Cana Alberona joins Fairy Tail is an event that took place 12 years prior the beginning of the series.


Cana meets Gildarts

Cana meets her Father, Gildarts

After the death of her mother, Cana Alberona discovers her will and finds out that the name of her father is Gildarts Clive. Cana begins searching for him and the search leads her to the doors of a guild called Fairy Tail.[1]

Joining Fairy Tail

In front of the First Fairy Tail Building, Cana finds herself face-to-face with her father for the first time. While the timid Cana tries to tell him that she is his daughter, Gildarts advises her to go home or she will wind up reeking of booze. He then leaves for a mission, leaving Cana astonished that he didn't recognize her. While waiting for her father's return, Cana is invited into the guild by Fairy Tail Mages Macao and Wakaba.[2] The invitation leads to Cana coming back to the guild every day, waiting for her father's return. Cana eventually joins the guild and, after several months, is introduced to Gildarts by Macao and Wakaba, but he vaguely remembers her.[3]


Cana fails the exam

Cana fails the exam

Over the years, Cana became afraid to tell Gildarts the truth and decides to keep it a secret until one day, she was chosen to participate in the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial. With that, she decides to tell her father the truth if she becomes an S-Class Mage. However, she's failed the trial four times in a row and decides that if she failed once more she would leave the guild and the town.[4]


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