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Borwatt Town is an anime-exclusive city located somewhere in the Kingdom of Fiore.[1]


Borwatt Town is said to be one of the most prosperous post towns in Fiore. The town has been experiencing immense lightning strikes for several months, due to the Mayor De Cybele and his assistant Ga Maille planting a lightning lacrima in the sewer system.[1]


The exact location of the town is unknown.


The town's lightning rods

Borwatt Town has a unique design on the houses' roofs. Every house has a small dome on top of it with a metallic lightning rod sticking out of it, which is used to absorb the continuous lightning strikes that haunted the city. The streets are covered in large pebbles accessible for walking. The mayor's venue is located on a large hill that shows the entire view of the town.[1]

Notable Events

Angered Laxus attacking the thugs

A week before the Grand Magic Games, Laxus Dreyar returns home after a job, where he is stopped by some thugs asking for a tribute. After assaulting him, they only get beaten up by the enraged Lightning Dragon Slayer, causing critical damage in the town's square.[1]

After the Grand Magic Games, Laxus gets a job request from the mayor of the town. After arriving with the Thunder God Tribe, Laxus starts absorbing various lightning bolts striking him and separates the thunderclouds using his Lightning Dragon's Roar. De Cybele then reveals to them that the town's mysterious phenomena started after the Dragon Slayer's fight with the hoodlums. Laxus, determined to redeem the town from its misery, starts fighting lightning monsters that start appearing in the town.

Laxus destroying the core

Later, Laxus and Fried discover that a Lightning Core is responsible for the abnormal phenomenon, which Laxus quickly destroys. Ultimately, the true creator of the problem is revealed to be the mayor himself, with Laxus destroying his house shortly after, but sparing him after seeing him protect his granddaughter.[1]


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