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Carbuncle (カーバンクル Kābankuru) is a Guild employed by Cream.


The guild is based in the Principality of Veronica, though the exact location is unknown.


Carbuncle was hired by Prince Cream of Veronica to abduct Éclair and obtain her half of the Phoenix Stone, with the reward of 400 million Jewel.png.[1]

After an unsuccessful attempt by Chase to capture Éclair, Carbuncle launched an attack on the Fairy Tail Guild and succeeded in capturing her and her half of the stone.[1]

Carbuncle Mages were present during the ritual to revive the phoenix and they later fought the members of Fairy Tail when they infiltrated the city. After Dyst betrayed Cream to become immortal and subsequently revived the phoenix, the members of the Guild were left in disarray.[1]

Nevertheless, many members survived the phoenix's rampage, though the exact state of the guild is currently unknown.[1]


Carbuncle possesses a substantial amount of strength which, in bulk, comes from its top four members who are capable of fighting some of Fairy Tail's strongest Mages, as well as being capable of maintaining the upper hand for the majority of their respective fights.[1]


Name Rank Team Status
Cannon Mage None Active
Coordinator Mage None Active
Dyst Mage None Unknown
Chase Mage None Unknown


  • A carbuncle is a mythological creature which is said to have a jewel on its head. The term carbuncle can also refer to a kind of gemstone (usually a deep red garnet).
  • What type of Guild classification Carbuncle falls under is never revealed in their debut, the light novel Fairy Tail 3: Trouble Twins refers to them as a Dark Guild.


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