Calamity Curse is an unnamed Curse that utilizes natural disasters.


Calamity Curse revolves around the use of various calamities, such as tornadoes, of which the user is able to wrap around their body and limbs. One of these tornadoes alone is strong enough to demolish a restaurant in mere seconds, and reach immeasurable heights. This Curse can also be used to provide transportation, enveloping the desired body components in significantly rapid wind capable of wrecking anything within its range,[3] and granting unto the user increased speed and defensive properties; allowing them to appear unharmed after being struck by attacks of S-Class Mage caliber, such as Laxus Dreyar's lightning bolts.[4] Aside from tornadoes, the user also has the ability to create earthquakes, firestorms,[5][6] lightning,[7] rainstorms, and mudslides.[8]


Tempester's Spells


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