• CNBA3

    I am making this because I can’t seem to find where the information was where there were some anime exclusive content from the Tartaros Arc that Hiro wanted to add to the manga but was cut including the Laxus Dreyar vs. Tempester fight and a few other things, can someone please provide a link as to where this information can be found?

    Thank you.

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  • GreatMan28

    Editing Issues

    May 3, 2020 by GreatMan28

    I understand, thanks for informing me on what I did, I’ll continue to improve and do my best. Thanks again

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  • CNBA3

    This blog is about the pages Black Arts, Black Magic, White Arts and White Magic, and from what I have read and what has been said is that there are no real difference between the two.

    Even when looking at the definition, Black Arts and Black Magic by definition are not really different from one another, just magic that are used for negative purpose, The only difference is that Black Arts is the sum of all Black Magic

    Even in the raws for what Zeref was described to have mastered the Black Arts, when doing a bit of a rough translation, you get Black Magic most of the time.

    Even when Invel was talking about the origins of Black Magic, he says that it is the basis of Zeref's powers.

    Even when Mavis said that Zeref's curse is Anksheram's Black Ma…

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  • CNBA3

    On Zeref Dragneel’s Profile page, it said that he master all forms of Black Magic, I am just wondering if that is true, and if so, where is that information located? I know in the official translation it said he mastered the black arts, but not much else to it.

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  • DanganronpaRein

    Just A Intro

    February 15, 2020 by DanganronpaRein

    Hello! I'm Rein! You will mainly see me on the discussion page, and I hope we can all get along, and hey, I might even make some friends while I'm at it! Again, have a great day fellow Guild Members!

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  • CNBA3

    Magnolia question

    October 5, 2019 by CNBA3

    I have had questions about some piece of information that is on the pages for magnolia and the fairytale guild hall. It says they’re on the central path it is about 45 km long, where exactly does it say that? Because The reference there only points to a cover page with no information

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  • CNBA3

    Raw Scans Request

    September 26, 2019 by CNBA3

    Hey, I was hoping if there is anyone here that knows where I can get the scans for the Japanese translation for any of the FT chapters or raws, that would be really appreciated, it is for my Wikia.

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  • Maureen.sciannella

    Hey so how how old do you think the members of the Spriggin 12 are I know Brandish is hinted to be around Lucy's age and Larcade and Irene are over 400. August is a year younger than Makorav but what about the others?

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  • DeathGr

    Territory question

    August 10, 2019 by DeathGr

    Territory Question

    I have a question about Minerva's [Territory]. In the page it is said it can control the properties of a space. What are said properties of a space? Can she control (even in theory) things such as shape, form, temperature, density, weight and mass?

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  • Godofwar99


    August 7, 2019 by Godofwar99

    The 100 year quest has taken a turn for the better. After nearly a year, the first dragon is "sealed" and now four remain. However, now there's Touka/White Mage to worry about as she has enslaved Fairy Tail, plus Jellal, and the fifth dragon slayers are also on the watch list. There's still a bunch to wonder about, so many unanswered questions.

    Why does Touka have a tail and knows of Briar?

    Who exactly is the White Mage? Alternate personality or another individual?

    Why does the first guild master want the good dragons sealed?

    If Brandish appeared, will anyone else from Alvarez or other guilds appear?

    What is Touka's true backstory?

    (Personal. I'm not trying to be rude.) And why hasn't the profiles on several characters haven't been updated???


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  • Godofwar99

    100 year quest

    June 30, 2019 by Godofwar99

    So the 100 year quest has been out for nearly a year now. New chapters are coming in slowly, new characters are being introduced and, hear me out, NEW INFORMATION AND PLOT ARE BEING REVEALED. So....why is it so hard to update the arc? I'm trying to pull my weight and update characters involved in the spinoff. For crying out loud, Erza was made into a female dragon slayer's pet and when looking at the synopsis for the arc....THERE'S NOTHING!!

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  • LucyLuce16


    March 9, 2019 by LucyLuce16
    Greetings Fairy Tail Wiki, I am Allora! I am an aspiring artist and writer so if it's okay, I may make a blog of my art or fanfictions. I also love to roleplay so if that's allowed you'll see me in that section quite often. Though chances are since this is the canon wiki, it is not allowed. Oh well!
    Since this is about Fairy Tail, I will share my opinions and knowledge on the topic! Do note I'm a tad bit new to the fandom (rather sad since the final season is just coming out) so please excuse any lack of information I may have. I do not mind spoilers. I also may or may not have a million questions about the rules and the way this community works so please bear with me.
    My favorite character is Lucy Heartfilia, one of the main protagonists of…
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  • Glen Gable

    I read the recent chapter (because I also want to see the episode, where Irene makes her debut and meanwhile need something to do in-between). And so I noticed clearly, that the new reveal is way too contradicting. The five dragons are born humans, yet one is Igneel's biological son. It really doesn't make sense. Fairy Tail is literally screwing our mind with new chapters or reveals. Or whenever a chapter ends.

    Another is the Post-Credits-scene of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. It has Zeref with his new outfit, that he doesn't get until the battle with Natsu and Zeref didn't return until the rescue mission. And the series relies on asspulls, that are never foreshadowed and come out of nowhere.

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  • Glen Gable

    Spoilers for anime-only watchers.

    Episode 302 - Gajeel vs. Bloodman starts. (485-487)

    Episode 303 - Bloodman's death, Gajeel's near-death scene, Irene vs. Acnologia and Universe One. (488-490)

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  • PixelFox666

    How often are the dubbed episodes of the final season released? The last episode on the site i used was Fairy Heart so i was also wondering if another dubbed episode had come out after that

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  • Glen Gable

    I have some ideas:

    What about the remaining Grimoire Heart members?

    - Hades: Killed.

    - Bluenote: Member of Orochi's Fin.

    - Ultear: In hiding after her sacrifice.

    - Rustyrose: Seeking to revive his former DG.

    - Meredy: Redeemed.

    - Azuma: Dead and turned into a tree.

    - Kain Hikaru: Unknown.

    - Zoldeo: Died.

    - Zancrow: Killed.

    - Yomazu & Kawazu: Unknown.

    With Yomazu & Kawazu as too minor as characters, I think Kain Hikaru became a member of them. This would be a good plot twist and the final reveal, where the major members of Grimoire Heart went after the BA's disbanding.

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  • Glen Gable

    Who do we know in the anime?

    - God Serena, Marin Hollow, Brandish, Invel, Dimaria, Ajeel, August, Wallbot, Bakel, Kareem, Wall.

    Who comes right after? (Speaking debut-wise)

    - Jacob, Neinhart, Irene, Juliet, Heine, Bloodman, Larcade.

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  • Zeiahmar7

    please help

    November 15, 2018 by Zeiahmar7

    umm.....guys I'm old to fairytail but until now i haven't see the zero episode 284 until now and I know that any of you can help me here pls.....

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  • LegerPrime

    Greetings, everyone! First of all, I apologies sincerely for my long absence from the Wiki. Reasons being, we'll get to that. Second, SPOILER ALERT! If you either are anime-only, not caught up in the manga, or haven't seen Dragon Cry, I advise you to cease reading this instant.

    Well, Series 3 is finally here. I'd call it "season 3" but the way Funimation split them up makes it difficult. Any who, it's here. Took a little longer than I thought (2 years since series 2, then again having a feature film released in between is understandable; Mashima and the animators have a huge workload as it is), but "destiny arrives all the same, and now it's here. Or should I say," Zeref is ;)? First of all, I'm sad the animation hasn't changed. I, along wi…

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  • Sasa draagneel

    [[File:Sasa_Dragneel_School_Uniform_and_Stage_Uniform.jpg|thumb|My Stage Coord and School Uniform Hope you Like itYume-Kawo! >W

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  • Reyder Dister

    I know, we got the teaser, but just about a month remains, until it comes out.

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  • Vtvivek57

    MY favourite top 10 manga list for all of you to read

    1. Assassination classroom

    The journey of an assassin to becoming an teacher .How he shows you can finds the best hidden inside an student even without the old boring schooling system which only burdens a child mind not develop it. One of the best anime and manga of all time having the best all time story and the sequel the twist everything about this manga makes it number one its a must read if you love manga and animes.

    2. One piece

    Now who doesn't know about one piece when you are speaking about manga, more than 350million copys sold worldwide the one of the best story ever, living the life of a pirate who can not swim in water and a hell lot amount of power like- haki ,devil fruits and …

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  • Ltmaroon57

    So, this will be my first time writing a blog on this wiki. HYPE! I'll try to keep it short.

    So far, I'm enjoying this sequel. We seem to be returning to the roots of what made us like Fairy tail, which was how lighthearted everything was, even in serious situations. Something that was lost in the later part of the series. I very much enjoyed this chapter, aside from the part where the fish stripped Lucy's swimsuit. I know Lucy's always been a comedic, fanservice character, but this got old a long time ago. But I highly enjoyed getting to see all of them having fun, swimming around underwater. It Reminded me so much of the first half of Fairy tail. Also, like that this chapter leaves some suspense. What exactly is Touka, and how does sh…
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  • Real Godisme

    And we're back... again. I know the chapter came out yesterday but I was lazy and didn't feel like writing a blog. So here I am now.

    So is it me, or does it seem like this author really likes hiking Wendy's skirt up? Seems like ever chapter so far there has been at least one shot of Wendy leaning over or something and her skirt is riding up. Now while Tristan would be loving this, me, not so much.

    The beginning with them eating/being attacked by those creatures was actually pretty funny and felt like old school FT. The problem then is the rest of the chapter is just... meh. If this dude is so powerful that he can grant any one desire, how was he not able to defeat these dragons himself? Also, why does Natsu get all the credit for defeating A…

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    So I was thinking to myself what the god dragons elements could be.

    At first I saw about seven dragons and apparently a lot of people think there are six dragons shown here. The round thing with a dragon head on the left is not a dragon. If you look carefully it is coming out of the horned dragons mouth. Also I think that the elements of the dragons are the ones we have seen from god Serena. August says that god Serena was given his power by the five god dragons. The types of magic we have seen from god Serena are cavern dragon slayer, purgatory dragon slayer, sea king dragon slayer and gale dragon slayer. From right to left the four dragons seen match these elements. The dragon on the right is wingless and has a rocky uneven back so I ass…

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  • Real Godisme

    Another day, another chapter. So lets get things straight. The 100 years quest is to find the Five "God" Dragons and defeat them. These 5 god dragons happen to all be as powerful as Acnologia, the original dragon slayer and the guy who was obsessed with killing every single other dragon. They just so happened to not be hunted and killed by the guy who was traveling around killing every dragon. Also, this Magia Dragon guild master guy who is a dragon slayer and can transform into a dragon was apparently unable to defeat these dragons so he is clearly weaker than them and yet somehow, he also was not killed by the guy hunting all dragons and dragon slayers. Yeah, really well thought out so far...

    Can I also point out the ridiculousness of a "…

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  • Real Godisme

    Aaaaaand We're back. Been a while since I did an FT blog cause the series bored me to death near the end and I didn't want to ever come here. But now we're back with a new series and well... the first chapter isn't too promising.

    We start with a bunch of newbies joining the guild and one just wants to be the guild master and Laxus scares him away, which in turn scares another away. Then we have some chick who is in love with Natsu cause apparently he rode in on a stallion or a dragon or something and saved her life. Idk, but she's obviously crazy. I did enjoy the transition here though with them pointing out that this girl is very similar to Juvia with Juvia then saying Gray left her by herself as we then find out what Natsu and co are up t…

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  • NoNickNeeded


    June 20, 2018 by NoNickNeeded

    I know it's OT on this wiki, but from past conversations I know that there are (or at least used to be) many here who loved that manga too.

    NORAGAMI IT IS BACK! After a year-long hiatus the mangaka has recovered and it's continuing again. :D

    Let's celebrate! \(^.^)/

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  • IamJakuhoRaikoben

    Hello, everyone! Rai here. I know it’s been a long time since you guys have seen me, but I’m here with some great news. As you have all likely already heard, at the end of this month, Mashima Sensei will be putting forth his brand-new series – Eden’s Zero!!! As a longtime fan of Hiro and his work, I am extremely excited about this! With that in mind, myself and a few other administrators and users of this wiki have already created a new partner wiki to document the new series. It's a little sparse now because the series has not debuted, but once it does, it'll be in tip top shape. If you guys are interested in the new series, we’d love to have your help! Whether it be by contributing to the wiki when the chapters are released or by chattin…

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  • Arieslamb


    June 1, 2018 by Arieslamb

    Hey..... Listen if you wanna know I am a celestial spirit I am the Golden Ram This is me (MY SENPAI IS ISSAC'S LOST ISSAC) This is my leader he is a great guy and even told us to do the eclipse which is great because we had freedom.... i look different now and dont apologize alot anymore i use my chains for happy and fishing i used a punching bag for my ram practicing and im an expert in hand-to-hand combat!

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  • Mira Cat

    my day at the guild.

    June 1, 2018 by Mira Cat

    hey guys! today was good. some weird stuff happened with Lucy's celestial spirits.... but thats ok!

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  • Batman5295

    Hey. So, I was one of those people who was disappointed in Acnologia's character design. I felt his character was poorly developed with not a lot of details. For example, I feel like his type of Dragon Slayer Magic should at least be labeled. I was thinking "Dragon King Slayer Magic". What do you guys think?

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  • GreedAvaricious67

    So sorry if the formatting of this blog seems a bit off, it's my first time making one. I've noticed that even though the manga has ended, chapters 540-545 yet to have detailed summaries and information, making them look like glorified templates when you view the pages. I've viewed them from different browsers to make sure it's not a cache issue, it just looks weird that they haven't been edited since September of 2017. Is there a reason they haven't been updated? It can't be because the volume isn't out yet, because that was released in January of 2018.

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  • Reyder Dister


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  • Astage

    Fairy tail

    April 13, 2018 by Astage

    Fairy tail is a really good anime but if you ship anyone from fairy tail like i ship nalu which is Natsu and Lucy .

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  • Fairy Family 3

    Fairy Tail talk

    March 23, 2018 by Fairy Family 3

    Ok I am a little bit behind but in Fairy Tail but I want to talk about the very being of Fairy Tail. Like how the charm broke off of Lucy but not everyone else. Am I right or am I right?! The reason the charm broke off of Lucy is because of Natsu, and the spell only breaks when the person under the spell sees someone they like. So I am seeing NaLu here! Lol. Well TTYL.

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  • Ahya07
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  • Reyder Dister

    Closed. (I don't like this handling btw., I am just telling how "decent writing" would look alike)

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  • Reyder Dister

    I will not change, what the Alvarez arc had, I will just add some additions, that could make the arc more reasonable:

    - Showing how they stopped Marin from killing Brandish. (Like Cana using a wine bottle to knock Marin out.)

    - God Serena, August and Jacob showing their powers off by stomping Bosco's forces. God Serena would use "Gale Dragon's Large Tornadoes" or something (and show off the other four DS magics) and also a little more of his personality. Then he stomps the other Gods of Ishgar by showing off his remaining three powers and is stopped by his comrades. He then proceeds to go to the Fairy Tail guild hall, but is confronted and killed by Acnologia.

    - Mirajane bringing the "Juliet" and "Heine" swords to the council to never be used…

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  • Reyder Dister

    Closed. Request is done already. Thank you for the troper.

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  • Ncduru


    January 10, 2018 by Ncduru

    Check out the new discussions tab for topics on FT and the upcoming final anime season. If you're an anonymous user create an account through Fandom and join the conversation by creating your own topics and theories and for what to expect.

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  • Madalenal

    Fairy tail

    December 19, 2017 by Madalenal

    Why you bloke the pictures from fairy tail Dragon cry?

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  • Lawlietlight06


    December 18, 2017 by Lawlietlight06
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  • CaptainFlowerss

    Admins & Activity?

    November 12, 2017 by CaptainFlowerss

    I am writing this blog so I can get some answers. None of the two admins are active (because from what I saw), a few message has not been responded, and seems like ALL current admins are actually inactive! Meaning, that there is NO working admin (or content admin, because I think I sent a message to one). I asked the admins a question on the background, and how to have it like that on the Infinite Stratos fanon, but had yet to respond. If anyone knows how to have the background picture be the ENTIRE background (and not tiles with multiple picture of the same thing), please tell me! No one wont help me, and I am IN NEED of some help!

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  • UltraExcalibur14

    Hello everyone ^w^

    October 24, 2017 by UltraExcalibur14

    Sorry I haven't been active that much... I just wanna say I've finished 20 episodes :p

    One thing tho...


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  • Reyder Dister

    Future matters

    October 20, 2017 by Reyder Dister

    Everything that's left is, that Fairy Tail gets the anime adaptation to the end and the volume 63 afterwords.

    What will happen:

    - Final afterwords regarding the end.

    - The Spriggan 12 get their power list (like Tartaros).

    - Trailer with Avatar and the snake guy VAs announced.

    - Trailer with God Serena, Brandish, Marin, Invel, Dimaria, Ajeel, August, and Wallbot VAs announced. (Two were already said and their characters made a debut in the 2nd movie.)

    - Trailer with Wall, Jacob, Neinhart, Irene, Juliet, Heine, Bloodman, Larcade, and Anna VAs announced.

    - Making a break between chapter 493 and 494, or 453 and 454.

    Well, that's it. What do you wish to happen in the anime?

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  • Demonking200209

    Something I made

    October 18, 2017 by Demonking200209 Please watch it . I know I'm being a major ass by posting something like this , here , but as I said I'm a major ass

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  • Reyder Dister

    Tier list

    October 15, 2017 by Reyder Dister

    The tier list among antagonists (+ indicates the character(s) is/are stronger than the usual examples):

    1. Soldier tier: Henchmen, 08/15-Dark Guild members.

    2. Elite Soldier tier: Erigor, Lyon, Element 4 (minus Aria), Erza's friends.

    3. Lieutenant tier: Aria, Gajeel.

    4. Elite Lieutenant tier: Trinity Raven, Thunder God Tribe, Doriate.

    5. General tier: Oracion Seis, Edolas Generals, Seven Kin of Purgatory(+), Legion Corps, Neo Oracion Seis(+), Raven Tail, Garou Knights, Neo Minerva(+), Nine Demon Gates(+), Avatar's Elites.

    6. Elite General tier: Laxus, Zero, Bluenote, Byro Cracy, Ivan Dreyar, Future Rogue, Silver, Demon-Jiemma, Arlock, Three Stars, Zash(+).

    7. High General tier: Jose, Jellal, Dorma Anim, Animus.

    8. Apostle tier: Hades, Mard Geer, S…

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  • Reyder Dister

    Here we go:

    1. August. The copy mage, who can clone any magic and send it back and does it with almost every magic (aside from some exceptions, which are learned magics).

    2. Irene Belserion. The dragon-high enchantress.

    3. Larcade Dragneel. The three-desire-Etherious.

    4. God Serena. The eight-element-Dragon-Slayer.

    5. Bloodman. The all-curses-user-"Shinigami".

    6. Invel Yura. The ice mage.

    7. Dimaria Yesta. The time mage & God Soul user.

    8. Wall Eehto. The alchemist.

    9. Ajeel Ramal. The sand wizard.

    10. Jacob Lessio. The assassin.

    11. Brandish µ. The size shifter.

    12. Neinhart. The creator of posthumous clones.

    If you have your ideas, write them.

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  • NoNickNeeded

    Sayaka Ohara is Titania

    September 25, 2017 by NoNickNeeded

    I just saw something funny.

    Sayaka Ohara, who voiced "The Titania" Erza Scarlet in Fairy Tail, is now voicing the actual Titania (as in the actual Queen of Fairies and wife to Oberon like Shakespeare wrote them in the Midsummernight's Dream) in the upcoming anime adaptation of The Ancient Magus' Bride.

    If that was just coincidence it was a really funny one. ^^

    Interesting voicecast choices aside, this anime looks really intruiging to me. The three prequel OVAs were a bit slow, but also quite good and the trailer is excelent. I haven't read the manga, but it does seem to have a good reputation.

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