Lisanna got captured and Yuri was already dead when he found him, Carla gives Cana a disappointing look when the latter scolds Elfman for letting Lisanna get captured. She then worriedly states that due to the recent events, everyone is on their edge.[314] After Levy manages to pinpoint Tartaros' location and reveals that it currently flies just above Magnolia, Carla and the other Fairy Tail members start getting pumped up to fight Tartaros and save their friends, when a huge explosion suddenly goes off and destroys the guild, leaving the fate of its members unknown.[315]

The Exceeds save the day

Carla prevents the death of herself and many Fairy Tail members with the help of Cana, who turns all the Fairy Tail members, Exceeds excluded, into cards using her Card Dimension, ultimately ordering Carla, Happy and Lily to take them all to Tartaros safely.[316] When Carla and the other two fly close to Tartaros, they are pulled in by the gravity field, and Carla panics when she notices Tartaros members on their way to attack them. However, Cana turns the members back to normal just in time to fight back against the Dark Guild.[317] After Fairy Tail is cornered by the Tartaros army, Carla is worried because she and Happy cannot use Aera due to the gravitational field.[318]

Carla and the others see Keyes

After Erza creates a breach for the Fairy Tail members to use and reach the higher levels of Cube, Carla, along with Happy, Lucy and Wendy end up in a room which according to her is the control room. The team finds out that Face has indeed be unsealed and Happy wonders if it can be sealed again using the room's equipment, but Carla tells him that it has been locked down. Much to Carla's shock, Wendy then notices a timer, according to which Face will launch in exactly 41 minutes. This causes Happy to be hysteric and Carla tells him to calm down. Although the four initially plan to go after Face and stop its activation themselves, one of the Nine Demon Gates, Keyes, appears before them, intending to fight them.[319] However, Carla and the others make a quick escape when Lucy summons both Aries and Taurus to create a diversion. Using her Aera, Carla grabs Wendy and takes off to where Face is located. Albeit, Keyes suddenly appears in front of them; only to have Gray intervene and take over the confrontation. As the two keep moving forward, Franmalth emerges from behind a wall with Aries' wool surrounding its body, using it to trap Lucy. Carla rapidly understands the situation and leaves through a nearby window with Wendy, happy to see Natsu saving Lucy[320] as they fly off to locate Face.[321]

When Wendy tells Carla to go faster, the Exceed asks her how she actually intends to stop Face, with Wendy replying that she still doesn't have an answer.[322] Wendy soon notices the cave in which Face is supposed to be, and Carla descends to the depths of the cave. After hitting rock bottom, Carla apologizes to Wendy, saying that she is exhausted and almost out of Magic, but Wendy tells her that it is alright and holds her in her arms, exploring the cave by herself.[323]

Carla after being saved by Wendy's Dragon Force

While being held in Wendy's arms, Carla tells her to stay calm to concentrate on Face's Magic. After encountering a few bugs, Ezel ambushes Carla and Wendy. Carla tells Wendy to flee due to the fact that this is not an opponent Wendy can defeat by herself, but the latter places Carla down and prepares for battle.[324] After Ezel pins Wendy down and sets to finish her off, Carla pounces at Ezel's face and persistently scratches his face, despite Wendy's warnings to run away. Grabbing the Exceed, Ezel prepares to bite into Carla, wondering if he could eat her or not. With Wendy screaming in anguish, Carla mutters the word "air", sparking an idea in Wendy which she initiates and ultimately saves Carla from Ezel's grasp.[325]

Carla smiles over Face's destruction

Carla gazes at Wendy in her Dragon Force in amazement.[326] She is shocked to see Wendy move in very fast speeds and wounding her opponent, commenting on her increased speed and strength.[327] After noticing that there are around four and a half minutes before Face's activation, Carla reminds Wendy of the timer, with the latter claiming that she will end it in the next attack. However, Ezel counters Wendy's spell with his Curse, leading Carla to worriedly shout Wendy's name.[328] With less than four minutes left before Face's activation, Carla screams to Wendy that they are running out of time,[329] Wendy then harnesses the power of the wind around her and sends air currents towards Ezel's location, destroying both him and Face at the same time, much to Carla's relief.[330] However, their sense of victory is short-lived, as Runes appear floating around the location that Face once was, with the timer now pointing at less than three minutes before Face's activation.[331]

Carla says that she can't see the future after rewriting the runes

As Wendy begins to cry and apologize for not preventing Face's activation, Carla reassures her that there is still a way. She explains that due to Face absorbing the continent's Ethernano, transforming it into another form of energy with a self-destruct Magic Circle would cause Face's destruction. When Wendy asks Carla how she knows such a thing, she explains that her Precognition allowed her to search for one of the possible futures in which Face does not activate. She then tries to remember her Precognition and rewrites the Runes, but after a certain point she says she cannot see any future lying ahead beyond that action of hers. When Wendy questions the meaning of her words, Carla explains that although the Magic circle will definitely cause Face to self-destruct, they will be caught up in the explosion as well and meet their demise.[332]

Carla and Wendy activate Face's self-destruction Magic Circle

Carla reconsiders, saying that they may have other choices and be able to live without Magic, like the people from Edolas, but Wendy reminds Carla that their guildmates need Magic to fight, which the latter acknowledges. Carla then tells her that, since she cannot predict the magnitude of the explosion, Wendy has to get as far away from there as possible, which she outright refuses to do. Carla insists that Wendy must live for her sake too, but Wendy insists that she will not leave Carla alone. Even when Carla warns Wendy that she will not complete the Magic Circle unless she runs away, Wendy explains that she has no energy left to escape by herself, and that they will always be together, which greatly moves Carla. Wendy then crawls to Carla and hugs her, and the two agree that they had great adventures together. They then complete the Magic Circle together and laugh as they remember all the memories they shared since Carla's birth, and promise to each other to be friends forever. Face then self-destructs, forming a gigantic explosion, but Carla, along with Wendy, is saved just in time by Doranbolt, who saved them from the blast.[333]

Later, a bandaged Carla watches an equally-as-wounded Wendy awaken and tells her that Doranbolt saved them from Face's explosion. The two then proceed to embrace in happiness over their survival, but are told by Doranbolt that their trials are far from over; taking Wendy to the skies, Carla sees an enormous amount of other Face bombs sticking well above the ground, which causes her to grimace.[334] Distraught, she is about to say that she has lost hope, but Wendy cuts her off, much to Carla's shock, proclaiming that she will no longer whine or cry and as long as everyone is fighting; Carla says she will continue to fight as well.[335] Questioning what they are supposed to do, Carla listens as Wendy asks if Doranbolt can teleport them back to Magnolia, the Sky Dragon Slayer saying that she wants to get Warren to use his telepathy to call the guilds of Fiore together to help with the crisis.[336]

Carla reveals that Face is still active

As Carla watches in the distance, she tells Wendy and Doranbolt that Cube crashed into the ground. Before Wendy can finish what she's saying, she suddenly falls into the ground and starts hyperventilating, and Carla runs to her aid, asking her if she's alright.[337] After Wendy collapses, Carla asks her what happened, only to receive no response.[338] When Wendy recovers, Carla asks her if she's okay, only for her attention to be drawn towards the battle between Acnologia and Igneel.[339] Later, Carla, along with Wendy and Doranbolt, meet several Fairy Tail members and let them know that there is a huge number of Face devices still remaining.[340] However, Carla is surprised to hear that they are unable to proceed with their original plan to contact other guilds as Warren's Telepathy is limited. That is when Makarov contacts everyone, revealing that they still have their trump card, Lumen Histoire.[341] As Face activates and the effects of the Magic disappearing become apparent, Carla can only look down in despair.[342] As the Dragons reappear and explain themselves, Carla sits idly in Wendy's arms.[343]

A week after Tartaros' defeat, Carla watches as Cancer returns Wendy's hair back to its normal length. When Panther Lily asks her how Wendy is doing, she tells him that she tries to be strong, returning the question about Gajeel. She then wonders how Natsu is doing, and when Panther Lily tells her that Happy is by his side, she smiles, visibly reassured.[344]

Avatar arc

It is hinted by Lucy before going to the Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving parade in Margaret Town that Wendy and Carla had joined Lamia Scale in order to earn a living, shocking both Natsu and Happy.[345] To their disbelief, Carla appears from behind the three mages in human form, knowing that they would appear.[346]

Carla teases Happy

She later joins Wendy and the others, and she tells Natsu to respect Wendy's choice in remaining in Lamia Scale instead of forcing her to come to Fairy Tail. Seeing the shock in Natsu, Happy and Lucy's faces regarding her human form, she explains that she learned Transformation Magic in order to enhance her Magic Power, as well as her Precognition. She then teases Happy, looking at the way he looks at her, before turning back to her Exceed form, much to Happy's relief.[347] Back at Wendy and Sherria's house, Carla is asleep when a loud noise wakes her up.[348] Carla, along with the girls, joins Natsu, Lucy and Lyon, only to find out that Orochi's Fin, a rival guild benefitted themselves from Jura's absence, as well as Lamia Scale's involvement with the Thanksgiving event, to prepare a large-scale attack against the guild.[349] Carla then transforms to her human form and, along with Wendy, Sherria and Happy, she heads to find Orochi's Monster Tamer and save the guild and the town.[350]

Carla witnesses Natsu's power

As the four fly toward the heart of the monster army, Carla reminds them, before they land to fight, that they have to find the Tamer controlling the monsters. They then find the group that houses the one controlling the Monster Tamer, and as they are distracted by Sherria and Wendy's tag-team effort, Carla assists in the battle by using her White Moon attack. After, seeing that Happy has started to exercise his training to not eat a fish that he is carrying, Carla tells him to leave the battlefield.[351] A short while later, Carla and the other three are caught under the gravity of the newly reappeared Bluenote Stinger, whom Carla immediately recognizes. Carla then watches on as Sherria is about to be prey to Bluenote before she is ultimately saved by the arrival of Natsu.[352] As Natsu questions Sherria about her taking Happy, Carla tells him that the present isn't the time for such things. Carla then watches as Natsu defeats Bluenote in one hit, which greatly startles her. After the battle, Carla follows Wendy and Sherria to a hill, and listens in on their conversation, during which Sherria urges Wendy to go with Natsu and tells her that they'll always be friends. That morning, the group prepares to set off, before which Wendy and Carla say goodbye, during which Carla reveals that they planned on leaving Lamia Scale anyway once Fairy Tail was rebuilt. After they leave, the group decides to go to Amefurashi Village, where Juvia resides.[353]

Wendy and Carla watch over Juvia

When the group arrives at Amefurashi, Carla complains about Natsu and Happy's childish behavior when they notice that the rain is only falling inside of the town.[354] After wandering around for a while, the group meets Juvia, and Carla wonders whether she's been living all by herself all this time. She, however, suddenly faints, so Carla and the rest move her inside the house, with Carla saying that it was only natural for her to get sick by standing in the middle of the rain for that long, while wiping herself dry.[355] Happy is disappointed when he learns that Juvia doesn't know Gray's whereabouts, and Carla merely replies that she wouldn't be staying in the town if she knew where he was. Natsu then promises that he will find Gray for Juvia, but when they all move outside to let her rest, Carla tells him that he doesn't even know where to start looking. Natsu, however, says that Sabertooth is close, and that this is where they're going.[356] As Natsu and the others head to Sabertooth, Carla stays with Wendy who is trying to bring down Juvia’s fever.[357]

Carla and Wendy arrive

Carla later appears worried about whether Natsu's group managed to find Gray or not. She then smiles and agrees with Wendy when she says that Natsu and Gray always tend to fight with each other.[358] After arriving to help the others fight Avatar, Carla comments how large the enemy army is. Spotting Mary coming from behind, Carla yells to Lucy to look out. After Lucy takes her out, Carla eyes her for calling her punch, Lucy Punch.[359] When Ikusa-Tsunagi is summoned, Carla looks at the God in terror.[360] After the War God is killed by Natsu, Carla watches as Gajeel and Panther Lily arrive with the Magic Council to arrest Avatar,[361] after which she takes in the sudden appearances of her former guildmates and questions Lucy as to why Erza is at the battlefield. After this, Carla returns to her Exceed form and celebrates the victory over Avatar with her reunited comrades. From here, Carla talks to a suddenly-arriving Frosch before it is mollycoddled by Gray and the others.[362]

After the group returns to Magnolia, Carla notes how Magnolia has already recovered only a year after Tartaros' attack.[363] Lucy then stops walking, and Carla along with the others finds out that she's afraid of the other members having moved on.[364] She soon meets Cana, who says she got Lucy's letter and returned, along with the others.[365] Carla then reunites with Panther Lily as well as the other Fairy Tail members, as Natsu lifts the guild's flag expressing its revival.[366]

Alvarez Empire arc

Carla and Panther Lily talk about the guild's revival

During Fairy Tail's reconstruction effort, Carla and Wendy talk to Levy and learns that during the last year, Levy, Gajeel and Panther Lily set up the foundation for Fairy Tail's full, legal revival, which Carla remarks as very prudent of them. Talk of who the seventh guild master will be then surfaces; Carla says that anyone could do it, since they're just biding time for Makarov to return.[367] Erza is eventually made the guild master after ending a brawl, after which Mest Gryder appears, asking them for help to save Makarov.[368]

Afterward, Mest lectures everyone that the area he is going to take Erza to is off-limits for anyone but guild masters; however Carla and the rest Team Natsu follow them anyway and carelessly reveal their presence. From there, Carla and the others view Lumen Histoire in its entirety, and are then told Mest's memories of his original mission to infiltrate the Magic Council for information on the Alvarez Empire, all the way up to Fairy Tail's disbandment and Makarov's disappearance.[369] When Happy asks Mest why he didn't try to stop Makarov, Carla reminds him that there is little he could have done anyway. Carla then listens as Mest tells the group he has helped to rebuild the council and Lucy mentions the council was looking for info on Makarov's whereabouts. Everyone, including Carla, then resolves to go rescue Makarov, but Erza stops them and says she wants to focus on rebuilding the guild, much to Carla and the others shock. However, she tells them that she will leave the task of rebuilding to the remaining members and that those in the room will go on a secret mission to rescue their master, much to Carla's excitement.[370]

Carla and the others pose as tourists

Later, they all head to the Alvarez Empire via boat, something which afflicts Natsu and Wendy with terrible motion sickness. Upon seeing Wendy sick, Carla remarks that she is too sick to even cast Troia on herself. Carla and the others then discuss Makarov's mysterious mission.[371] On the way to Alvarez, Mest tells them they have to stop at Caracole Island to get supplies. As they approach the coast, Carla is very surprised to see Alvarez Navy ships anchored there, and Wendy and Natsu, who can hear what's going on in the naval vessels, tell everyone that the their troops are at Caracole looking for a spy. To avoid suspicion, Carla transforms into her human form and she along with the others change their Fairy Tail Guild marks to Cait Shelter Guild marks and tell the Alvarez navy men that they are just on vacation. With the help of Lucy and Erza's flirting, they make it past the guards. However, once they see a child about to be attacked by one of the Alvarez soldiers, Carla watches as Lucy, Erza, Natsu, and Gray attack the soldiers while Wendy comforts the child.[372] With the soldiers knocked out, Carla and Wendy say that they will help look for the child's father, and rush the young one away from the chaotic scene.[373] Later, as Brandish μ of the Spriggan 12 gets angry at Marin Hollow for not following her orders, she showcases her powerful Magic and Wendy, wondering what is happening, asks Carla to fly her into the air to see. Once high enough, they discover that Brandish's Magic has changed the shape of the island entirely.[374]

Carla's reaction upon Makarov's return

In the aftermath of their encounter with Brandish, Carla and her fellow teammates help the island's residents into nearby fishing vessels. After they are finished, Mest teleports them to an unknown location underwater, and Carla is surprised to see that Sorano is the spy. Carla is also shocked when Sorano says she knows Makarov's location, and that she is going to take them there.[375] Later, Carla and her friends sit and wait somewhere near the Alvarez Empire's capital city, Vistarion; they wait for Mest, who during that time, teleports to their location with Makarov in tow, and everyone is overjoyed to see him. However, their revelry is cut short when Mest informs them that Zeref is in Alvarez Empire as well and that he is Emperor Spriggan.[376]

Carla stands with her comrades

Afterwards, Carla listens as Makarov expresses his regrets about his trip to the Alvarez Empire, although their group all gives him reassurance that his trip was not pointless. Carla is then surprised when Ajeel Ramal, another member of the Spriggan 12, unexpectedly appears. However, Makarov tells everyone not to fight and the Fairy Tail Mages attempt to escape in Carla's magical Vehicle, but to no avail as they are soon caught up to by a sand golem, with Ajeel standing on top of it. Carla watches as Gray and Lucy then fight off Ajeel's many sand minions, until the group is trapped in quicksand, unable to move. Ajeel claims that no one has ever survived this attack before, however, Natsu's explosion vaporizes the sand and Carla and the Mages stand against their enemy, revealing the Fairy Tail Guild marks on their bodies.[377]

Carla then watches as Ajeel attacks using his sands, with Gray unsuccessfully attempting to freeze them. However, Makarov takes action, trying to protect Carla and others in his giant form by shielding them from Ajeel's Sands of Death. At that moment, Laxus' lightning blows the sand wave away, saving them, and an impressed Carla watches as she sees the Lightning Mage, along with the rest of his team, on board of the airship of Christina. Thanks to another lightning attack from Laxus, the group manages to fly away to safety. Carla is then present as a teary-eyed Makarov rejoices, having returned with his true family.[378] Back in the guild, after a short while of partying, Carla listens to Makarov's apology and smiles when Natsu states that no matter what happens, they will fight against Alvarez in order to survive. She then pays attention as Makarov begins talking about Fairy Heart, however, Mavis suddenly appears. Carla listens as the First Master prepares to explain why Zeref is after Fairy Tail's greatest secret.[379]

Carla questions Happy's glee on Natsu's secret

After Mavis finishes her story, Carla is shocked to learn that Fairy Heart is an infinite supply of Magic Power. The First Master then gets upset over dragging everyone into battle, but everyone agrees that it's not her fault. Afterwards, the topic of Zeref's immortality is brought up,[380] and Natsu mentions that his right arm is something that can do the job, but he refuses to tell what it is. When Happy acts smug about knowing the secret, Carla reminds him that it's not even his own secret. Shortly after, when Makarov goes over all the information he gathered about the Alvarez Empire, Carla is shocked to hear that August's knowledge in Magic may be greater than that of Zeref.[381] Later, Carla joins Erza and Wendy in the baths. After they discuss Crime Sorcière joining in the fight, Carla reminds them that they are the ones who destroyed Cait Shelter, causing Wendy to yell at her.[382] With the attack under way, Carla flies Wendy into the air as part of the Flying Dragon Squad. Using their maneuverability to their advantage, the squad takes out many of the ships but when Ajeel is able to deflect Bisca's magical Convergent Cannon: Jupiter shot, they are forced to land aboard the ship to try to fight. However, this causes all three dragon slayers to instantly become sick as Carla simply looks on in disapproval.[383]

Erza then arrives and cuts the bow of the ship off, allowing Carla to carry Wendy to safety, and as they get away, she suggests that they take care of the forces that landed on the ground, which the other Slayers agree to.[384] Carla then takes Wendy to the ground and drops her off to fight the members of the Ajeel Squad,[385] before transforming into her human guise and assisting in the battle as well.[386] After Erza deals a devastating blow on Ajeel, he envelops the entire Magnolia in a sandstorm, capturing Carla as well, impairing her vision.[387] The calamity, however, is soon ended as Bisca manages to locate Erza's position and save her from Ajeel, whereafter Erza attacks her foe with Nakagami Starlight.[388]

As the sandstorm dissipates, an unconscious Erza falls from the sky and Natsu rushes to her aid. Carla tells Happy he should do the same to which he agrees.[389] After all of the Western invaders are defeated, Carla stands proudly with her comrades.[390] Back at the guild, Carla is told by Mavis to go and aid in the reclaiming of Hargeon Port (to the south) alongside Gray, Juvia, Laxus, Natsu and Wendy; she remarks that due to Lamia Scale being there as well, Wendy will be able to fight with Sherria again. However, when Natsu is revealed to have gone rogue, Carla expresses shock when a still-heavily-injured Erza declares that she'll go in Natsu's place.[391]

Carla reassures Gray

It comes to light that Natsu is heading directly to intercept Zeref, sending the guild into a frenzy. The rogue Fire Dragon Slayer Mage causes an argument between Gray and Erza about how to amend Mavis' plan. When Gray comments that Erza has too much faith in Natsu, Carla is visually shocked at the Ice-Make Mage's accusation. Once Erza rebukes the claim and Mavis tells Gray to believe in his friend, Carla reassures him that Natsu is not alone against Zeref, as the Fire Dragon Slayer has Happy with him.[392] The group heading south later departs, and decides to set up camp in the woods and rest until morning, where Carla tells Erza that her rest is more important than anyone else's, as she is injured;[393] she then falls asleep next to Wendy.[394]

Carla takes a direct shot

The forces eventually arrive in Hargeon and join the battle; Carla is a step behind Wendy, and gives the now-topless Sherria Wendy's jacket to cover herself up. With Dimaria taunting the trio of girls with her ability to take them out in the blink of eye, Carla tells the Sky Sisters to prepare for what's to come.[395] However, she also falls prey to their enemy's Age Seal and only regains her mobility thanks to the arrival of Ultear, the new ally's presence astounding Carla.[396] After Ultear clarifies the situation, Carla comprehends the true terror of Dimaria's Age Seal. She questions the Crime Sorcière Mage regarding her disappearance after the events of the X791 Grand Magic Games, only to get a cryptic response. They are given no time more to talk as Dimaria attacks the trio in a fit of rage.[397] All four of the Mages are left in awe as Dimaria uses her Take Over God Soul: Chronos to finish her opponents. Just before Chronos launches an attack at Wendy, Carla has a premonition and pushes the Dragon Slayer out of the way, taking the lethal beam through and through the side of her abdomen, muttering that even her clairvoyance wasn't fast enough to save them, before collapsing. However, before Carla can die, Ultear allows the Exceed to be affected by the Age Seal again, saving her life for the moment.[398]

With her lying down, Wendy and Sherria get offered to have their Third Origin unlocked, but then dispute about who will be the one.[399] In the end, though, after Wendy's unsuccessful attempt to beat Chronos, Sherria becomes the one to have her Third Origin activated,[400] overpowering and defeating Dimaria promptly after. With time getting back to normal, Wendy then heals Carla, only for the latter to find her friend in tears, wondering what happened.[401] Shortly thereafter, though, Carla is tended to by Sherria, who bandages her wound.[402]

Magic and Abilities

Carla utilizes Aera with her Magic Seal

Aera (翼 Ēra): Much like Happy, Carla can also use Aera, allowing her to sprout wings on her back and fly.[403] She is strong enough to carry one person while in flight.[404]

  • Max Speed (スピード Makkusu Supīdo): Just like her fellow Exceed, Happy, Carla can utilize considerable amounts of Magic Power in order for her to fly as fast as she can. Because of this, however, Carla experiences rapid loss of Magic Power, in relation how long the user uses this technique.[405]

Precognition (予知 Yochi): Carla has the same ability to predict what and when something will happen as her mother, Shagotte. She is the only other Exceed to have this ability.[406]

Transformation Magic (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō): After one year, Carla has trained herself to able to transform into a human. This transformation gives her a childlike appearance. She keeps her tail with its red ribbon and has shoulder length hair with cat ears on top. In this form Carla's Magic is increased by a bit. As a result her precognitive abilities are enhanced as well.[407]

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Carla has been shown to use swift and powerful kicks in her human form.

  • White Moon (ホワイトムーン Howaito Mūn): Carla cartwheels into a drop kick on top of her opponent's head. Her kick is strong enough to bring down a member of Orochi's Fin.[408]

Appearances in Other Media


Whose Clothes Are These?

Carla, Panther Lily and Happy discuss changing clothes amongst themselves when Happy suggests a swap with the other two after watching other members of their guild exchange outfits. Carla is not keen on this idea and is quick to point out that the only thing Happy wears is his backpack and that Panther Lily only wears a pair of pants. However, the trio end up exchanging clothes with Carla receiving Happy's backpack, much to her dismay.[409]

Welcome Back, Frosch

As she walks through Magnolia with Wendy, Carla spots Rogue, Sting, Yukino and Lector running towards them, and when Wendy thanks them for their help with the Dragons during the Grand Magic Games, Carla points out that they were enemies for the majority of their time in Crocus. After they question the whereabouts of Frosch, Carla tells them that they had just seen it and points them in the right direction. With that, Lector runs up to Carla and shakes her paws rather furiously, calling her beautiful as he does so; they run off and Carla ponders what just happened.[410]

413 Days

Traveling with Wendy and Erza, Carla sees an elated Juvia walking about Fairy Hills and sarcastically calls her celebration of her knowing Gray for four hundred and thirteen days something worth celebrating before ultimately insulting Juvia altogether for her happiness regarding such a thing.[411]


Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

Carla and Wendy shown around by Happy

Carla is present in the first OVA as one of the new residents in Fairy Tail’s girl’s dormitory, Fairy Hills. As Carla arrives at the dormitory accompanying Wendy, they encounter Lucy at the entrance who is dressed in a revealing cat outfit. After being shown around the guild by Happy, Carla along with Wendy head down to the beach for a party held for them by the girls from the dorm. There, Carla relaxes sunbathing and enjoys a drink served by Happy. As the girls play a relationship game, Carla tells Wendy that relief such as playing at the beach is good for them because being a Mage can be stressful.[412]

Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!

Carla fed up with the current situation in the Academy

Carla is the Academy's strict guidance councilor. She lectures Cana about not wearing the school uniform properly, as Cana is shown wearing an elongated version of the school uniform's skirt. After that, she walks in on Happy and talks about how she is fed up with the school's students. A few days later, Carla announces that everyone who fought with the Courage Academy will be subjected to a special lecture and then gives the mic to the principal, Plue, who begins to dance. Everybody is dumbfounded by what he is doing and only Natsu and Carla seem to understand him.[413]

Memory Days

Wendy and Carla appear in the third OVA, Memory Days. In the beginning of the OVA, the two find Natsu's scarf left outside the guild. They later return it to him after he, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Happy return from the past.[414]

Fairies' Training Camp

Carla tells Juvia to be modest

Due to Wendy's need to prepare for the Grand Magic Games, Carla accompanies her to the beach for a training session. Due to the first day being one of relaxation, Carla tells Juvia to be more modest after she fails to show Gray her new swimsuit. Rather than relax, several of the boys begin training and causing destruction, which Wendy is forced to avert and manages to do so successfully, to Carla's wonder. Soon after, the danger is cleared thanks to everyone's efforts, and Carla chastises Gray for appearing without his shorts.

At night, Carla and the girls drink the supply of sake, causing them all to get drunk and behave differently, with Carla treating Happy like a horse and wanting him to take her to various places. After sobering up, Carla enters the hot springs with everyone and listens as Lucy, after being asked if she likes Natsu, tells the story of how she broke into his house as a prank. Soon after, the group comes to believe that the boys are spying on them and watch as Erza decides to let them in, much to their dismay.[415]

The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land

Carla and the others at the aquarium

On the evening of the third day of the X791 Grand Magic Games, the Fairy Tail Mages decide to spend the next day in a theme park called Ryuzetsu Land. Upon getting there, Carla, Happy, Gajeel, Levy and Panther Lily decide to visit a fish tank. Carla and Levy are amused by Panther Lily, along with Happy and Gajeel, putting their faces in a cardboard drawing of a fish. Later, Carla admires the fish in the aquarium, and also comments on Happy's growing appetite when he looks at them, calling him a predator when he volunteers to feed the fish.

On the slide with Panther Lily

Carla and the others decide to help Happy with the task. Although she thinks that Happy is gathering the fish close to him to eat them, she is startled when some big ones appear attempting to eat Happy, Panther Lily and herself. Carla and Panther Lily both swim away from the fish, until Gajeel beats them down, which triggers the "boss" of the aquarium to appear, a fish even bigger than the ones hunting the Exceeds, which sucks all the Fairy Tail Mages into a vortex and swallows them. Carla and Happy are somehow saved by Panther Lily after he turned into his battle mode. Later, after Natsu comes flying towards her direction riding the sign of the Love Love Slide, Carla and Panther Lily both end up riding on the attraction, with Carla screaming and Panther Lily seeming both indifferent and slightly annoyed, causing Happy, however, to feel jealous of him. In the end, Gray, Lyon Vastia and Natsu destroy the theme park completely, which leaves both Carla and Panther Lily unconscious.[416]

Fairy Tail X Rave

In a far away town, Carla accompanies Wendy as the latter buys a special, limited edition doll. Noting Wendy still appreciates dolls even at her age, Carla is told in response that age is irrelevant in matters of cute things. Suddenly, the two are attacked by minions created from casino coins, which destroy Wendy's doll. Though Carla tells her they need to escape, Wendy is frozen in sadness. However, the two are saved by the arrival of Let and Julia, whom they subsequently join in battle against the minions, though Carla notes that she herself cannot be of help. Before long, the coin minions are defeated and the two groups part ways.[415]

Video Games

She is a playable character in the DS Game, Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou, and is unlocked through quests.[417]

Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Carla's render in Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

In the video-game Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou, Carla is a playable character.[417] In this game, Carla possess the following moves:

  • Main: Scratch (ひっかき Hikkaki)
  • Sub 1: Bluff (ハッタリ Hattari)
  • Sub 2: Sermon (説教 Sekkyō)
  • Sub 3: Aera (エーラ Ēra)
  • Super: Ramming (体当たり Taiatari)

Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening

Carla appears as a playable character in the PSP Game, Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening, and is unlocked through quests.


  • Throughout translated media of Fairy Tail, there have been some confusion regarding whether the correct romanization of her name is "Charle/Charles" or "Carla". However, both versions can be considered correct, as according to the author, Hiro Mashima, "I think it was the name of a princess from a book that I have read a long time ago. However, in the West, there are a lot of countries in which the Charle is a masculine name, thus in some countries her name may be different".[418]


  • (To Shagotte) "Who cares if you're weak!! If we band together, we can do anything!! This country will not crumble!! After all, it's my home country. It will never disappear!!"[419]

Battles & Events

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