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Caracole Island (カラコール島 Karakōru Tō) was an island that served as a popular tourist resort.


Besides being known as a popular resort for tourists and travelers, it was also famous for selling Star Mango Gelato, a popular and exclusive desert that isn't sold in Ishgar.[1] Being an island, fisherman fleets also pass by on occasion as well.[2]


Location of Caracole Island

Caracole Island is a tourist resort located west of the peninsula where Fiore is located at the mainland of Ishgar and in between the continent of Alakitasia. It is unknown whether the island is independent or governed by any country other than the Alvarez Empire or Fiore.[3][4]


Escaping from the Alvarez Empire, Sorano took refuge at the island in response to relay the intel she gathered to give to Mest Gryder, who in correspondence traveled with Team Natsu to meet up with her.[5] However, with one of the Spriggan 12, Brandish μ, and her troops tracking her and encountering them, the island was eventually shrunk to a foothold by Brandish as she gave warning to the Mages on Alvarez's immense power.[6]

Notable Events

In the year X792, Team Natsu visited the island in order to congregate with Mest's intelligence agent, who had information about the Alvarez Empire, mainly on how to infiltrate the country without causing much suspicion. However, the Imperial Navy has caught wind of the spy and attempted to capture him. Team Natsu blew their cover while defending an innocent child that was attacked by an imperial soldier out of annoyance, eventually defeating all them, before being encountered by Marin Hollow, whose group was the culprit of trailing the spy.[7]


  • Caracol in Spanish and Portuguese literally mean snail. And is used in Spain to refer to the people of the Bay Islands has the term can also be translates as conch, or snail shell it associates to their unique environment and their seafaring culture.


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