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Bero (ベロ Bero) is a former servant in the Heartfilia Konzern and former Celestial Spirit Magic teacher to Lucy Heartfilia.


Bero's full appearance

Bero is a short, elderly man with gray hair and a mustache. He has a long nose and ears with similarly long lobes. His eyes are always seen closed, or at least half-closed, and on the right side of his face is a dark birthmark composed of several small spots one near each other. He appears to often be shaking, possibly due to his advanced age.

His attire mirrors that of a typical fictional mage, or a scholar, consisting of a simple, long blue robe paired with a pink mage hat decorated by a yellow heart on the front.


Despite having been employed by the Heartfilia Konzern for her education, Bero loves Lucy Heartfilia as family.


Phantom Lord arc

Heartfilia servants listen to Lucy and her father

When Lucy came back home, he overheard Spetto scream her name and he came to see her. He asks Lucy if she hasn't neglected her studies of Celestial Spirit Magic.[1] Later, when Lucy was saying farewell to her father, he and other servants listened with their ears next to the door.[2]

Oración Seis arc

Bero's books are taken away

Jude Heartfilia reveals that after the Heartfilia Konzern was sold out, Bero and the other servants had to move out.[3][4]

Magic and Abilities

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊魔法 Seirei Mahō): It was said that Bero used to teach Lucy Heartfilia about the Celestial Spirit Magic, showing wide knowledge in it.[1]


Stick: Bero carries around a long, gnarled stick, possibly leaning on it and using it to help him walk due to his advanced age.


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