The Cake Shop Owner is the unnamed owner of Magnolia Town's cake shop.[1]


The Cake Shop Owner is a tall, yet plump, man. He has large blue eyes, and large eyelashes. The Cake Shop Owner has large, puffy, black hair as well. Resting in the middle of his face he has a rather large nose, as well as large, tan lips. His attire is that of a typical baker, consisting of a hat, and a green apron with a pocket in the front of it.[1]


The Cake Shop Owner seems to be very kind, and cares a lot for his customers, as he was willing to put his life in danger just to deliver Erza her cake for their new guild member.[2] He also seems to know Erza well, as they both hold a casual conversation about the guild, and their new member.[1]


Daphne arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Erza comes to the Magnolia Cake Shop to order a cake for the arrival of Wendy Marvell. Erza asks the owner if he can make fifty Fantasia Cakes. The owner is surprised at this request, but is even more shocked when Erza tells him forty-nine of the cakes are for herself.[1]

Wendy heals Cake Shop Owner

Wendy heals the Cake Shop Owner

When the Dragonoid attacks, Magnolia, and everyone is trying to evacuate, the Cake Shop Owner doesn't evacuate fast enough, and is found by Fairy Tail collapsed in the middle of the road. Erza Scarlet comes to his side and asks why he was still in town. He tells Erza that his shop was crushed, but he was at least able to save the cake she ordered, which lied in his hands. He then collapses, but is healed by Wendy.[2]


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